ZUNO General Insurance (Formerly known as Edelweiss General Insurance)

ZUNO General Insurance ensures that you and your family are always protected whether it's your health, your home, your ride, or your finances. The one thing that differentiates the company from other insurers is that it makes insurance incredibly simple and easy to purchase.

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Zuno (Formerly Edelweiss) General Insurance

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    ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited follows a simple process from applying for a policy to filing a claim to seeking help. The insurer ensures that every interaction is completed in an easy, hassle-free and quick manner. The company is a part of the ZUNO Group, a multinational corporation that has touched the lives of millions in the last two decades.

    The insurance company is governed by the same insurance laws as other insurers. What makes them different is that the instructions are followed while being completely available to their customers and address all of their general insurance needs. All the ZUNO General Insurance plans are designed in an affordable manner.

    ZUNO General Insurance Vision and Values

    At ZUNO General Insurance, insurance plans are designed in a unique and different manner to meet the needs of its customers, while living up to their legacy of respect and trust. Their aim is to:

    • Make things easier for their customers
    • Getting insurance cover and making claims shouldn’t feel like a task to its customers
    • Claim settlement should be just a click away
    • ZUNO General Insurance should be the only point of contact
    • Quick and easy decision-making procedure should be followed
    • Minimum documentation should be required to settle the claims

    ZUNO General Insurance Products and Services

    Zuno (Formerly Edelweiss) General Insurance Products

    ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited offers a host of general insurance products such as car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and loan insurance. Here’s a quick rundown of the products and services offered by ZUNO General Insurance:

      • ZUNO Motor Insurance: ZUNO General Insurance offers car insurance plans are designed to offer convenience to their customers with a minimum turn-around-time. The company provides easy cashless repair in more than 1000 garages. The customers also get priority services at their preferred workshops.
      • ZUNO Health Insurance: The insurer ensures right medical treatment at a reputed hospital, as nowadays hospitalization for something as small as fever can also create havoc with the bank balance. And for this reason, it is necessary to have a health insurance policy. ZUNO General Insurance offers three comprehensive health insurance plans that offer the following benefits:
        • The health insurance benefits are available to everyone above the age of 3 months. There is no age limit to get insurance cover.   
        • The insurer offers medical monitoring cover, medical referral cover, medical repatriation, emergency medical evacuation, compassionate visit, second medical opinion and the return of mortal remains   
        • Coverage is extendible to 8 people including self, up to 3 children, spouse and any other relationship that is permissible in the plan
        • Health insurance coverage up to 2 crore rupees is offered in the platinum plan to help the insured members enjoy the maximum benefits.
        1. ZUNO Home Insurance: ZUNO General Insurance has designed its home insurance policy knowing the difference between a house and a home. ZUNO Home Insurance covers almost everything that can possibly damage your home.
        1. ZUNO Loan Care: Loans reduce the financial burdens for payment that are to be made in one go. With ZUNO Loan Care policy, you can be sure that the loans that you have purchased will not create a problem in the future.

    ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited offers some customer-friendly general insurance plans. There are some benefits that one can avail with the ZUNO General Insurance Plans. Let’s have a look at the plan in detail:

    ZUNO Motor Insurance Plans

    ZUNO General Insurance offers motor insurance plans that offer third-party cover and a third party with own damage cover in its motor insurance plans. Here’s a quick rundown of the plans in detail:

    1. ZUNO Motor Insurance Third-Party Cover

    This is ZUNO private car liability insurance policy, which is a basic policy. Without this, you will not be eligible to drive on the road. This third-party insurance offers protection to a third-person, third-party vehicle and property in the event of an accident. This type of policy doesn’t offer protection against damages caused to your own car or injuries caused to you.

    Moreover, you can enhance your coverage Personal Accident Cover to get insurance cover for passengers who are travelling in your car. The limit is up to Rs. 2 lakh on an individual basis. It also covers legal liabilities towards a paid driver.

    2. Third-Party with Own Damage Cover

    ZUNO General Insurance came up with ZUNO private car package insurance policy for people who really want to ride their car in a stress-free manner. It offers protection against bodily injuries caused to you, car damage, as well damage caused to a third-person, car or property.

    You can also enhance the coverage with personal accident cover up to a maximum of Rs. 2, 00,000 on an individual basis (passengers and paid driver)

    ZUNO Health Insurance Plans

    ZUNO General Insurance offers some of the essential health insurance plans. There are 3 variants – Silver plan that offers coverage up to 5 lakh rupees. ZUNO gold health insurance plan offers coverage up to 20 lakh rupees. And the sum assured limit in the platinum health insurance plan is 1 crore rupees.

     ZUNO General Insurance offers the following health insurance benefits with its 3 plans. The coverage will vary from one plan to another:  

    • It covers the hospitalization expenses up to the sum insured amount
    • Hospitalization room expenses cover in a standard single private room
    • Ambulance cover
    • It covers pre and post hospitalization charges ( up to the sum assured limit)
    • There is no-capping on the ICU room charges
    • Organ donor expense cover
    • Domiciliary hospitalization expense up to the sum insured
    • Ayush cover up to the sum insured amount
    • No claim bonus benefits
    • Maternity benefits are provided
    • Recovery Benefit (Starts from the day of hospitalization)
    • Critical Illness cover is provided
    • Restoration benefit
    • Recharge benefit
    • Voluntary Co-payment up to 60 years of age

    ZUNO Home Insurance Plans

    ZUNO General Insurance offers compensation with its home insurance plans in case there is any damage caused to your home due to the following reasons:

    • Fire damage
    • Explosion/Implosion
    • Lightning
    • Aircraft Damage
    • Storm, Typhoon, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tempest, Flood, Tornado, and Inundation
    • Strike, Riots and Malicious Damage
    • Any kind of visible physical destruction
    • Damage caused due to a direct impact caused by road/rail or an animal
    • Collapsing and Landslide
    • Bush fire except for the forest fire
    • Overflowing and bursting of water tanks, pipes, and apparatus
    • Missile testing operations

    You can also get additional coverage for damage caused due to earthquakes, loss of rent, cost of debris removal etc.

    ZUNO Loan Protection Cover: 

    ZUNO General Insurance offers the following benefits to the policyholder with its loan insurance plan. You cannot predict uncertainties in the future. If you don’t want to face the pressured of a piled up loan then it is advisable to loan protection cover as a backup plan. It will save your family from any stress and will family's stress during unpleasant times. It will take care of your finances under the following circumstances:

    • Critical Illnesses- There are 5 variants of Major Medical Illness Plan such as Standard Plan that covers 9 critical illnesses, Enhance Plan that cover 12 critical illnesses, Premium Plan that covers 15 critical illnesses, Elite plan that covers 18 critical illnesses and Ultima Plan that covers 25 critical illnesses.
    • Personal Accident- It takes care of your loan in case of accidental death, permanent total disabilities, and permanent partial disabilities.
    • Job Loss- It also helps you in your job transition phase and if you have this policy you will not have to worry about your loan repayment after an emergency. ZUNO General Insurance will take care of 3 EMIs. In the meanwhile, you can find a job matching your profile.
    • Children’s Education- With this plan, you can be sure that a break in your income will not put a hold on your children’s education. In the event of accidental death, the insurer will pay off the fees paid to the institute or the maximum sum assured amount, whichever is less. It also includes child education benefit for two children of up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs on an individual basis.

    ZUNO Bike Insurance

    ZUNO bike insurance policy safeguards you and your bike against theft, damage, and risk of a personal accident including permanent disabilities and death of the driver/ owner. 3rd party bike insurance policy also covers damages caused to a third-party vehicle, person or property. Their two wheeler insurance is coming soon. Stay tuned to know the details.

    ZUNO General Insurance Renewal

    ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited follows a quick and hassle-free renewal procedure. If you happen to miss renewing your policy in time, then ZUNO General Insurance will send you a reminder. You can get your car insurance, home insurance, health insurance and loan insurance renewed in time and avail the continuous benefits.

    ZUNO General Insurance Claim Process

    ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited follows a simple and straightforward claim settlement process. Usually, the claims are settled without any glitches and the turn-out-time is also less. Here’s a quick rundown of the claim procedure followed by ZUNO General Insurance for its different plans:

    ZUNO Car Insurance Claim Process

    The procedure to lodge a car insurance claim with ZUNO General Insurance is listed below:

    • In case of an accident immediately inform the insurer on their helpline number i.e. 1800 12000
    • Share the details that the insurer has asked for and keep all your documents handy
    • ZUNO General Insurance will take care of the rest and your claim will be settled quickly

    ZUNO Health Claim Process

    The procedure to file a health insurance claim with ZUNO General Insurance is listed below:

    • Call ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited on their helpline number i.e. 1800 12000.
    • You can also send them an email at support@edelweissinsurance.com to lodge a claim
    • Your claim process will be initiated and your claim amount will be reimbursed or will be settled directly at the hospital in case of cashless claims

    ZUNO Home Insurance Claim Process

    The procedure to lodge a home insurance claim with ZUNO General Insurance is listed below:

    • Call the insurer on 1800 12000 to file a claim or email them atsupport@edelweissinsurance.com and share the required details
    • You can mail them the scanned documents over email and your claim will be immediately initiated
    • Mail your claim documents to the ZUNO General Insurance Company’s claim desk
    • ZUNO General Insurance in-house claims team will settle your claim and shall keep you updated

    Things to Know About ZUNO General Insurance

    • ZUNO General Insurance has its corporate office in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and Ahmedabad
    • ZUNO General Insurance offers car insurance, bike insurance, home insurance, and loan protect cover to its customers
    • ZUNO car insurance plans offer a cashless repair in more than 100 garages
    • Minimum documentation is required to settle claims

    ZUNO General Insurance Awards and Recognitions

    ZUNO General Insurance Company Limited has been felicitated with the following awards:

    • Special Recognition- SAP ACE AWARD
    • MINT SAP Digitalist Award 2018
    • SAP Process Innovation 2018

    ZUNO General Insurance - FAQs

    • Q1. Why ZUNO General Insurance?

      Ans: ZUNO General Insurance plans are designed to offer your maximum protection against uncertainties in the most affordable manner. All the products come with different plan options and you can pick one as per your needs and requirement. All the claims are settled in the minimum time and the entire process is quite hassle-free.
    • Q2. Who can buy ZUNO Loan Protection policy?

      Ans: The entire Indian nationals, who have taken a loan and are between the age group of 20 and 65 years, can buy this policy.
    • Q3. What is not covered under ZUNO car insurance policy?

      Ans: The exclusions may vary depending on the type of policy you have purchased. However, your car insurance policy will not cover the wear and tear of the insured car’s parts and damages caused to your car due to war and nuclear perils. It is suggested that you check the policy inclusions and exclusions to avoid any ambiguity at the time of claim.
    • Q4. What will happen if I lose my ZUNO General Insurance policy documents?

      Ans: After paying the premium, the insurer will send you a soft copy on your registered email id. If you misplace your hard copy, you can get call them on 1800 12000 or even mail them at support@edelweissinsurance.com to get another ZUNO General Insurance hard copy.
    • Q5. What is the coverage duration of ZUNO car insurance policy?

      Ans: ZUNO car insurance is usually a single year policy. The policy commencement and end date of your policy is clearly marked on the insurance documents. The insurer will also send a renewal reminder in advance to ensure that you renew your policy in time.

    ZUNO General Insurance – Latest News

    • ‘ZUNO Switch’ driver-based Motor Insurance

      ZUNO General Insurance has announced ‘ZUNO Switch’ an app-based Motor Own Damage floater policy, under the IRDAI’s Sandbox Initiative. It is based on the ‘Pay as you use” Model to determine the premium based on vehicle usage and driving experience. The policyholder is allowed to switch their motor insurance policy ON and OFF as per their usage.

      ZUNO Switch can cover multiple vehicles under a single policy; it is like a floater policy under which multiple drivers can be insured. The premium can be paid on the pay-as-you-use model and it will be charged only for the days for which the vehicle was used.

      Unlike a traditional motor insurance policy, the ZUNO SWITCH motor insurance premium is calculated based on the experience and age of the insured driver or vehicle owner.

      This policy will help the customers in cost savings and bring convenience to customers, with the pay-as-you-use model. However, the policy will offer accidental damage cover claim only when it is switched on. Whereas, coverage for theft and fire is provided round the year as it can happen if when the vehicle is parked and not being used.

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