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    National Insurance

    National Insurance Company is the second-largest non-life insurance company in India. It is one of the oldest insurance companies in India, having a viable market presence in Northern and Eastern regions of the country. Its product segment includes a multitude of general insurance plans, offered to a wide arena of clients encompassing different sections of the society.

    Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, National Insurance has gained recognition as a leading general insurance company in the Asia Pacific region. The company has successfully grabbed a place for itself among the foremost global business insurance companies.

    National Insurance Company was formed on December 6, 1906. Consequent to passing of the General Insurance Business Nationalization Act in 1972, 21 foreign companies and a total of eleven Indian companies were merged with National Insurance Company Limited India and it became a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC).

    On 2002, National Insurance de-linked from GIC and currently, it is operating as an independent entity, wholly owned by Govt. of India.

    Highlights of National Insurance Company

    Name of the Company

    National Insurance Company Limited (NICL)

    Founded in


    Nationalised in


    Type of the Company

    Public Sector General Insurance Company

    Headquartered at

    Kolkata, West Bengal


    ‘AAA’ by CRISIL

    Range of products

    More than 200 policies

    No. of Offices

    1730 (approx.)

    Skilled Employees


    National Insurance Company Statistics:

    A staggering premium of Rs. 11282.64 crore was recorded by the National Insurance Company in the fiscal year 2015. Before this, it was Rs. 1007.82. The investment income of the National Insurance Company also grew up to Rs. 2654 crores from the preceding income of Rs. 2263 crores. An outstanding Dividend of Rs. 165 crores were contributed by the National Insurance to the National Exchequer in 2013-2014.

    National Insurance kick-started with a base premium of Rs. 50 crores in 1974. NIC’s gross premiums were boosted by 32.33 per cent to more than Rs. 61 billion during the fiscal year 2010-2011.

    Fiscal Year (FY)



    The base premium of Rs. 50 Crores


    Grew up by 32.33 per cent to more than INR 60 billion


    Grew up by INR 90 billion


    Grew up by INR 100 billion

    Some of the reputed awards earned by National Insurance are:

    • Indian Insurance Awards for best under-served market penetration
    • Asset Asian Awards 2017
    • General Insurance Sector- Economic Times Iconic Brands 2018
    • General Insurance Company of the year 2017, SKOCH Order of Merit

    National Insurance Company offers a wide range of policies to target different sectors like:

    • Personal Insurance Policy: It includes health insurance, motor insurance and property insurance
    • Rural Insurance: It protects agriculture and rural businesses against natural disasters
    • Industrial Insurance: It offers protection to industrial goods against theft, fire, etc.
    • Commercial Insurance: It protects against loss and damage of property during transit

    Why Choose the National Insurance Company?

    Below are some of the reasons that make National Insurance Company Limited India a preferred choice for policy buyers in India:

    4 Reasons to Choose National Insurance Company

    Faster Claim Servicing

    The National Insurance company is known for providing better customer experience with its round the clock live chat support for policy renewals, claim process,  grievance redressal, payments, claim      status, The insurer has a claim settlement ratio of 104% that reflects positively for its claim services.

    Availability of Different Insurance Plans

    National Insurance Company Limited offers a variety of insurance products to meet the different needs of its customers. The insurer has more than 200 insurance products including health insurance, accident insurance, fire, motor, rural, property, burglary, shopkeeper insurance, marine, etc.

    Insurance Products Catering to Different Sectors 

    National Insurance has designed more than 200 insurance plans for different sectors/industries like Healthcare, Telecom, Banking,Aviation, Information Technology, Power, Automobile, Oil & Power, etc.

    Awards and Recognitions

    The National Insurance Company has been felicitated with numerous awards for its excellence in services like Best insurer of the Year, Iconic Brand of the year, Best health insurance company, by recognized organizations like Economic Times, Times of India, SKOCH, BSFI at multiple industry events.

    National Insurance Company Product Portfolio:

    National Insurance Company Product Portfolio

    Here is a quick rundown of some of the health insurance plans provided by National Insurance Company:

    • National Health Insurance Plans

      National health insurance plans provide a variety of health plans to choose from. You can choose to insure your family too. Don't let your health bills escalate beyond control. You can manage a medical emergency with a good health insurance plan.

      National Parivar Mediclaim Policy

      The National Parivar Mediclaim policy is a floater policy that covers the entire family including the insured, his or her spouse, dependent children and parents under one sum insured. The sum insured can range from Rs. 1-10 Lakh in multiples of Rs. 1 Lakh. The minimum policy period is 1 year while the maximum is for 3 years. The policy comes with lifelong renewability.

      National Parivar Mediclaim Plus Policy

      The National Parivar Mediclaim Plus is a product, which is unique as it has innovative features. The coverage offered within this product can go up to Rs.50 lakh. Besides, the cover is offered to the family of the policyholder, children, parents, spouse and even in-laws. All of these are available within one floater sum insured along with lifetime renewability. Essentially, the policy can be bought for a year and can be extended up to 3 years.

      Parivar Mediclaim Policy for Family

      The Parivar Mediclaim policy by National Insurance protects families against the financial burden of treatment in hospitals for illnesses, diseases and accidental injuries. It is a floater policy where the entire family including the insured, his or her spouse and two dependent children are covered under a single floater sum insured.

      National Mediclaim Plus Policy (Individual)

      The National Mediclaim Plus Policy is an individual health plan that offers comprehensive coverage by going beyond traditional health covers. National Mediclaim Plus policy is available to individuals between ages 18 and 65 years, and children between ages 3 months and 18 years. The policy provides for pre-, post- and in-hospitalisation expenses and includes cover for day-care treatment. Expenses for allopathic, ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment are payable up to the sum insured i.e. Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 50 Lakh.

      National Mediclaim Policy (Individual Plan)

      The National Mediclaim Policy is available to persons between ages of 18 and 65 years and covers hospitalisation expenses incurred for treatment of illness, disease and injury that the insured contracts or sustains during the policy period. The policy has a lifelong renewability option and covers 140+ day care procedures/surgeries.

      National Critical Illness Policy:

      National Critical Illness Policy by the National Insurance covers all the expenses incurred in case of the policyholder is affected by critical ailments listed. This policy is available to the individuals between ages 18 and 65 years under two plans. Plan A covering 11 critical ailments and Plan b covering 37 critical ailments (including Plan A). You can renew this policy every year throughout your lifetime.

      Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday:

      Overseas Mediclaim Policy is a package policy covering various travel emergencies when travelling abroad. It is available for three categories of travellers – business or holiday, employment or study, and corporate frequent travellers. Claim assistance is available from international service providers. It is available for people who are travelling for holidays and business trips, for further study and employment and also for frequent corporate travellers

      Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies:

      Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies is  a package policy that covers travel emergencies while you are travelling overseas. It covers business trips, vacations, and study as well as employment trips. Moreover, it offers coverage to corporate travellers who frequently travel abroad.

      Other health insurance plans provided by National Insurance Company are - National Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy, National Super Top-up Mediclaim Policy, Vidyarthi Mediclaim Policy for Students, and Varishtha Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens.

      Documents Required for National Health Insurance

      Submit the following documents while lodging a claim for your National mediclaim policy-

      • Duly filled and signed claim form. You can take the form directly from their office or download it from their site.
      • Medical reports
      • Hospital bills, receipts, and memos
      • FIR report in accidental cases
      • Doctor’s prescripts and chemist bills
      • Case summary
      • Hospital admission and discharge report
      • Clearance/other documents
    • National Motor Insurance Plans

      National Motor Insurance Contracts are subject to the elementary principles that are applied to the liability and property insurance in general. The owner of the motor should be a registered owner of the motor whereby s/he stands to the benefit by the security of the vehicle, interest, freedom or right from liability, damage, loss, creation of liability or injury.

      National Private Car Insurance:

      National Private Car Insurance offers good coverage at a competitive premium. You can compare various plans on PolicyBazaar and choose the one that fits your bill. Remove the blindfold and take an informed decision. You will not only save money but also get a comprehensive plan.

      National Motor Cycle Insurance:

      National Motor Cycle Insurance is a comprehensive plan and takes into account all the possibilities that may damage your ride.  The elaborate two-wheeler policy protects against theft, damage on-road or during transit, etc. Opt for a National Insurance company plan and enjoy the pleasures of riding around on your bike without any fear!

      National Commercial Vehicle Insurance

      It covers own damages, third-party legal liabilities arising as a result of the death of a third-person, or an accident resulting in bodily injuries of a third person and also third-party property damage from the insured passenger or goods carrying vehicle.

      Documents Required for National Motor Insurance

      Following are the documents that the insured will have to provide when making a claim:

      • Duly filled Claim Form
      • Motor Insurance Policy with schedule and endorsement/ clause
      • Copy of Driving License.
      • Certificate of Registration.
      • Police FIR
      • Copy of the plan and receipt of payment of premium
      • Fitness certificate (Commercial Vehicles only)
    • National Home Insurance Plans

      National Home Insurance Plans: An average person can buy one house in a lifetime, which is turned into a dream home with a lot of effort. Isn't it wise to protect your sweet home from any unseen eventuality? National Home Insurance policy is an ideal product to buy for insuring your home. The plan is very comprehensive and covers personal accident including medical expenses as well, apart from the damages, which has been sustained by your house.

      Householders Insurance:

      Householders Insurance is a packaged policy providing a range of covers required by a house owner. The property value is determined by multiplying the built-up area with the cost of construction per square feet. The household contents must be valued as per their market value and electrical items at their replacement value for them to be included in the policy.

    • National Personal Accident Insurance Plans

      National Personal Accident Insurance Plans provides the beneficiary with a death benefit under any adverse situation including an accidental demise. Besides, it also provides a cover for an accident leading toe permanent complete disability. It is advised that each person buys such a policy because yesterday is history, today is a gift and tomorrow a mystery.

      Individual Personal Accident:

      Individual Personal Accident insurance policy provides a death benefit to the beneficiary in the unfortunate event of accidental death of the insured. The policyholder is also provided with a cover in case of permanent complete disablement in an accident. This policy can be taken by any adult residing in India to covering himself/herself and dependent family members between the ages of 5 and 70 years.

      Janata Personal Accident:

      The Janata Personal Accident policy covers any individual independent of gender, occupation and profession in the age group of 10 to 70 years for demise, permanent total disablement and permanent halfway disablement. The policy is accessible for a minimum sum insured of Rs. 25000 per individual for every annum, while the greatest sum insured, is constrained to Rs. 100000 per individual for every annum.

    • National Rural Insurance Plans

      National Insurance provides various policies to ensure the rural population of India including farmers, tradesmen and other dwellers.

      Gramin Suswasthya Microinsurance Policy:

      The micro-insurance plan provides cover to the lower-income class and insures against hospitalisation expenses of the entire family. It also provides personal accident cover to the insured and his/her spouse. Gramin Suswasthya Microinsurance Policy by the National Insurance can be taken by any adult Indian resident covering himself/herself between ages 3 months and 60 years.

      Gramin Suraksha Bima Policy:

      Gramin Suraksha Bima Policy by the National Insurance is a micro-insurance policy, which protects the lower-income group against bodily injuries resulting solely and directly from accidents caused by outward violent and visible means.

    • National Industrial Insurance Plans

      The industrial insurance plans from National Insurance cover against any losses that may occur during the normal course of business in industrial units:

      Machinery Insurance:

      Machinery Insurance by the National Insurance protects both the rotating and static equipment while working or at rest against electrical and mechanical breakdown and human negligence and error.

      Erection All Risk:

      Erection All Risk by the National Insurance Company offers cover against projects, which involve equipment and other same erections or testing period of manufacturing units and engineering projects.

      Electronic Equipment Insurance:

      National Insurance ’s Electronic Equipment Insurance offers protection to the electronic equipment that is not only very sensitive to the minor changes in the ambience.

    • National Commercial Insurance Plans

      National Insurance Company offers a variety of plans for the commercial sector:

      • Standard Fire and Special Perils
      • Shopkeepers Insurance
      • Credit Insurance

      It is advisable to compare all National Insurance plans with plans from other general insurance companies in India to choose the insurance plan that suits you the most.

    How to Check National Insurance Policy Status?

    You just have to log on to the official website of National Insurance Company Limited with your valid credentials. Enter the required information and get an update on National Insurance Policy Status. You can make a call on the company’s toll-free number to check the status of your insurance policy instantly.

    National Insurance Premium Calculator:

    Using National Insurance Premium Calculator, you can calculate your premiums for different policies. It is a tool designed to help you determine the premiums based on some pre-requisite information such as age, gender, policy type, etc.

    National Insurance Online Renewal

    Gone are the days when insurance holders had to stand in long queues to pay their policy renewal premiums. With the growing internet awareness nationwide, people nowadays prefer online payment of insurance premium. It's quite simple and a lot easier to renew your existing National Insurance company policy online than buying a new one. National Insurance Company provides you with a user-friendly platform to renew your existing National Insurance company policy to ensure that you stay covered. For this, you just need to take certain simple steps.

    National Insurance online renewal process is quick and trouble-free. The online renewal way is simple and globally accessible at the same time. You can pay the renewal premium directly to the National Insurance company in a more convenient and much faster way. So, why go offline when you can stay online? Choose this ever-so-convenient way to pay the premium and stay insured always.

    • Procedure to Renew National Insurance Policy Online

      The process of your National Insurance online policy renewal is simple and convenient.. National Insurance Online Policy Renewal involves the following steps:

      • You need to visit the customer portal of National Insurance Company's website and go to the renewal option
      • Once you click on the National Insurance renewal option, you will be redirected to the online renewal page
      • You need to provide your current National Insurance policy number and other required details
      • You can pay your National Insurance policy renewal premium online through Internet banking or use a Debit/Credit card for the same

      On successful National Insurance online policy renewal, you will receive the policy copy in your mailbox. Or else, you can log into your NIC customer portal and download the policy copy online.

      Remember! If you have an insurance policy with some other insurer and want to renew it with National Insurance Company, you can do that as well. All you have to do is log onto NIC's website and visit the relevant page, provide your policy details before the due date, and you do not lose any of your accumulated benefits.

    National Insurance Premium Payment Process

    National Insurance online purchase process is further simplified with the online payment process. Below is the process for   both online and offline payment:

    • Offline Payment Process: You can directly at any of your nearest National Insurance Company branches. The insurer also offers offline payment service to its customers such as:
      • Drop boxes
      • Deposit cheque at the Insurer’s branch
      • Pay premiums through NIC Agents and Brokers
    • Online Payment Process through NIC: You can buy National Insurance policy online in a matter of few clicks through net banking, debit card, or credit card

    You can also check the premium online using National Insurance Premium Calculator.

    How to Lodge a Claim with National Insurance Company?

    To register claims with the National Insurance Company, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

    Step 1: File a FIR to your nearest Police Station, in the event of theft, fire, damage to the third party, burglary, accident etc.

    Step 2: Intimate the insurance company in case of loss or any other incidence.

    Step 3: Obtain the National Insurance Claim Form. Fill up the claim form correctly.

    Step 4: Submit these documents to the issuing office of the policy directly or via an authorised agent together with the documents like Doctors Prescriptions, Pathological tests reports, Medical Bills, Discharge Certificate, Admission Certificate, etc. (in case of medical emergency or accident), Police Report.

    Step 5: The insurance company might appoint a Loss Assessor/Surveyor (in case of theft, burglary, or fire) or might refer to the Doctors (in case of medical emergency or accident).

    Step 6: Claim is ultimately settled by the insurer and you will receive the payment as a full and final settlement.

    NOTE: You can check the National Insurance Claim Status online.

    National Insurance Company Distribution Network:

    It has more than 200 policies, 1000 offices and 16,000 employees who sell and service the insurance requirements of people across the length and breadth of India.

    National Insurance Company - FAQs

    Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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    National Insurance Company Limited Reviews & Ratings

    4.5 / 5 (Based on 20 Reviews)
    (Showing Newest 20 reviews)
    Dabugam, October 05, 2020
    Claim was little slow
    My claim process was little slow and it took time and delayed from the side of the company. But later they completed my claim and my concern was resolved. Thye can do much better I feel.
    R.udayagiri, October 05, 2020
    A good brand
    The national insurance is considered to be as a good and big brand. I really like the services and have purchased two policies from them, one of health and another of car. Both are good. Great team.
    Vadali, September 04, 2020
    Renew your policy
    I have renewed my car insurance policy from the national general insurance company. I renewed my car insurance policy from the website on online basis. It I easy and hassle free.
    N.paravur, September 03, 2020
    Easy to purchase
    it is really easy to purchase the health insurance policy from the national general insurance company. I found the various plans in the website of the national insurance and they are very affordable in nature. Thanks team.
    Faizabad, September 02, 2020
    Skilled employees
    I found the national general insurance company much relevant as compared to others because it has the skilled employees and those employees who understand the needs of the customers. Thank you so much team.
    Alagapuram, September 02, 2020
    Get the best plans
    With the help of the national general insurance I got to know about different health insurance plans and the policies. I am really happy that I got a brand which is much trustworthy. Good plans at one place. Excellent services.
    Podagada, September 02, 2020
    Double deduction
    Once I was making the payment and their payment gateway was having some problem so double deduction took place. After 1 week I received my double deduction payment. Thank you team.
    N.paravur, September 02, 2020
    Fast claim services
    the claim services from the national general insurance is real quick and advanced. It’s just you have to submit whole documents on time and everything will be done on fastest mode. It’s really a good company.
    Vadgaon, September 02, 2020
    Medi-claim policies
    I have taken the medi-claim policy for myself and my wife from the website of the national general insurance. It has given me the facilities related to critical illness, hospitalization expenses and many more. Thank you team.
    Nathdwara, August 21, 2020
    Best I industry
    I got my car insurance policy from the national general insurance company and it was much suitable plan for me and my car. The company is good and have high number of positive sentiments. I can trust them.
    Echoda, June 21, 2020
    Nice bike insurance
    The bike insurance I got from National insurance is a zero-depreciation cover and covers my bike from most of the damages. It is the best deal with low price and good cover.
    Machantola, June 21, 2020
    Best insurance ever
    I did not have to worry about anything when I landed in Australia because the National insurance travel policy had covered almost everything giving me peace of mind and a wonderful trip.
    Dadengiri, June 21, 2020
    Lowest premium
    I got my car insurance renewed with National Insurance and it had the lowest premium I could find. The IDV and the cover given is decent and that's exactly what I was looking for.
    Fakirsahi, June 21, 2020
    Amazing policy
    I got my bike covered with National insurance. The cover given is great and their executives are always available to help and are very polite.
    Udala, June 20, 2020
    Decent policy
    The health insurance plan from National insurance has good cover and benefits, the premium is also low. Not sure about the claim process, did not have to claim yet, thankfully.
    Idukki, June 20, 2020
    Best cover and prices
    My family health insurance plan from National insurance covers all that I could think of and more. The price was also less. Best plan I could find.
    Iddappadi, June 20, 2020
    Good plan
    National insurance has good range of two-wheeler insurance. Mine covers everything I wanted and has low premium.
    K.singpur, June 20, 2020
    Best car protection
    I made a claim for for my National insurance comprehensive car insurance and the process was very easy. Just had to call them and the rest was taken care by them. Very happy with the services.
    Adoor, April 15, 2020
    Satisfied with the services
    I am happy with the services provided by the National insurance car insurance claim team. The claim process was easy and quick. Thank you so much.
    Agra, April 13, 2020
    Best travel partner
    I got the National Insurance travel policy when I visited Canada. Found competitive premium with the best cover and exactly what I needed.
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