Motorcycle Accident or Breakdown: Ways to Save Yourself While Riding

Now and then we get to hear about accidents involving two-wheelers on social media, newspaper, and television. Nearly 1214 accidents take place every day. Since the lockdown, the incidents have reduced; however, unfortunately, it is quite common to witness motorcycle accidents on roads. Taking this into consideration, it is sensible if you do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to your safety.

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An accident or motorcycle breaks down while driving on the road can be dangerous.  The tension gets reduced if you have a motorcycle insurance policy. It ensures that  you get immediate help when the bike breaks down or there is an accident. And if you drive an Activa/bike/scooter/or any other 2-wheeler, it is suggested for you to be prepared well in advance to deal with such adversities while keeping your calm.

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Incidences that can lead to two-wheeler road accidents

    • Vehicle Imbalance

      This is one of the most common incidences with both experienced and inexperienced riders!  In such a scenario the word of caution is not to panic. It is important to create balance and ride it out. Apply your presence of mind and do not hit the brakes too as it can lead to slipping of the bike.

    • The Bike gets hit from Behind

      This one can be a little dangerous and therefore, you need to be cautious while driving and in case you find yourself stuck in such a scenario. Various reasons can lead to such an incident. For example: From a person trying to cross the road comes in between, or there is an animal appearing in front of the vehicle out of the blue to or a pothole. And this can be highly dangerous for the motorcyclist. So, always drive on an optimal speed.

    • A Vehicle Door Opens in Front of You

      When riding on the road sometimes a car parked on the street can have its door opened without knowing that you are coming from behind. Due to someone’s negligence, the bike driver has to bear a huge cost. Make sure that you sense the gap and reduce your speed quickly and honk. This will help you avoid any major accident or collision and lowers the magnitude of impact or damage.

    • Make Sure That You Carry Bike Safety Equipment’s

      You can carry a safety kit, with you like some extra batteries, fire extinguisher, spare tyre, repairing tools, and water. What will you do if your vehicle breaks down and you have no money? To avoid any such situation keeping cash is always helpful.

      If you are wondering, why is water required? It helps in two ways –It keeps you hydrated in case you fall short of it and get stuck on a highway or a busy road. Furthermore if the engine heats up, the water can be used to cool it down.

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Safety Measure That You Can Follow In Case of Emergency on the Road

Some of the useful safety measures to help you deal with an accident or breakdown are given below:

    • Know your Landmark

      When driving a bike or an Activa you should keep a track of the nearest landmarks and boards that come along the way. In case there is an accident at an unknown place, it’s easier to direct someone for assistance or repair to your place of incident.

    • Ride Your Motorcycle Carefully

      Look out for any warning signs that your motorcycle might indicate. Also, it is helpful if you are aware of the common warning signs that can arise in a bike and get them fixed to avoid any such issue on the roads. Do not wait for last minute maintenance issues of your motorcycle.

      When you are driving your motorcycle some of the common signs of a problem that you can consider are poor throttle response, bumps or bulges in the tyre while riding, low tire pressure, etc.

      When you see such an indication make sure that you move your motorcycle to a safer place and get some help from your insurer or friends and family.

    • Caution Others of Your Bike’s Breakdown

      Make sure that you alert other motorists to your bike’s breakdown. You should place some of the emergency or bike breakdown sign at least 3 meters away from your stationary motorcycle facing the approaching traffic.

    • Do not Drive

      In case your motorcycle becomes immovable, it is suggested that you get it off the road. Try if you can take your bike to the nearest garage or workshop.

      It will ensure that there is no obstruction for other vehicles and it will be easier for your bike insurance provider to locate you.  Try to stand on the same point as you mentioned and do not go anywhere else.

    • Seek Roadside Assistance

      If you drive a Honda Activa and have a comprehensive Honda Activa insurance policy that offers roadside assistance cover then you can seek immediate help. Your insurer will provide immediate roadside assistance to address your concern.

      You can follow the steps as mentioned below:

      • Move your motorcycle on the side of the road
      • When seeking roadside assistance mention your exact place of incidence
      • Even if you have motor insurance, you should keep the contact information of towing services with you
      • Share your vehicle details and description with them
      • Also, share the location with them and take all the help that is required

      So, we discussed some of the common mistakes that two-wheeler driver/owners tend to make when driving on the busy roads in India. The above-mentioned solutions help you minimize or avoid the impact of the damage caused due to an accident. Additionally, it is very important to have motorcycle insurance that works as a second line of defense in case of any financial implications arising out of any such road emergencies.

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It is important to maintain your safety and with a two-wheeler insurance policy you do not need to worry about the financial constraints. You need to stay vigilant and pro-active to ensure your safety while driving on the roads.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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