How Can I Claim Scooty Insurance?

Both natural calamities and man-made disasters can take place without prior notice and if you own a scooty, then you are at the receiving end of facing the wrath. There are a number of responsibilities and costs that are associated with the damage that is caused to your scooty due to any such unforeseen circumstances. Unpredicted weather conditions, such as sudden rain showers may cause skidding of the bike. And in any such scenario, serious damage can be caused to the scooty as well as the rider. And all of these expenses can be easily recompensed with the help of a scooty insurance policy. And to make the most of your scooty insurance policy, you need to know the claim process if you find yourself stuck in an emergency situation:

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How Is Third-Party Claim Filed for A Scooty Insurance Policy?

  • In case of an accident including third party, you should immediately inform your insurance provider.
  • You cannot settle the claim jointly without notifying the insurance company.
  • In legal situations, your insurance provider will stand by you in the court and the premium will be calculated on the basis of the court’s decision.
  • Make sure that you inform at the nearest police station before filing a third-party claim. As per the Motor Vehicles act, any injured person or a third party can file a claim against the motor insurance company. And in such a situation, it will be a breach of conduct to not inform your scooty insurance provider.
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How To File a Claim In Case of a Scooty Accident?

  • Firstly, inform your insurance company on their toll-free number and talk to their helpdesk for Scooty or two-wheeler insurance claim process.
  • Cases that involve serious or fatal accidents, it is essential to inform the insurance company before the damaged vehicles are taken off the road. Because your insurer would need to inspect the spot of the accident to initiate legal and claim proceedings.
  • Your scooty will be then repaired at any of the registered workshops and an estimate of the damage will be given.
  • Once the claim forms and formalities are done, the insurer will ascertain the damage and calculate the claim cost and will adjust the amount accordingly.
  • You would need to submit your scooty registration certificate and your driving license to settle the claim. Your motor insurer would take assurance that you hold a valid license and your vehicle is insured by them
  • On completion of the process, your scooty will be repaired; your bill will be settled or reimbursed by the network workshop on your behalf.

Own Scooty Damage Claim Process

  • In the event of severe injuries arrange for some medical aid on the site of the accident. Take a note of the damage incurred, the time, place, time, and all the people that were involved in the accident to support the claim process. Refrain from any mutual compensation and try to behave responsibly.
  • If a situation involves damage due to man-made disasters or any malicious threats like deliberate attempt to damage the scooty, theft, housebreaking, burglary, strike, and terrorist activity, then make sure that you file a police FIR report ahead of time.
  • In case of serious damage, do not move from the spot and refrain from fixing your scooty on your own.
  • If you have roadside assistance cover or if there is any workshop nearby then you can try and get an idea of the damage repair and estimated the cost to fix the damage.
  • Do not play around the accident spot as it can lead to misplacement of the damaged parts that need to be assessed by the surveyor.
  • On an immediate basis, you need to inform your insurance provider and furnish your police report along with it.
  • If you scooty insurance provides cashless facility make sure that, you submit all the documents, vehicle registration certificate, driving license, and repair estimate to your insurance provider. Check if more documents are required.
  • Post this your claim settlement will be decided and you will get compensated for the same.
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Scooty Theft Claim Process

  • Start the process by filing a police complaint on urgent basis.
  • Once you have filed an FIR, make sure that you inform your insurance company as well.
  • Provide all the important information about your scooty loan (if any), mileage, scooty color, model, features, the year of purchase, also about the loss of personal items from the scooty.
  • You would also need to inform your RTO about the theft.
  • If your scooty is recovered by police, then also you need to inform your insurance company, to claim compensation for any damage that is caused to your scooty and the items that were stolen from it.
  • In case the scooty is not traceable then the police will issue a Non-Traceable Certificate (NTC), which is important to get claim amount for theft of the vehicle.
  • You will get final compensation on the basis of the IDV or Insured Declared Value of your Scooty.
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Hence, scooty insurance is the perfect insurance plan for the customers catering to middle or lower middle-income group, providing them financial, physical and legal cover under their policy. Moreover, the claim process is quite systematic and convenient.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 23 September 2021
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