Interesting Facts to Know About an Electronic Bike

Renewable source of energy is the future. If you constantly find ways to protect & save our environment, then the biggest step towards this would be switching to green transport i.e. an e-bike or an electronic bike. In a nutshell, these are eco-friendly, low-cost, and energy-efficient. Below we have discussed a few points to prepare you for the best and most sustainable ride of your life. Read on.

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Why Adopt E-bikes as Your Daily Riding Companion?

E-bikes are getting popular in the Indian market, and people are also showing interest in buying it. Many leading two-wheeler manufacturing companies are now introducing their lead products as e-bikes to captivate their buyers. Also, the Government of India is taking steps to curb the pollution level and encourage a greener planet.

Since e-bikes run on batteries there are different rules and regulations for it. Read on the below-mentioned facts about e-bikes registration, their license, and the e-bike insurance-

1. E-bike Registration and Licensing 

As per the Government rules, low-speed electric bikes or scooters with a riding range of 50-60 kilometres need not be registered. So, if you are planning to buy any e-bike or scooter, you will definitely save a huge sum on its registration and two-wheeler insurance.

Also, riding these bikes does not require any driving license (DL). They are equipped with a low-capacity electric motor engine and battery packs, so they are best suited for daily short-distance travel.

2. Tax Incentives 

You can avail of immense tax benefits on the purchase of an electric vehicle. Do you know how and why?

As per the Indian Government announcement, you can avail of these tax incentives on sales tax (GST) while purchasing EVs (electric vehicles). Also, central and state government is focusing on the adoption of this renewable source energy technology in every Indian household. So, the GST on EVs is lower than any petrol or diesel bike.

Guide to Make a Successful Purchase of E-bikes

Gone are those days when e-bikes were not used much for daily transport.  Even two-wheeler companies like Harley-Davidson and Yamaha are offering e-bikes with the same capacities as any fuel bike.

Below we have mentioned a few pointers to guide you on how to purchase an e-bike-

1. Riding Range of the E-bike 

The riding range of the bike means the distance a bike can cover on a one-time charged battery. Currently, e-bikes are available with a range of around 50 km, and the maximum range it can offer is 70-75 km. This is one of the main concerns for electronic bike riders. But there are higher range category bikes that can cover 150 km on a single charge.

2. Battery Life 

Another important concern is the life of the battery. As the battery is one of the most crucial and expensive components in an e-bike.

Check the battery life before buying and also the replacement time. So, we suggest you  buy a new lithium-ion battery over lead batteries or nickel batteries. It is because lithium ion batteries  have more expected life than these two.

3. Speed of the E-bike 

Bikers love speed. Unfortunately, low-powered or regular e-bikes cannot accelerate much speed. These have a top speed of around 50-60 km/hrs, and the higher range can be around 70-90 km/hrs. Therefore, you must check the maximum speed of an e-bike before buying. 

4. Motor Engine Power

The electric power produced by the e-bike motor is responsible for running your bike smoothly. Always choose a bike that delivers an adequate power supply as per the need. Never go for an under-power bike, because it will nothing but a waste of your money.  Moreover, you should check the specifications, features, and customer feedback for the desired e-bike. 

5. Availability of Charging Station 

You can see several public charging stations in your locality. But do you know how crucial they are for the e-bike owners? At the time of purchase, your manufacturer will install the home-charging circuit at your home, but will it be sufficient for you?

The answer to the question is 'NO'. The reason is, your battery can be discharged while travelling. That is why they offer public charging stations. Hence, you must check these charging locations at your locality before buying an electric two-wheeler. 

6. Build Quality & Reliability

The material used in manufacturing the e-bikes is good, and it can take a load of daily commutes. As they depend upon the renewable source of energy and you might doubt when it comes to its build quality. So, we suggest you must take a test drive and feel it before buying. 

7. Warranty of the E-bike 

You must check the warranty mentioned in your e-bike before buying. In India, the two-wheeler electric manufacturers offer at least 2-3 years of warranty on their battery.

And the replacement of these batteries or electric motors is a costly affair, and you might end up spending 3/4th of the actual cost of your bike. Also, you must read the terms and conditions regarding battery life and its warranty carefully.

8. Cost of an E-bike 

The cost plays a major role in deciding the type of power range you will buy. You must set your budget first and then start looking for the option within your set budget. In India, several two-wheeler manufacturers are offering from low-speed to a higher-speed range of e-bikes starting from the price of around Rs 50,000. 

9. Electronic Two-wheeler Insurance Companies and Insurance Cost 

The common myth about e-bike insurance is that it is expensive. But on the other hand, there are several two-wheeler insurance companies in India offering affordable e-bike insurance covers compared to petrol or diesel bikes. 

Also, any low-speed e-bike range does not require any two-wheeler insurance. However, you need to buy an e-bike insurance cover for your e-bike if the top speed ranges 70-90 km/hrs.

10. After-sales Services 

Before deciding upon which two-wheeler manufacturer you will stick to, you must check their after-sales services. Electric bikes are complex machinery and if damaged cannot be repaired by any ordinary or regular mechanic. Therefore, check their post-sales services, authorized service center, and network garage, so you can get help when required. 

Summing It Up 

Choosing the best e-bike for you can be a dicey decision because of the rising number of new two-wheeler electric manufacturers. Therefore, you can consider the above-discussed points before making a purchase. Also, if you are planning to buy a high-power range of electric bikes, do not forget to purchase affordable e-bike insurance from the different options available.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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