Top 8 Motorbike Riding Tips for Female Riders

Gender-specific jobs or hobbies are becoming obsolete. More Indian female riders are crushing the stereotypes and hitting the roads with a bike. Are you a woman who wants to ride a bike? From choosing the right bike model to getting an affordable bike insurance policy, here are some tips for all the woman bikers.

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8 Bike Riding Tips for Female Riders

Motorbike rides are fun yet full of risks. As a rider, safety should be your utmost priority. To choose, prepare, and maintain your bike before going on a trip, here is a list of top 8 tips for all the female riders.

  1. Find a Comfortable Bike Model

    The first and foremost thing for any rider is to find the right bike for them. Choose a bike model that offers you comfort and safety both. Moreover, other factors like- seat height, bike weight, riding posture, and appropriate costume directly influence your riding. Avoid sticking to a single, instead shortlist different models by different brands.

    Compare their features and benefits to get the best deal. Even you can prefer going on a test ride to get an idea about a particular bike. It is extremely necessary to choose a bike on which you can comfortably put your feet flat on the bottom when you are seated.

  2. Bike Registration and Driving License

    For all the bikers, it is compulsory to issue a driving license (DL) and registration certificate (RC) for a bike. Before going for a ride, make sure you have both the important documents. When you buy a bike, you get a temporary vehicle registration number from your bike dealer that gives you the authority to ride a bike legally, and it is valid only for one month. During this period, you must get your bike registered with a permanent bike register number and issue a permanent registration certificate from the nearest RTO (Regional Transport Office).

    However, if you do not have a driving license, you must apply for a learner’s license from the RTO, and later on, you can apply for a permanent DL. Moreover, you must keep your registration certificate (RC), driving license (DL), pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and bike insurance policy always handy while riding your bike.

  3. Get the Right Bike Insurance Policy

    Having at least a third-party bike insurance policy is mandatory for all bike riders in India. However, if you want extensive coverage, you can opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy. It will financially cover the damages or losses caused to you and your bike during unfortunate events like- accidents, natural calamities, man-made disasters, or theft. Moreover, it also compensates for third-party losses. Moreover, you can easily compare bike insurance premiums using a bike insurance calculator online on our site.

  4. Avoid Loose Fitting Clothes and Wear Riding Gears

    For female riders, there are many options to choose clothes from their wardrobe. It is recommended to choose tight-fitting clothes like a jacket, leggings/jeans, riding boots, and gloves while riding a bike. Avoid choosing loose fittings as they might obstruct your riding while you are at a high speed or on an adventure trip. Choose leather pants or other synthetic material clothes for riding a bike.

    Many riders assume that riding gears are expensive and unnecessary to carry, but it is the most important accessory for all the riders. As a female rider, make sure you have a proper-fitted full-face helmet because a loose-fitted or half-head-covered helmet does not guarantee protection.

  5. Ride Defensively

    Defensive driving is a riding technique designed especially for bike riders to keep them safe during the journey. With a rising number of road accidents and increasing traffic congestion, a rider should always be in alert mode. Riding defensively refers to observing, anticipating, planning, and reacting while riding a motorbike.

    The objective of this technique is to reduce the wear and tear of the bike’s tyre and brakes. Moreover, as a rider, you must be more alert and observant while overtaking in bends and always maintain distance from the vehicles in front.

  6. Tie Your Hair While Riding

    Another safety concern while riding a bike is managing your hair. It is advised to tie your hair because open or loose hair is always distracting and risky. Tie your hair and cover your face while riding a two-wheeler. Choose not to tie your hair too tight as it can be very uncomfortable. It is recommended to settle with a low ponytail or loose braid for your safety and comfort.

  7. Know Your Bike Parts and Basic Bike Maintenance

    Knowing your bike’s body parts is essentially important because taking your bike to the garage for small repairs can be too expensive. As a rider, you must be able to do basic bike maintenance when needed. It is advised to check the fluid levels regularly, clean & lubricate the chain, check the tyre pressure & brakes, and wash the bike at regular intervals. A well maintained bike will cost your lesser premium.

  8. Start Your Ride with a Small Bike

    If you are a newbie, it is good to start your riding journey with a small city bike that will give you an idea about how it works. Choosing a heavy sports bike or adventure is not a good idea because you are more prone to accidents when you are in a learning phase. However, you can choose a bike of your choice once you are an expert or experienced rider.

Final Words

Motorbike riding involves an abundance of practice. Moreover, you must follow the safety guidelines to avoid unwanted accidents. If you are a female rider, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you to make your journey wonderful. Moreover, you can buy a roadside assistance add-on cover with your comprehensive bike insurance policy to avoid any hassle on an unknown road or destination.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 11 May 2022

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