Reasons to Kick-start Your Motorbike Every Morning

It won’t be the first time when someone would have advised you to kick-start your bike every morning. And even if you do kick-start your bike every morning, you might not be aware of the reason behind it. Owning a bike comes with some responsibilities like topping up the mobile oil once in a while and cleaning it every other weekend to keep its body from rusting. Just like that kick-starting your bike every morning is also one of those important responsibilities, which you should take care of to keep the engine in good condition. In the same context, it is also very important for the two-wheeler owners to have an insurance policy just in case the bike meets an uncertain tragedy, where you can cover those unexpected repair expenses. Well, let’s not deviate from the main topic!

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There is a reason behind this and if you are a bike owner then you should know it and if you are not aware of it then don’t worry we’ll be telling you why it is necessary. So, before we start with the why, let us tell you about how does the kick-start works in a two-wheeler.

The Rule of Kick-start and How It Works in a Two-wheeler

Over the night, the engine of your bike comes to the rest for a few hours until you again start it in the morning. When you kick-start the bike, it causes crankshaft and it starts rotating then pushes the piston against the piston head and that generates the friction. Then under pressure and a mixture of petrol and air coming in from the valves ignites and that’s how the bike starts. Kick-starting your bike initiates the process in a proper sequence so that the bike remains healthy and fit.

There is a plug or lever of choke that is used for the carburetion system, which is required until the bike starts and then sent back to their position.

Now moving forward to the point that why is it necessary to kick start your bike every morning.

Reasons Behind Kick-starting Your Bike Every Morning

There is not one but two reasons- why you should kick start your bike every morning and they are as follows:

Engine Cools Down Overnight

When you park your two-wheeler finally, the bike comes to the rest until you start your bike in the morning. As the temperature falls in the night, the engine cools down at a quite low temperature that too especially in winters when the temperature goes down lower than the summers. This disturbs the firing mechanism. Therefore, kick-starting the machine helps to push the starter motor with pressure, friction, air and fuel.

Battery Dies

When the two-wheeler comes to the rest at the end of the day, the battery also loses its ions and spark, which cranks up the engine. In the morning when you kick start your bike it brings up the spark properly and ions of the battery comes to life.

Now, that you know the reasons behind kick starting your bike every morning and it is usually advised to do so, let us also tell you that it is not always mandatory with the advancement introduced in the two-wheeler segment.

Modern Age Engine Designs & Fuel Injection System

It is advised to kick-start your bike every morning, but still people do not follow it and the reason behind  is the efforts to put in while kick-starting. Hence people use the electric start push button to start their bikes. So, why is it not that much necessary you ask, it is because now the bikes are coming with an advance engine with improved engine designs, kick-starting  a bike in the morning  is not as important as it used to be.

This advice is to be followed by the owner who still have old, classic bikes due to their love towards that particular vehicle as the efficiency of the battery and engine quality is not as advanced as today’s bikes consist.

Modern age bikes come with the efficient fuel injection technology. The Fuel injection system throws the fuel into the engine of the bike as per requirement and the engine in turn is gauged via sensors on the bike, which let the Fuel injection system know about the fuel requirement and that how it adjusts the settings and the bike starts smoothly.

Due to this, most of the bike manufacturers today don’t even give the option of kick-starting due to their advance technology and engine quality.

Conclusion Being!

Now, we have given you enough information about the kick-starting a bike in the morning and why is it not required in the bikes with Fuel Injection technology. However, basic safety measures always should be followed to maintain the longevity of this pricey possession. And no matter how old or advance your bike is, you should always opt for a two-wheeler insurance policy to cover your bike in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021

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