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Reliance General Insurance Company Limited is known as the leading general insurance provider in India. It offers a multitude of insurance products in health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance. The company has also launched India's first over-the-counter health and home policies, which guarantee complete satisfaction and convenience for its customers.

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    With 139 offices and over 28,900 intermediaries across the country, Reliance General Insurance Co. enjoys its presence in every nook and corner of the country. The company provides its customers with an easy way to access its wide array of products through a 24x7 customer service and its online presence.

    Reliance General Insurance has been appreciated for its quality management system by international quality standards auditing organization – Det Norske Veritas (DNV). It is India's first insurance company to be given ISO 9001:2008 certification for offering end to end services of general insurance products on an all India basis. It is the first non-life insurance company in India to work with a license from IRDA in 2000. Also, it was the only Indian company to win the prestigious award of "Risk Management-Services Provider" for 2013 at Global Risk Awards. It won the "Quality Council of India – D. L. Shah Quality Awards 2014 Commendation Award" for Financial Services.

    Reliance General Insurance Company Goals, Mission, and Vision:

    Reliance General Insurance can be looked for many of their insurance solutions concerning travel, health, motor, home, marine, etc.

    Reliance General Insurance Company Vision:

    The Company’s vision is to score ideally for world-standard insurance services and products. The insurer wants to be the customer’s first choice in domestic as well as international insurance market.

    Reliance General Insurance Goals:

    Reliance General Insurance Company’s goals are:

    To be the most pioneering company in product development

    • Safeguard the policyholder’s interest
    • To keep its customers as a crucial point in all operations
    • Offer affordable insurance that is accessible to all

    Reliance General Insurance Mission:

    Reliance General Insurance Company’s mission is:

    • To fulfil your insurance needs during critical times
    • Better reach via presence across the country and abroad
    • To offer innovative insurance products
    • Provide unmatched customer services

    Reliance General Insurance Statistics:

    As a brand, Reliance General Insurance is one of the pioneers and most popular in the insurance sector today. Hence, it had a growth of 32 percent in profit before tax for the fiscal year 2016-17. During this FY the net profit earned was Rs. 130 Crore after allowing incurred but not the reported reserves. Their profit before tax was around Rs. 302 Crore before the additional provisioning for Incurred but not reported (IBNR) reserves projected by the external panel actuary.

    Claim Settlement Ratio for FY 2017-18 is:

    • Health – 106.54%
    • Motor – 81.47%

    Reliance General Insurance Product Portfolio:

    Reliance General Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance products. The product portfolio of Reliance General Insurance is as follows:

    Reliance on Health Insurance Plans:

    Reliance General Insurance Company is a trusted brand and has proved its worth in all business areas. It has revolutionized the insurance sector by innovative health Insurance Plans and exemplary customer service. When you buy a health plan from Reliance General Insurance Company online, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

    Reliance HealthGain Insurance:

    The Reliance HealthGain Policy is perfect health insurance for unseen problems that one might face during treatment. One can buy the medical insurance policy with a sum insured of Rs. 3 Lakh at any age. Sum insured options available are Rs. 3/6/9 Lakh. Immediate and extended family members can be covered under an individual policy. It offers lifelong renewal. Cashless hospitalization is available in over 4000+ preferred network hospitals of Reliance General Insurance across India.

    Reliance Critical Illness Insurance:

    The Critical Illness Policy from Reliance General Insurance Company covers costs associated with specific critical illnesses. It has an entry age of 18 to 65 years and lifelong renewability. Medical tests are exempt up to the age of 45 years. The sum insured options are Rs. 5/7/10/15/20 Lakh.

    Claim Settlement Process of Reliance Health Insurance

    With Reliance General Health Insurance, it is not difficult to get your claims settled. Reliance General Insurance is known for its fast and easy claim settlement process. With its popularity in different sectors, Reliance General Insurance has also gained a good reputation in the health insurance sector.  For the settlement of claims, you can either go for a reimbursement method or opt for the facility of cashless treatment.

    Cashless Treatment Claim Process:

    You can avail of the benefit of cashless treatment if you have taken the treatment in a network hospital of Reliance General Health Insurance. At present, Reliance General Insurance has approximately 4,300 hospitals in its network. Follow the below steps for getting cashless of claim:

    • Before starting anything, search for a network hospital in your city where you can get cashless treatment.
    • Intimate Reliance General Health Insurance Company about your hospitalization as early as possible.
    • At the time of visiting the hospital do not forget to keep the cashless health insurance card provided by Reliance General Health Insurance Company and a photo ID proof.
    • At the TPA desk of the hospital show your Reliance General Health Insurance card and your photo ID proof.
    • At the hospital ask for the pre-authorization request form. Fill this form and submit it to the hospital.
    • After checking your identity, the hospital sends the request for a pre-authorization form to the TPA or RCare Health with all the necessary medical details.
    • Make sure to verify the insured individual and ensure that he/she has signed all these documents.
    • Leave your discharge summary and other reports of investigation at the hospital.
    • If your health insurance policy covers the medical bills, then Reliance General Insurance will settle them.
    • You have to bear the uncovered expenses.


    The facility of reimbursement is applied when the treatment is done at a non-network hospital of Reliance General Health Insurance.. However, you can go for reimbursement of claim after getting treatment in a network hospital. Follow the below steps for reimbursement claims:

    • Intimate about the claim at RCare Health, which is the call center of Reliance General Insurance. You can also email to Reliance General Insurance as soon as you get admitted to the hospital.
    • Pay the bills of the hospital.
    • At the time of discharge, collect all the original documents, bills, and reports.
    • File your claim with TPA or RCare Health for reimbursement and processing.
    • You should fill the claim form with correct and complete details and submit it to RCare for starting the process of reimbursement.
    • If the claim that you submitted complies with the regulations and rules set by Reliance General Insurance Company, your reimbursement will be processed and passed without any hassle.

    Documents Needed to Claim Reliance General Health Insurance:

    To file a claim with Reliance General Health Insurance you are required to submit the following documents:

    • A copy of your health card
    • Original Reports of the investigation
    • Post-mortem or FIR if happened
    • Final discharge summary of the hospital
    • Bills of pharmacy with prescription
    • Original discharge report, bills, and receipts
    • Original bills of the hospital and photo ID proof
    • Duly filled claim form and indoor papers of the case
    • Original note of consultation and report of treating doctor
    • Nature of the operation that is performed and surgeon’s reports and bills
    • A copy of the patient's ID card and his/her PAN card
    • All the test reports of the patient with reports of attending doctor and surgeon
    • Canceled cheque in CTS – 2010 format or passbook's first page's scanned copy or bank statement

    Reliance Car Insurance Plans:

    Car insurance plans by Reliance General Insurance help you to escape from expenses on your car or any other vehicle due to any calamity and cover benefits of comprehensive motor insurance but also provide post-accident assistance.

    Reliance Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan:

    Your two-wheeler is the chariot that epitomizes freedom and two-wheeler insurance plans have been designed to set you free. These insurance plans from Reliance General Insurance offer hassle-free protection to your two-wheeler against physical damage, theft, and third-party liability.

    Reliance Commercial Vehicle Insurance Plan:

    Your business depends on commercial vehicles so it is imperative to insure them. Commercial vehicle insurance protects your vehicle against own and third-party damages.

    Reliance Travel Insurance Plans:

    Travel Insurance Plan by Reliance General Insurance gives you the benefit of traveling with confidence either abroad or in India thereby ensuring you a completely hassle-free trip with peace of mind.

    Reliance Overseas Travel Insurance

    Reliance Travel Care Insurance Policy:

    Reliance Travel Care Policy is an overseas travel insurance policy to take care of emergencies when traveling overseas. It covers expenses due to lost passport, loss of check-in baggage, missed flights, delayed or cancelled trips, emergency medical expenses incurred by the insured, or his/her family members due to sudden illness, injury, or death among other things. No medical check-up is required up until the age of 80 years. Cashless hospitalization is available all over the world. The policy involves no paperwork and is available at an affordable premium.

    Reliance Student Travel Insurance:

    Reliance General Insurance policy offers Student Travel insurance Plan which suits the interest of the students and secures them under any adverse situations or perils during the study period. Custom-made plans – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard, and Basic are available for students depending on their requirements and that of the university. The policy offers comprehensive coverage through unique benefits like bail bonds, study interruption, sponsor protection, etc. No paperwork and affordable premium enable stress-free overseas education for the students. No medical tests are required before the issue of the student health policy. Insurance claims are settled in a quick and hassle-free manner.

    Reliance Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan:

    The Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy is a travel insurance plan of Reliance General Insurance, offering coverage to frequent international fliers for multiple trips in one year so that they don't have to apply for insurance every time they travel abroad. The policy provides coverage for trips that are as long as 365 days. The coverage includes pre-existing ailments in case of life-threatening situations. Cashless hospitalization facilities are available all around the world.

    Reliance Senior Citizens Travel Insurance:

    The Reliance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy has been specially designed for senior citizens, who are between the ages of 61 and 80 years and are traveling abroad. It involves no medical check-ups until the age of 80 years and no paperwork. Moreover, the affordable premium makes travel less stressful. The policy covers pre-existing ailments especially in case of life-threatening ailments and offers cashless hospitalization all over the world.

    Reliance Asia Travel Insurance:

    Asia Travel Insurance is a specially designed plan By Reliance General Insurance for travel in all of Asia except Japan. This Reliance General Insurance policy offers extensive coverage. One can choose from Silver and Standard plan variants. The settlement procedure is simple and fast. There is no paperwork involved and medical check-ups are not required until the age of 60 years. The policy also covers pre-existing ailments in case of life-threatening and emergencies.

    Reliance Schengen Travel Insurance:

    It is a unique plan offering a customized insurance cover meant specifically for individuals traveling on a Schengen visa to Europe. This specific travel insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage against medical emergencies, along with a host of value-added benefits for other unexpected contingencies. This Reliance General Insurance policy provides coverage of pre-existing ailments in case of life-threatening ailments.

    Reliance Home Insurance Plans:

    The Reliance Home Insurance Plans give you comprehensive cover for your home and its contents at a reasonable premium and help to safeguard your home and its contents in case of an ill-fated event.

    Reliance Householders’ Package Policy:

    Householders’ Package Policy of Reliance General Insurance secures the content of the home and also makes life easy by providing access to a host of assistance services. It is a home insurance policy that safeguards everything under one roof. This Reliance General Insurance policy not only covers the home but also protects the family against unforeseen accidents. It covers the home and its contents like furniture, fixtures, etc. Mechanical, electrical appliances, and electronic gadgets are also covered. Protection against earthquake, burglary, fire, or even terrorism-related losses is provided.

    Reliance Personal Accident Insurance:

    Despite taking all precautionary measures, accidents do occur. This may lead to disablement or sometimes sudden death. To combat this problem, Reliance General Insurance has devised personal accident plans, which provide compensation in case the insured sustains injuries, solely caused due to an accident, resulting in death, or permanent or temporary disablement.

    Reliance Corporate Insurance:

    Reliance General Insurance Company offers a variety of plans for the corporate sector.

    • Fire Insurance
    • Engineering Insurance
    • Marine Insurance
    • Liability Insurance
    • Package Insurance

    Reliance SME Insurance:

    Reliance General Insurance offers policies to safeguard the interests of small and medium enterprises.

    It is advisable to compare all Reliance General Insurance plans with plans from other general insurance companies in India and accordingly make the desired choice.

    Reliance General Insurance Online Payment Process:

    Reliance General Insurance has two modes of premium payment process – Online and Offline payment process:

    Reliance General Insurance Online Premium Payment Process:

    The Reliance General Insurance online payment process is simple, paperless, and hassle-free.

    1: Health/Home Insurance: To renew the health or home insurance bought from Reliance General Insurance, one has to fill the proposal form containing the personal and other related information. He/she can make the payment online through a safe payment gateway, which keeps every confidential information safe. In case of a new policy, the policyholder will require the previous policy number, registration, and engine number. The premium can be paid online as well.

    2: Auto Insurance: The process is the same as above. Apart from this. One can also call on the toll-free number to get the payment related assistance or to renew the policy instantly.

    Reliance General Insurance Offline Premium Payment Process:

    Offline insurance is equally popular among people in India. To renew or buy an insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance, one can locate the nearby branch office, approach the concerned officer, pay the premiums by cheque to avail the policy. However, one can also go through an insurance agent or broker who can guide in the policy buying process.

    Reliance General Insurance Awards & Recognition:

    Reliance General Insurance aims at incorporating excellence in every genre. In the pursuit of this quest, they have managed to get several awards and recognition. Some of the excellent memories include:

    • ET Now BFSI Awards
    • ET Now MODI Awards 2018
    • Kyoorius Creative Awards 2018
    • Security Summit And Awards 2018
    • National Awards for Marketing Excellence
    • ET Best BFSI ​Brands 2016

    Reliance General Insurance Distribution Network:

    The Reliance General Insurance Company operates with the help of more than 200 branch offices spread across 173 cities and 22 states throughout the country. Moreover, the company provides its customers with easy channels of access to its products through its 24x7 call center and a transactional website.

    Reliance General Insurance Claim Process

    To ensure a smooth claim experience with Reliance General Insurance, it is essential to follow the right way of claiming. In this regard, the insurance policies offered by Reliance General Insurance Company can be claimed in two ways- cashless claim and reimbursement claim. To initiate a claim with Reliance General Insurance:

    • Immediately inform the insurer about the incident. You can call on the 24x7-helpline number or write to them to register a claim
    • The next step is to download the Reliance General Insurance claim form. You can download it from the official website or can ask the customer care executive to send it to you. Fill the form accordingly and sent it along with the relevant documents.
    • The insurer will verify the Reliance General insurance claim form, along with the documents. If everything goes well, it will compensate the money up to an admissible limit, considering the policy terms and conditions.
    • In case of a cashless claim, you can avail the services free-of-cost where the insurer directly settles the bills with the service provider. On the other hand, you pay the bills initially if it is a reimbursement claim and register your claim with the insurer for reimbursement.

    Reliance General Insurance Claim Status

    Reliance General Insurance claim status can be checked easily online. All you need is:

    • Visit the official website of the insurer
    • Go to the ‘Claim Page’ on the home page
    • You will get an option to select your insurance type
    • Mention the policy number in the given box at the extreme right of the page
    • Finally, click on the ‘Show My Claim Status’ option

    This way you can check your Reliance General Insurance claim status online.

    Reliance General Insurance Renewal

    Without renewing your Reliance General Insurance, you can't avail of the policy benefits continuously. Reliance General Insurance policies can be renewed online or offline. To ensure Reliance General Insurance renewal online:

    • Visit the official website of the insurer
    • Go to the ‘Renew’ option
    • Mention the policy number in the given space and click on ‘Go’ option
    • You will get your premium break-up for the year. If it suits your requirement, go for the payment option
    • You can pay the premiums online by using credit or debit card or net banking. To initiate this, provide the required bank details. Your information will be kept secure through a confidential payment gateway
    • Once the premium is deducted, the policy will be renewed
    • You will receive Reliance General Insurance renewal notification on your registered mobile number and email ID
    • Download the policy from email ID and stay covered again


    Reliance General Insurance - Latest News

    • Paytm in Collaboration with Reliance General Insurance Launches COVID-19 Insurance Plan

      Paytm has recently launched Coronavirus health insurance policy in collaboration with Reliance General Insurance, one of the leading general insurance providers in India.

      This COVID- 19 Health Protection plan was launched a few days back as a group platform offering sum insured options ranging from INR 25,000 to INR 2 lakhs. The base health insurance cover for reliance Coronavirus protection insurance will cost a premium of INR 255 for a coverage amount of rupees 25,000 and INR 1020 for up some issued of rupees INR 1 lakh.

      The best part about Reliance General coronavirus health insurance policy is that it offers travel exclusion removal. It can be purchased as an add-on benefit that allows the waiver of 45 days travel exclusion and allows the policyholder to play the full some issued amount on being tested positive for coronavirus.

      People between the age group of 3 months and 60 years can buy this health plan that offers 50% of sum assured for patients being quarantined and 100% as lumpsum on being diagnosed as positive. Also, recently some of the health insurance companies like ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Star Health and Allied Insurance, and Digit Insurance Have launched Corona virus-specific health plans.

      Also, the group health plan by ICICI Lombard offers a sum assured of INR 25,000 at a premium of INR 149 for each employee along with other benefits like Teleconsultation health assistance and ambulance cover.

      However, individuals can also get Star Health Novel Coronavirus policy that offers coverage to all who are being diagnosed positive for the COVID-19 and require hospitalization for the same. Individuals can opt for 2 sum insured options i.e. INR 42,000 at a premium of approx. INR 459 and INR 21,000 at a premium of approx. INR 918.

    • Fresh IPO Papers filed by Reliance General Insurance Company

      One of the leading general insurance providers – Reliance General Insurance Company filed fresh IPO papers with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the market regulator for an initial public offering after the permission lapsed in November 2018. The private general insurance provider, which is part of the group led by Anil Ambani has some plans to float the IPO including fresh issuance of the shares of Rs. 200 Crore, and offer-for-sale of 79,489,821 shares by the Reliance Capital.

      A person familiar with this development has confirmed about filing the fresh papers for IPO with SEBI.

      As per the sources, Edelweiss has been removed as one of the leading merchant bankers to handle the IPO.

      This came soon after the Reliance Group put accusation on Edelweiss Group units of motivated and illegal actions in calling upon the pledged share of the 3 listed firms of the group and selling them off in the open market drawing towards sheer fall in the value of shares.

      In the meantime, RGI also appoints the IndusInd Bank and CLSA India replacing the IDBI Capital and UBS Investment Company to manage the IPO.

    • Reliance General Insurance plans on Renewal of its IPO Plan

      Reliance General Insurance is planning to renew its Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Rs. 1,500-2,000 Crore after the deadline for the previous attempt failed in difficult market.

      Revalidation of the wholly-owned unit of the Reliance Capital has been sought from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) of India, said the Chief Executive of the Reliance General Insurance Company - Mr. Rakesh Jain.

      The general insurance provider would file a new draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) with Securities and Exchange Board of India - SEBI after the revalidation is over, added Mr Jain. Earlier the IPO approval was lapsed on November 29, 2018 by SEBI.

      Currently, New India Assurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company are the only general insurance providers publicly listed.

    • Reliance General Insurance has healthy growth in net profit for FY16.

      Reliance General Insurance, a private general insurance firm saw a healthy growth in net profit for FY16. Now, it has taken a decision to expand its business into non-motor businesses such as property, health and marine. The motor business of Reliance General Insurance company was a large part of the overall premium.

      It realized that the third-party segment will not lend a hand in making money, it is important to draw some other way. Last financial year, it was recorded that Reliance General Insurance Company grew fire business by 30 per cent and marine by 10 per cent, which was much higher than industry growth. The main idea was to have a more holistic presence in the market.

      Reliance General Insurance understands the need of motor business where it can make money. On an average the motor business sector, grew 14 per cent, but Reliance General Insurance company only grew two per cent. Reliance General Insurance believes that the decision will help us improve the combined ratio and bottom line in the long run. It will provide an opportunity to grow the other parts of the book and eventually, ability to really put capital to new types of business can only happen when we take out some amount of capital from the high loss percentage products.

    • Reliance General Insurance Company is expecting a 3x growth from bancassurance

      Expecting a lot from the bancassurance division, Reliance General is foreseeing three times increase in its premium collection. The premiums collection is expected to hit a figure of Rs. 300 Crore in coming 3 years via its bancassurance unit.

      The CEO of Reliance General Insurance Company, Rakesh Jain, states that the open bancassurance structure would offer in better choices to its customers while choosing the appropriate insurance product. He also said that currently, the company has not more than 3 % of its business generating from the banks. However, the figure is expected to touch 10% in the upcoming 3 years.

      Talking in absolute numbers, the company’s premium collection out of insurance product sales through bank channels is expected to touch up to Rs. 300 Crores, he added.

      The insurer has by now started to look for partnership opportunities with various banks and is hoping to enter several alliances in the FY 2016.

      Last week Reliance General Insurance Company declared its first alliance with the leading private sector bank, IndusIand Bank. IRDAI has recently declared open bancassurance architecture for the providers of general insurance policies and allowed the banks to vend plans of various insurers. The rule has come into force since 1st April, 2016.

    • Reliance General Insurance Launches Twitter Campaign to Fight Child Labor

      Recently Reliance General Insurance partnered with Child Rights and You (CRY) and to raise awareness regarding the issue of child labor in India. The Twitter campaign named “DON’T EMPLOY LITTLE ONE” highlights that over 5.8 million children are working as child laborers in India.

      The participants of the campaign have not only taken an initiative to make financial donations to CRY to support this cause but are also actively tweeting pledges to fight child labor. According to reports, India has been rated as the country reporting the highest number of child labor cases among all south Asian countries.

      CEO of Reliance General Insurance, Mr. Rajesh Jain, has said that Reliance General Insurance Company is committed to promote safety for all children. He believes that every citizen has a responsibility to ensure child safety and child rights should not be taken away from children.

      He also concluded that every child should get an opportunity to grow and live their dream. Millions of children in India face exploitation -- they are engaged in child labor and have to battle for minimum wages while dealing with physical abuse. This joint initiative of CRY and Reliance General Insurance hopes to highlight and sensitize people towards this issue.

    • Reliance General Insurance Introduces value-added Services

      Reliance general insurance has officially started offering special service to its customers from home insurance unit despite the roadside assistance offered to the customers from its motor insurance unit. The company has also started going on retail with the assistance offered while motor insurance itself include the required assistance. This extension to the services offered is because of the Chennai Floods.

      The reason why these services are given extension is to make the insurer the first option to get assistance from, as the company has tied-up with individuals for tax filing, medical services, electrician etc.

      Most general insurance companies offer roadside assistance, Reliance General Insurance gives this service an extension to include assistance for accidents right at the spot. Special services for female drivers include alternate car on highways, mechanics from nearby garages etc in emergencies.

    • Reliance Capital To Divest Stake in Reliance General Insurance

      Anil Ambani is in talks to divest stake in reliance general insurance by bringing a strategic investor in general insurance business. Executive Director of Reliance Capital told that 49% of stake in reliance general insurance can be taken by investors.

      He also mentioned that these stake sales will be finalized by next fiscal year. Though, Soumen Ghosh (Executive Director of Reliance Capital) did not disclose the names of potential partners.

      It is to be noted that reliance capital reported of Rs 235 crore fore December 2015 quarter, which is 10% more from last year figure. At present, Reliance holds 100 percent of stakes in the Reliance general Insurance.

    • Reliance Capital Divests Stake in Insurance Business

      Reliance Capital looks forward to bring in investors in its business of general insurance with 49% stake. Even though the investors have not yet been revealed, the company expects to finalize its deal of stake by the next financial year.

      The company recently reported its net profit to be Rs. 235 crore at the end of Q3 of FY’2015-2016, which leads the net profit of Rs. 213 crore, as per the statistics from the previous year. This financial growth by Reliance Capital is due to its mutual fund business that raised a net profit of 12% while company’s AUM (assets under management) climbed 24%.

      As per Soumen Ghosh, Executive Director at Reliance Capital, the prime source of company’s growth is its commercial finance business. The AUM growth rate was 19% each year with a net profit of Rs. 112 crore. Meanwhile, the life insurance arm of the company earned Rs. 8 crore as profit while general insurance arm bagged Rs. 15 crore.

    Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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