Safety Tips to Follow When Riding Bike with Your Kid Onboard

If you can drive a bike in India then you can drive anywhere. The roads here are can be rough, full of traffic, and extreme weather conditions. Moreover, any unpredictable behavior of those driving around you can make driving a bike even more unsafe and stressful. The fear is all the more if you are driving with a kid as a pillion rider.

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You can have your child wear a helmet and have him hold you tight. But kids can get distracted easily on-road or can also fall asleep on the go. So, you need to be careful with your speed and generous with your brakes to avoid any accident or collision. If you have already purchased bike insurance online and have all the monetary losses and liabilities covered, you still need to vigilant while driving with your kid on board. If you are also worried about your kid’s safety then this is a quick read for you. With these safety tips, you can ensure that you and your kid are safe.

Let’s get started

1. Prepare yourself and your kid

Apart from wearing a helmet, it requires some readiness and more preparation before you take your kid on a ride. Check if your child’s feet are touching the passenger peg. Also, your child shouldn’t be leaning downwards to do so, as it should be done naturally. You can replace it if it doesn’t work well with your kid.

Of course, a helmet is also important, and when picking one for your kid make sure it touches the chin bar, as that is called a perfect fit.

2. Learn Some Safety Skills

You can Google safety tips when riding on a bike with a kid and learn some useful tips. And before you go on a drive you can teach your kid these safety tips. Once your child is aware he will surely be safe while riding on the back of your bike.

While doing so you must keep calm and repeat till your child gets familiarized with the rules. Your child should stay alert when you applying brakes and on turns. And the one common thing that all the riders with young kids do is ask them to wrap their arms around your waist even if they are tied with a safety belt.

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3. Wear Right Clothes

When you have your kid at the back of your bike, make sure that you and your child are wearing the right clothes that offer perfect protection. Mostly it is preferred to wear a denim jacket or leather jacket, denim jeans, and boots, preferably high-ankle in winters. In winters some of the other accessories can be added too. This includes leather gloves, and when buying gloves for your kid, make sure that they snug perfectly.

4. Position the Kid Properly

It is suitable for your kid to sit behind you and not in front of your seat. If you are more concerned about safety then you can tie a belt to hold your kid. But it is suggested that you do not ride if your kids’ feet do not touch the passenger peg.

5. Bike’s Condition

Your bike’s safety and your child’s safety would depend on your motorcycle’s working condition, and it is your responsibility to make sure your motorbike is in a good condition.

Firstly you need to have good quality tyres with plenty of treads, no defects and bumps, perfect brakes, suspension to bear any extra weight, and all the other things that you should be checking even when riding alone, such as gas, brake fluid, lights, oil level, and tyre pressure.

Most of bike manufactures provide different tyre pressure values when there is extra gear, weight, or passenger. Complying with those values will be a wise option as they are mentioned for a purpose and your safety. In some motorcycles, it might be printed on a label, or check the operation manual of your bike. Learn it and use it. Happy riding!

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While Riding with Your Child Make Sure That You Take Care of the following Things

Along with the safety of your kid, make sure that you buy bike insurance online; it is another step towards securing your ride. See what two-wheeler insurance does in case of a road emergency:

  • Get Third-Party Cover – Under your third-party bike insurance policy you would get third party risk cover in incidents which involve any physical injury, or damage caused to the neighboring property. In a scenario where the third party happens to be an uninsured rider or if his policy has been lapsed or is pending renewal; under such a situation you can get a third-party claim and ward off all the unforeseen financial expenses.
  • Get comprehensive bike insurance policy covers loss or damage happened to your bike amid natural calamities including cyclone, storm, typhoon, earthquake, flood, fire, and landslide. The comprehensive two insurance policy also safeguards you from man-made malicious activities or damages like theft, rebellion, incursion, burglary, terrorist threats, and also any sort of damage that may occur during the vehicle transit.
  • Personal accident cover is provided up to Rs 15 Lakh as per the IRDAI. In case of a loss of income due to an accident and it results in permanent disabilities than with personal accident cover, you can get financial support. Moreover, in case of an accident leading to hospitalization, the cost of hospital bills, medical treatments, and drugs is covered. Personal accident cover also benefits the surviving family members of the deceased.


As a parent or a guardian, you need to be more cautious. Bike riding with kids is perfectly fine; all you need to ensure is their safety. So, do keep these important points in mind.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 20 July 2021
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