Why Young Riders Should Buy Two Wheeler Insurance?

Are you an 18-year-old teenager and planning to buy your first bike? Well, nothing compares to the excitement of riding your first-ever bike. However, as a young rider, you must be aware of safe driving practices and ensure the best two-wheeler insurance covering all the uncertainties. Having said that, below we have discussed the importance of two-wheeler insurance for young riders. 

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Importance of Two-wheeler Insurance for Young Riders 

Getting your first bike at a young age might be one of your dreams come true. But before you take your bike out for a spin, you must know all the traffic rules and riding etiquette. You should also buy the best two wheeler insurance online for your bike. After all, these things will ensure that you have a safe and smooth driving experience. 

If you want to keep your insurance premium low, you can opt for third party two wheeler insurance, which will only cover your third party accidental liabilities. But to ensure overall protection for your bike, you can opt for comprehensive two wheeler insurance that covers both third party liabilities and own damages sustained by your bike.

Below we have given a few common risks that young bike riders may face along with tips to avoid them- 

1. Buying the Wrong Bike 

Keep in mind that not all bikes are made for you. As a young rider, do not fuss over the powerful engine or heavy build-up, instead buy a bike that you can handle when riding otherwise you might get into an unwanted mishap. Choose a bike with the right size and according to your height so that you can comfortably straddle the bike with your feet on the ground.

Therefore, do profound research before buying a bike at a young age. After all, purchasing a bike according to your build and height is going to be a smart decision as it will keep you safe and will be worth your money.

2. Not Knowing How to Drive Properly

As a young driver, you must know how to ride a bike properly. You must learn to ride it properly in a safe and controlled manner before riding in traffic. This is essential as not knowing how to drive a bike properly can lead to a major accident.

Beginners can enrol in any driving school that gives you proper classes on how to ride a bike safely. They help you with balancing, riding techniques, and teach traffic rules. It is suggested to find a local driving school in your community that will teach you the basic operations of the two-wheeler and safety measures. Also, this learning will assist you in acquiring your Driving License (DL). Once you complete your training and start riding your own bike, display the letter 'L' on the front and the back of a bike to show others that a learner driver is in control of the bike. Once you get your permanent driver’s license, you can remove the letter ‘L’ from your bike.

3. Not Wearing Helmets

As young riders, people tend to avoid wearing helmets. Some people avoid wearing helmets to prevent hair fall problems and neck or back pain. However, a lot of people avoid wearing a helmet when riding small distances or to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a helmet around all the time. Many young riders think that wearing helmets for short distances has no merit. 

According to a WHO report, riders without helmets are mostly young and hence, they are more prone to have head and neck injuries during road crashes. That's why you must wear a helmet properly and do not over speed.

4. Lack of Focus

Focus is the key skill required while riding a bike. Usually, youngsters have a habit of driving aggressively to flaunt their driving skills in front of their friends. Also, they are inattentive and get easily distracted while driving. Needless to say, they are the perfect recipe for a bike accident. So, you must be focused only on riding to avoid crashes. It not only lowers the risk to your life but to third party as well.

Thus, if you are a youngster and looking to avoid an accident of your two-wheeler, you must drive consciously. Also, you must buy the best two-wheeler insurance plans that fulfils all your requirements and is also within your budget.

Suitable Two Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers for Young Riders 

The new riders or the riders who have no experience in riding should be more aware of all the traffic rules. If you are a learner, there are more chances of dropping your bike while riding or meeting with an accident due to a lack of experience in handling the vehicle. So, to enhance your comprehensive insurance coverage, you should buy the below add-on covers-

1. Zero Depreciation Cover 

With time the value of your newly purchased bike will depreciate due to regular wear and tear. At the time of claim settlements, the depreciated value of your bike will be deducted from the claim amount. But with the help of zero depreciation cover, your insurer will pay the expenses of repaired or replaced parts without deducting the depreciated value of the bike.

2. NCB Protection Cover 

Being a learner, you can raise small claims for the damages to your bike. So, with the help of NCB protection cover, you can ensure that your bonuses stay protected even after you raise a claim. 

3. Engine Protection Cover

If you own a sports bike, you must buy an engine protection cover as repairing the damages of its engine is an expensive affair. Be it water ingression or oil leakage, the repairing cost is too much for a sports bike owner and this cover get it covered by your insurer. 

4. Roadside or Breakdown Assistance Cover

You can opt for this cover to avail on-road assistance in case of a breakdown. When you are on a road trip with your friends, there can be a fuel emergency in the middle of the journey or even a flat tyre. With the help of this cover, you get 24x7 roadside assistance to get you out of such trouble.

Final Thoughts 

In India, youngsters especially teenagers, forget to follow traffic rules while driving their bikes. Hence, they are often the victim of bike accidents. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that any kind of mishap due to a violation of traffic rules is not covered under your two-wheeler insurance policy. So, you should always follow the traffic rules. Also, you must wear your helmet and buy two-wheeler insurance online to get financial assistance in case of a mishap involving your vehicle. 

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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