Does Your Two Wheeler Safety Kit Include These?

We all want to vroom our bikes and there is nothing wrong with it. If you own a bike, it probably is your most precious possession and its maintenance, your utmost concern. Yet, you might be ignoring some small yet important things related to your prized possession. These dos and don’ts play a pivotal role if you are travelling somewhere.

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On a serious note: what you wear while riding, the luggage you carry, are important factors in your safety, but most importantly it the emergency kit that you should not skip out on at any cost! This article is all about those essentials that need your attention before kick-starting your bike.

Documents and Papers: Checked!

Always Carry Insurance Policy

Bike or two-wheeler insurance is mandatory wherever you take your bike. It is indispensable when you are travelling. Indian vehicle law has made it mandatory for every bike owner to buy bike insurance before plying the vehicle on the roads. If you don’t have one, consider buying online bike insurance which is the easiest way to insure your vehicle. As you can’t predict an eventuality, there are chances you might get involved in an accident with another vehicle and cause liabilities. Or that your bike gets damaged owing to man-made or natural calamities.

The level of damage may be extensive in such situations and can lead to a huge monetary drain. If you own an insurance plan, the expenses incurred in your bike's repair will be reimbursed. Also, the legal liabilities arising out of an injury, death or property damage to a third party will also be taken care of. So, say YES to insurance and start your ride!

Above all, don’t forget to keep all the relevant documents related to your vehicle, including the insurance papers, with you.

How Do I Get One?

There are various Indian insurers who offer two-wheeler insurance, both offline and online. To name a few, Bharti Axa two wheeler insurance, IFFCO Tokio two-wheeler insurance, Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance renewal. You can shop online and avail a better deal. Why is online insurance so popular? Because not only is it convenient, it also helps you save money. Online you can compare the plans on the basis of parameters such as benefits, features, claim settlement ratio, premium etc. This way can find the best deal that meets your insurance requirements.

Have You Considered Medical Insurance?

Carrying valid medical insurance ensures that you’re covered in case of an emergency. As medical insurance assures your financial security in case of an accident, by paying for the medical expense or hospitalisation bills, by keeping this document with yourself, you can safeguard your trip.

Bike Tools Spare Parts

Battery fuses, headlight bulb, multi-functional screwdriver, clutch cable, pliers, etc. are some essential spare parts that one must carry while travelling. This way if the bike breaks down, you can handle the situation effortlessly. Also, add puncture mend kit to your checklist. 

Learn Online

There are various lessons, available online, on how to repair your bike if it stops functioning in the middle of your journey. You can learn from some online videos about how to mend a flat tire. Before heading on to a trip, ensure you’re a pro at handling small wear and tear.

Keep First Aid Kit Handy

It is an essential asset that you should always keep with you while travelling. It should consist of medicines, ointments, cotton, cotton bandage, band-aid, savlon, crepe bandages etc. These are helpful in treating minor injuries while driving, especially when you are in a remote area where there is no hospital available nearby.

Riding Safety Gears

Wearing safety gear is must if you are opting for a long trip. Owing to clogged roads and potholes, Indian roads are prone to accidents. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you wear the right gear kit that keeps you relaxed with breathable liners. Sturdy pants, ankle boots, a helmet etc. are also essential to wear. Knee guards are must if you’re riding on a highway.

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Other Essentials to Consider

  • Keep an emergency stash of cash with you, apart from the trip-utility cash. You can use it if you stuck in an emergency. Possibilities are that you might not find an ATM in far-flung areas. If you’re going to explore the mountains, e.g. places like Ladakh, keeping enough cash will help you avoid any unforeseen cash-crunch.
  • It’d be better if you can carry enough fluids with you. The liquids will keep you hydrated and helps you keep travel-sickness at bay.
  • Sunscreen/Sunglasses- Need to be told? It is essential even in winters.

In a Nutshell!

So keep these pointers in mind before you go to explore a new place. Get prepped up for this experience and let the road take salve your wanderlust.

So, when are you planning to take your bike out for a spin on untried tracks?

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
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