Passenger Cover in Two-wheeler Insurance

A passenger add-on cover in two-wheeler insurance is exclusively designed to provide coverage to the pillion rider sitting with the driver on the insured vehicle. This add-on offers coverage for bodily injuries or death due to accidents or insured perils. Read ahead to understand everything about passenger add-ons on the below page.

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About Passenger Add-on Cover

A passenger cover is a valuable add-on available with the comprehensive bike insurance that offers coverage to an individual who sits behind the rider or driver in a two-wheeler. It safeguards against injuries or fatalities from accidents or other mishaps while riding.

For anyone considering this add-on, it is essential to note that in the unfortunate event, the consequences can be just as severe for the passenger as for the rider. Therefore, this pillion rider's additional coverage is a must-buy.

Key Features of Passenger Add-on Cover

Here are some key features of the passenger add-on cover:

  1. It can be obtained with a standalone own-damage cover or a comprehensive bike insurance policy.
  2. This add-on cover ensures coverage for accidental death, permanent disability, or partial disability of the pillion rider in case of an unfortunate event, such as an accident.
  3. With this add-on, the insurance provider takes responsibility for compensating the passenger for any damages, relieving the bike owner from a burden.

Who Should Buy Bike Passenger Add-on Cover?

Ideally, every bike owner who travels with a passenger or pillion rider should get it to safeguard them against injuries or fatalities resulting from accidents or mishaps. However, it is especially crucial for the following individuals:

  • Those who are living in accident-prone areas.
  • Those who frequently carry passengers.
  • Those who enjoy embarking on long-distance journeys with companions.

Significance of Pillion Rider Insurance Cover

Having a pillion rider cover acknowledges the duty of bike owners toward the safety and well-being of their co-passengers. This add-on has multiple significances, including:

  • It covers the treatment expenses for co-passengers in case of an accident.
  • It provides financial assistance to the passenger's family during their unfortunate demise.
  • It offers financial support to passengers if they suffer disabilities due to an accident.
  • Eases the worries and stress associated with co-passengers safety, ensuring they are protected in case of any accidental injuries resulting from mishaps involving the insured vehicle.

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As a bike owner or driver, your sole responsibility is to protect your pillion rider or passenger. Therefore, you can now purchase the pillion insurance add-on by paying a little extra premium with your comprehensive or own damage insurance for bike and keep your peace of mind intact.

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FAQs for Pillion Rider Cover in Bike Insurance

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