Navi General Insurance 

Navi General Insurance is one of India’s leading companies that offers easy access to insurance products to make protecting assets and health easy for people. Mr. Sachin Bansal, CEO of Navi Technologies, acquired the company that was earlier known as DHFL General Insurance from Wadhawan Global Capital WGC and then rebranded it as Navi General Insurance.

Company Vision and Values

The company’s vision is to empower people to care more about what they have – assets, health etc. – so they can get more out of life.

Navi GI’s core values are:

  • Customer Focus: Customer comes first. The company strives to stay connected with their customers to build a deep and long-lasting relationship.
  • Trust and Respect: Trust matters, and the company ensures it by being dependable, and by honouring their promises. They show respect by recognising the potentials of their employees and by appreciating the good work, hence keeping the motivation alive.
  • Innovation: Navi GI strives to create differentiation in their offerings, infrastructure, and process and deliver the ‘extra’ at an affordable price point.
  • Agility: They are prompt, approachable and reliable.

The Fast Facts

Did you know that you can reduce your motor insurance premium without lowering your cover? The 3 tips to reduce it:

  • Avoid modifications to your vehicle
  • Become a member of Automobile Association of India
  • Refrain from making small claims

Navi General Insurance - Products and Services

Navi General Insurance offers a range of innovative insurance products to serve the needs of people from every walk of life. The most sought-after products include:

Motor Insurance

It does not matter whether you own a Four-wheeler or a Two-Wheeler, it is essential to have your vehicle insured. Unlike other insurance products, motor insurance (Third-Party) is mandatory in India. Navi General Insurance offers quick, simple, and easy insurance for your prized possession. With Navi GI’s Car Insurance or two-wheeler insurance, rest your worries and enjoy the drive!

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the need of the hour and people are starting to value its importance. However, buying the right type of health insurance can sometimes be daunting. One that suits someone else might not suit you. With plenty of options available, buying health insurance can be confusing and tedious. With Navi General Insurance, you can find health insurance crafted as per your needs at an affordable price. Apart from the obvious hospitalisation cover, the air ambulance cover, day-care procedure, and low waiting period are some of the attractive features offered by them.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something people rarely buy unless it is a prerequisite while availing Visa for some international destinations. Well, even you buy it for your international trips, but what about those frequent train and road trips within India. It is always advisable to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, even during domestic travel. Travel Insurance offered by Navi General Insurance safeguards you from such incidents leading to financial loss as it covers hospitalisation, baggage loss, loss of important documents such as passport and more.

Home Insurance

Buying your own Home is a great feeling! But it comes with a responsibility to ensure that the property stays protected in case of any unforeseen incidents. This is where the Home Insurance offered by Navi GI comes handy to keep your house safe against perils like fire, property loss, flooding, lightning and so on. Navi GI’s Home Insurance can be customised based on the size of your home, geography, and risk profile.

Bike Insurance Plans by Navi General Insurance

Navi General Insurance offers two types of bike insurance products – Third-Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. While third-party insurance pays liability expenses that are on the insured in case of accidental damage, injury, or death to a third party, the comprehensive insurance offers overall coverage to the insured vehicle (Third-Party + Own Damage).

Bike Insurance at a Glance:

Comprehensive Insurance

Third-Party Insurance


Available as a single policy and as a long term policy with 3-years cover

Mandatory cover that helps pay for the liability expenses

  • Get bike insurance at just Rs. 586
  • Navi General Insurance’s bike insurance can be purchased online
  • Instant Policy
  • No paperwork
  • Instant online self-inspection
  • Two wheeler insurance can be purchased with 12+ Add-Ons
  • Anywhere Claim Assistance
  • 900+ cashless garage networks
  • Option to transfer full NCB at the time of renewing the two-wheeler insurance

Covers the insured vehicle and pays for Own damage (OD)

The insured vehicle is not covered, while the insurance pays for the claim raised by a third party

Avail 38% discount up to on a Long-Term two-wheeler insurance policy

Property damage up to Rs. 7.5 Lakh

Personal accident cover of Rs. 1 lakh can be available

Legal liabilities towards the paid driver are covered

Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

Navi General Insurance’s two-wheeler insurance can be customised as per your requirements. To provide you with the maximum policy coverage, Navi GI offers add-on covers that match your expectation. Some of the add-on covers that you can club with your bike insurance include:

Consumable Expenses Cover:

Consumables such as screws, engine oil, nuts and bolts, fuel filter, lubricants, brake oil, and grease can add up to the overall expense. With consumable expense cover along with your bike insurance, you can save yourself from paying an additional amount in case of repair, as consumables are not covered under basic two-wheeler insurance offered by Navi General Insurance.

Roadside Assistance:

With Roadside Assistance cover offered along with Navi GI’s bike insurance, you can avoid being stuck in the middle of a journey. Under this cover, instant assistance such as towing of the vehicle to the nearest garage, emergency fuel load, battery jump-start, breakdown phone assistance, arrangement for a spare key, alternative transport and accommodation can be availed in case the insured gets stuck during the journey.

Zero Depreciation Cover:

The two wheeler insurance with a zero depreciation cover helps to avail the complete value of the vehicle in case of damage or total loss. With this cover, the depreciated parts can be covered.

Engine Protection Cover:

What if the engine of your bike gets damaged due to water making its way inside or leakage of oil that leading to damage? In such cases, the engine protection add-on cover can be handy in covering those additional expenses.

Accidental Cover:

The accidental cover offered by Navi General Insurance ensures that the medical expenses during an accident do not add to your pains.

Hospital Cash Benefit:

As the name suggests, this cover is designed to provide a fixed amount in case of hospitalization. This is applicable for 5 days where the insured can avail a fixed amount apart from the medical expenses.

EMI Protector:

With this cover along with Navi General Insurance’s two-wheeler insurance you can cover the bike EMIs for 3 months in case of an incident that prevents you from being able to pay the EMIs.

Outstanding Loan Protector:

In case of accidental death of the insured, this cover ensures the repayment of outstanding dues such as loan EMIs, offering the much-needed mental peace to the family during hard time.

NCB (No Claim Bonus) Protector:

Just a single claim and your entire accrued NCB bonus will cease to exist. With NCB protector offered by Navi General Insurance, you can protect the obtained NCB benefit.

Enhanced Owner Personal Accident:

Accidents can happen without notice. With this enhanced cover, you can be financially covered for disability or accidental demise.

Enhanced Pillion Rider Personal Accident:

This rider benefit extends coverage to pillion rider, where the policy pays up to a certain limit in case of accidental disability or death of the pillion rider. The family gets the benefit.

Navi General Insurance Claims Process

Insurance products from Navi General Insurance come with an easy to buy process. The company has always taken pride in having easy to claim insurance products, whether it is motor, health, travel, or home insurance. While the claim process is simple, there are some steps to follow while making a claim:

Motor Claim

In case of accidental damage, you can claim the two-wheeler insurance by availing cashless benefit at any of the network garage. The process will be as follows:

Step 1: Claim Registration

Immediately inform the insurer by calling on the toll-free number. You can write them an email or visit their customer portal (website).

Step 2: Send the Vehicle for Repair

The next step is to take your damaged vehicle to a nearby garage for repair. Carry the required documents along with. The surveyor will investigate the damage and estimate the loss. The following documents are required:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form. In case of a company or firm owned vehicle, the company’s seal needs to be affixed.
  • An original and duplicate copy of the registration certificate.
  • Copy of driving license (original will be required for verification). In case the person driving the vehicle is found without a DL, the insurance cannot be claimed.
  • Police Report or FIR in case of partial theft, third party damage, death, disability, injury.
  • KYC documents will be required if the claim amount exceeds Rs. 1 Lakh. You can submit address proof & ID proof

Step 3: Claim Settlement

Based on the report made by the surveyor after receiving the documents and estimating the loss, the claim will be settled accordingly. The surveyor may re-inspect the vehicle once the repair is done. Navi General Insurance will issue CAC (Claim Amount Confirmation) on receipt of the original repair bill.

Step 3: Delivery of the Vehicle

The delivery of the vehicle can be done after paying the share of claim if any. You will have to submit the Satisfaction letter signed by you at the time of taking the delivery of the repaired vehicle. The payment will be received from the insurer’s end within 7 days directly to the garage.

In Case of Third-Party Claim

Step 1: Claim Registration

Similar to the process of an accidental claim, you will have to intimate the insurer about the loss. Immediately inform the insurer by calling on the toll-free number. You can write them an email or visit their customer portal (website).

Step 2: Documentation

The documentation process includes submitting the filled claim form along with the supporting documents.

Step 3: Claim Settlement

Third-party claims are settled via Motor Accident Claim Tribunal Court. The court decides to amount to be paid as compensation after legal proceedings. Most of the cases the settlement is done outside the court with a mutual agreement between the two parties involved in the accident.

Standard Fire & Special Perils Claim

Step 1: Claim Registration

Immediately inform the insured by calling on the toll-free number. You can write them an email or visit their customer portal (website) too.

Step 2: Documentation

To ensure a safe and smooth claim with Navi General Insurance, the below documents needs to be submitted:

  • Duly completed and signed Claim Form
  • First Information Report (FIR) & Final Police Report, if required
  • Fire Brigade Report if any
  • Photographs of the damages taken by the insured
  • A detailed list of loss with amount/repair estimate
  • Policy copy
  • Original repair or replacement bills
  • KYC documents in case of the claim above Rs. 1 Lakh

The insurer may ask for any other document that supports your claim

Step 3: Survey and Claim Settlement

After receiving the claim request, the claim assisting officer will call within 4 hours. A surveyor will investigate the case and access the loss. He/she will visit the place of the incident within 1 working day and collect the necessary documents supporting the claim.

Once the repair is done, you will need to submit the original bills or repair invoice/receipt of payment to the surveyor. The approved claim amount will be released within 7 working days from the receiving date of your documents.

Group Critical Illness or Personal Accident

If a claim arises, immediately inform the insured by calling on the toll-free number 1800-123-0004. You can also send them an email or visit their customer portal (website) to submit the following information:

  • Policy Number
  • Name of the insured
  • Date & place of occurrence of critical illness/accident
  • Details of critical illness/accident

Group Health Indemnity

For claim related queries, you should contact the concerned TPA. Your health card contains the list of TPA, to know yours, please refer the backside of the health card.

Navi General Insurance Policy Renewal

Navi General Insurance ensures a hassle-free renewal of every insurance policy. When insurance products can be availed online, the insurer gives the flexibility to renew them online too. Whether it is home insurance, bike insurance or car insurance, you can get it renewed in just a few clicks. Visit the official website of Navi General Insurance, select the policy you want to renew, provide the necessary details, and pay the premium.

Navi General Insurance Premium Payment Process

The premium can be paid online. When you go with the online process, the billing name, billing address and payment method are collected at the time of buying a policy. However, the details of credit/debit card such as a number of the card, expiry date and other related information about the card will be obtained by Navi General Insurance’s online payment collection (Gateway) partner..


Written By: PolicyBazaar
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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