Passenger Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance

If you own a bike then you must have a third-party liability insurance policy because it is mandatory to have one. However, it is up to you if you want to purchase a comprehensive or a standalone own damage cover that will provide you cover for your own damages that a third party does not. Since you do not always ride alone on your bike but with a pillion rider sitting behind you sometimes, they also become prone to unforeseen accidents. So does your two wheeler insurance provide cover for your passenger?

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Does Your Insurance Provide Cover For Passenger?

The insurance companies provide comprehensive coverage and along with that comprehensive insurance plan, they provide add-on covers. One of those add-ons there is an add-on provided that is to protect the passenger sitting behind you. Since a two-wheeler accident can be very fatal as much for the pillion rider as the one driving hence it is recommended to the bike owners to purchase this add-on as well.

Also, there is a condition that is you can only purchase this add-on if you are covered with a comprehensive insurance plan. You can get covered with this add-on by paying an extra amount on your premium. You can also purchase this add-on if you have a standard bike insurance plan.

What Comes Along With This Cover?

This add-on cover brings along several features with it. They are as follows:

  • You would not have to pay much as it is a cost-effective add-on cover and you can get it by paying a small amount with a comprehensive, standard or standalone own damage cover.
  • This add-on provides cover for the pillion rider in case of accidental death and/or permanent/partial disability.
  • The insurer will provide coverage for the loss or damage caused to the pillion rider and takes the financial burden off of you.

Who Should Get Covered Under This Add-on?

When it comes to saving a life, it becomes a moral responsibility and no sane person in this world can live with the burden of being the reason behind someone’s loss of life or disability. Hence ideally, every bike owner must purchase this add-on cover to make sure that the pillion rider gets covered for the injury death caused in an accident.

But here are some of the bike owners for whom it is crucial to purchase this add-on cover.

  • The ones living in accident-prone areas.
  • The ones who carry a pillion rider along.
  • People who like to go on a bike road trip along with their loved ones.
  • People with kids, who have to pick and drop them at their schools or colleges.

This plan can provide you peace of mind as your insurer would provide financial cover for the pillion rider’s loss or damage caused by an unforeseen accident.

Why Do You Need This Add-On Cover?

You purchase a bike to make your travelling easy. However, you do not always travel alone and there are times when you have to carry a passenger behind you. Since accidents happen unannounced which can cause loss or damage to you along with the passenger.

Having this insurance plan can protect the passenger and provide financial aid for the expenses that would come up in the hospital. Here are some of the advantages that would come along with it.

  • The insurer will provide financial aid for the treatment cost of the pillion rider after the accident.
  • Provide cover if the passenger dies.
  • In case of partial or permanent disability, the insurer provides financial cover to the pillion rider.
  • With this cover in hand, you can stay in peace and do not have to worry about the accidental injuries caused to the pillion rider in an accident.


Purchasing a bike is easy but maintaining it is way more difficult than it looks. Similarly, when you ride alone on your bike you are responsible for yourself only but when you have a pillion rider along with you then it is your responsibility to provide protection to them. Since it is easier now to purchase the passenger protection add-on cover and you can purchase it by paying a little bit of extra amount and keep your peace of mind intact.

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