Top Seven Reselling Bikes in India

Riding a bike is not only cool and exciting in India, but they are one of the easiest modes of transport. This is because if you are riding a bike you can reach your destination faster as you can easily go through the irritating traffic jam and narrow roads. Apart from helping you to do your mandate work as going to the office, a bike allows you to go on long rides over the roads that are less taken. This is to ensure that you explore the unexplored without any trouble. In this way, riding a bike makes you feel limitless and free.

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These days bikes are available with many exciting features and these features make them highly desirable. Despite the best features of your bike, unwanted events like a road accident can occur anytime. Even though the Government of India has made it mandatory to have at least third-party bike insurance, but it is always good to insure your bike with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. A comprehensive bike insurance policy not only safeguards you from third-party liabilities but also provides insurance to your bike and yourself.

There can be chances when you may want to sell your old bike and purchase a new one or vice-versa. However, in both cases, you may want to know whether you will get good value for your old bike or whether you are purchasing a second-hand bike at a reasonable price or not. So, here we are discussing some of the top reselling bikes of India. If your old bike is among these, you can get a reasonable price or if you want to purchase a second-hand bike, then you can get any of these as per your budget and suitability:

Hero Splendor Plus

Hero Splendor is one of the best-selling bikes in India. Daily commuters who want good mileage from their bikes prefer it. This bike has a clean design, and very easy to handle. You can ride it on both rural and urban Indian roads without any flaw. The easy to maintain nature of this bike makes it highly popular among the middle class of India. Hero Splendor Plus has a 97.2 CC engine that delivers a peak torque of 8.05 Nm. The claimed mileage offered by this bike is 81 km per liter. These features make it one of the desired bikes for daily commuters even when you resell it.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Cruiser

With its retro design, Royal Enfield Classic 500 is one of the best offerings of its manufacturer. This two-wheeler has a round headlamp and single saddle that makes it look like a retro bike. The cult following of this bike makes it highly desirable across India. When you compare the resale value of the Royal Enfield Classic 500, you will find that it is higher than the bikes of the same category. This bike has a 499cc engine that has a fuel-injection feature. This engine has the efficiency to generate 27.2 bhp and 41.3 Nm torque.

Honda CB Unicorn 150

This bike rules the segment meant for executive commuters. Honda CB Unicorn 150 was the first bike in India to have a mono-shock suspension. It has gone through some facelifts, but its core design remained the same. Honda CB Unicorn 150 has a 149.2CC engine that generates 12.80 Nm and 12.73 bhp torque. The resale value of this bike is comparatively higher due to its good built and reliable engine.

TVS Star City Plus

This bike has a range of exciting features that makes it one of the most preferred bikes of daily commuters. In addition to this, cosmetic upgrades in this bike have made it appealing and given it a fresh appearance. With an all-new look, TVS Star City Plus has redesigned its visor, stainless steel muffler guard, and brand-new grill for side panels. The bike is powered by a 109cc engine that has an air-cooled single-cylinder that generates 8.7Nm and 8.3bhp of torque. It claims a mileage of 86 km/liter and weighs around 109 kgs. So, you can be relaxed for getting a good resale price for this bike.

Hero Passion Pro i3S

This bike is a perfect mix of pricing, mileage, and styling. Hero Passion Pro i3S is a variant of Hero Passion, which is one of the best-selling bikes in India. This Hero bike is equipped with i3S technology that makes it one of the great commuters. The 97cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine of this bike produces 8Nm and 8.2bhp torque. This engine of Hero passion Pro i3S has a four-speed gearbox. This fuel-efficient motorcycle gives a mileage of 84 kmpl.

Honda CB Shine 125cc 2012

Honda has already set the bar high in the market of two-wheelers, and with CB Shine 125cc it has maintained its reputation. Therefore, this bike has to be on the top list of reselling bikes of India. The maximum power of CB Shine 7500rpm and it has a 125cc engine. It is one of the most economical bikes, and you can find it in most Indian cities. The mileage of this bike is 65 kmpl, and hence it is perfect for day-to-day use. If you are going to purchase a second-hand bike, you can consider it without giving it any second thought.

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350

The owners of Bullet know that it is not just a bike instead it is a passion for its owners. You think of this bike, you think of a road trip to Leh. The decent mileage of this bike, i.e. 35 kmpl makes it ideal for long road trips. The robust engine of 346cc of this bike makes it worth a purchase especially when you are getting it at resale. This bike has a five-speed gearbox and that again makes it a favorite of its fans. When it comes to selling and buying a used bike like a bullet, who would not flaunt it.

The Bottom Line!

So, here is the list of the best seven bikes that give good resale value. If you own any of these bikes, then be relaxed while reselling them as you will get a good price. However, if you want to purchase a second-hand bike, then you can consider any of the above options because these are the bikes that are the best even at resale. As a purchaser, you know your requirements from your bike, so whichever bike matches your preferences, you can select that. Do not haste, get one that is within your budget and suitable for you, and do not forget to get a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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