Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd

Incurred Claim Ratio - 77*
*Data according to IRDA Annual Report (2017-18)
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Future Generali General Insurance is a joint venture between India’s leading retailer Future Group and Italy based insurance major Generali. The company was incorporated in 2006 and brings together the distinctive qualities of both the founding companies – local experience and knowledge with global insurance expertise.

Future Group, led by its founder and Group CEO, Mr. Kishore Biyani, is one of India’s leading business houses with multiple businesses spanning the retail space. Headquartered in Mumbai, this Indian private conglomerate owns and manages multiple retail formats such as Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central, Food Bazaar, and Home Town.

The Generali Group is a leading player in the global insurance and financial markets. Serving 65 million clients in more than 60 countries, the Group is one of the world’s largest companies according to Fortune Global 500.

The Future Generali India Insurance Company is supported by a team of seasoned professionals specialising in the areas of finance, insurance, accounting, actuarial services and risk management. Future Generali also operates in the life insurance business under the name of Future Generali India Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr. K.G. Krishnamoorthy Rao is the Managing Director and CEO of the company.

Future Generali General Insurance Vision & Mission

  • The main vision of Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is to protect people against risks with enhanced insurance coverage
  • Future Generali is dedicated to managing and mitigating risks of individuals and institutions
  • The insurer endeavors to improve people lives through their customized insurance products
  • The mission of the insurer is to be the first choice of its customers and provide them accessible and relevant insurance solutions
  • The products are an outstanding combination of innovation and price
  • Future Generali Insurance aims to offer its customers advice, protection, and the best of service to its customers

Why Choose Future Generali General Insurance?

Future Generali General Insurance is one of the leading insurers and is quite popular because of its customer-centric approach. Here’s why you should go with Future Generali Insurance:

  • Future Generali  ensures peace of mind if its customers with quick and easy claims settlement
  • This insurer has more than 15 lakh happy customers and claims to settle 2.1 lakh claims every year
  • This insurer offers various types of general insurance products such as commercial, personal, social or rural insurance to meet the different needs of its customers
  • The insurance company provides its customers the option to avail cashless treatment in more than 5,100 network hospitals and more than 900 network garages for cashless repairs across India
  • The  insurance company operates in more than 125 locations across India and has more than 2,000 active corporate clients
  • The Company also offers value-added features such as Future Xpress+ and Future Xpress
  • The insurer is a key player in niche segments like lifestyle insurance, Bike Insurance, commercial insurance, and social insurance.

Future Generali General Insurance Product Portfolio
Future Generali Health Plans:

‘Health is wealth’ and this should be our mantra for life. The number of people falling sick at an early age is increasing at an alarming rate. The only thing that can save us from health risks is, a good insurance plan so that when you fall sick you can only concentrate on getting well. Keep your financial stress at bay with Future Generali health plans.

  • Future Health Suraksha – Individual: The plan is available for individuals and covers both pre and post hospitalisation expenses, among others. The cover is available to individuals between the age of 18 and 70 years and come with a lifetime renewal option. It also allows for covering children aged 3 months to 25 years
  • Future Health Suraksha – Family Floater: The Future Health Suraksha Family Floater policy covers the entire family for both pre and post hospitalisation expenses, patient care costs, day care procedures, expenses for the accompanying person and ambulance charges. Adults between the ages of 18 and 70 years can avail the plan. The entry age limit is 55 years for a sum assured of Rs. 10 lakh. People who avail the policy above 55 years can opt for a maximum sum assured of Rs. 5 lakh
  • Future Health Surplus: The Health Surplus Plan from Future Generali General Insurance insures against additional expenses incurred over and beyond a deductible limit. The plan is available on both individual and family floater basis and has a lifetime renewal option. The policy is available for adults between the ages of 18 and 65 years
  • Future Criticare: The Future Criticare critical illness cover offers a lump sum benefit provided the patient survives for more than 28 days from the day of diagnosis and the policy is more than 90 days old. The policy is available to adults in the 18-65 years age group and has a lifetime renewal option. The sum insured is Rs. 1-50 lakh for people in the 18-45 years age group and Rs. 1-20 lakh in the 46-65 years age group
  • Future Hospicash: The Future Hospicash cover allows you to meet any expenses relating to hospitalisation and incidental or related costs. The policy provides benefits for ICU stays both in the city of residence or outside and additional convalescence benefits for hospital stays of more than 10 days
  • Group Health Insurance (Health Total): A comprehensive retail healthcare plan that is available on both an individual and family floater basis. Future Generali offers three variants, the Vital plan that covers the individual, spouse and dependent children, and Superior and Premiere plans that also cover non-dependent children, dependent or non-dependent parents, grandparents, grandchildren, dependent siblings, daughter and son in-law, and parents in law.

Future Generali Car Insurance Plans:

A car is a valuable asset and we should have a comprehensive insurance plan to protect it from any accident and theft. When you ply on Indian roads, you can’t be sure of anything. Even if you are a good driver, you can’t guarantee that other people on the road follow rules. Thus, insurance plan is the only way to keep your car safe and running in good condition.

Future Generali Travel Insurance Plans:

Future Generali travel insurance policies are a great companion on your holidays, business trips or visits to friends & family abroad and provide you door-to-door cover for your convenience.

  • Future Travel Suraksha: The Future Travel Suraksha policy covers international travel for the individual and the family for single as well as multiple trips. The plan guards against unexpected events such as lost papers, hospitalisation, and misplaced luggage, among various others.
  • Future Travel Suraksha-Schengen Travel: The plan provides travel insurance for visiting the Schengen visa countries in Europe. It insures travellers against mishaps such as lost travel papers or misplaced luggage, etc. that may occur while they are on vacation in any of these countries.
  • Future Student Suraksha: The Future Student Suraksha plan has been designed for students who are going abroad for studies. Any student in between the ages of 18 and 35 years can avail this policy. The coverage includes medical expense, loss of passport, delay or loss of baggage, tuition fees, and many other costs that may arise while the student is abroad

Future Generali Home Insurance Plans:

Future Generali policies safeguard your home and give you a comprehensive cover to tackle all problems related to your home to ensure a disaster free living.

Future Generali Personal Accident:

Investing in a personal accident cover is considered a smart move, not only because it secures your financial future, but more importantly, it secures your family too. A personal accident policy enables the dependant members of the insured to continue with normal life without much financial burden. It is the key to your dignity, if some unwarranted event happens and you find yourself in a soup!

  • Accident Suraksha: The plan covers against any unexpected and unfortunate accidents that may result in serious injuries or even death. The cover is available for people in the age group of 18-70 years and allows the inclusion of dependent children aged between 5-25 years
  • Group Personal Accident: Available for businesses or organisations, the customised insurance policy covers all employees under a single plan. The policy also provides protection for students studying in an institution. The plan protects against temporary or permanent disability and even death. Additional covers can be taken to insure against medical expenses, hospitalisation, home or car modification or adaptation, repatriation, child education expenses and others expenses arising from or due to the accident
  • Janata Personal Accident: The Janata Personal Accident policy is available as a group plan and covers injuries resulting in death or partial or total disablement. It can also include additional covers for hospitalisation, hospital cash allowance, repatriation benefits and other such related expenses

It is advisable to compare all Future Generali General insurance plans with plans from other General insurance companies in India to choose the best insurance plan that suits you the most.

Future Generali General Insurance Renewal Online

To avail uninterrupted policy coverage benefits, you would need to set reminders for your policy renewal, so that you do not miss on the renewal date. Future Generali insurance follows a simple and trouble-free renewal process. You can renew all the insurance plans with just a few mouse clicks. To complete the online renewal process you can follow the steps that are listed below:  

  • To initiate the online renewal procedure, log into the Future Generali General Insurance company’s official website
  • After that, select the ‘Renew’ tab and submit the policy details
  • In the last step, you can make the payment online using net banking and debit cards
  • Once the premium is paid, you will get confirmation receipt from Future Generali Insurance

Future Generali Distribution Network:

Future Generali has access to a large number of customers due to the retail network they have. The consumer finance business too has more than 150 branches and helps the company spread its reach. The company was first to launch what it calls Mallassurance – selling insurance policies to customers who visit their malls.

Future Generali General Insurance - FAQs

Q1. What should I do after purchasing a Future Generali General Insurance policy?

Once the policy is purchased you can carefully go through the policy wordings. If there is any confusion or you need any assistance then you can call at their helpline number or mail them to seek assistance.

Q2. When will I receive my Future Generali Insurance policy kit?

Upon successful payment, your data is updated in the insurer’s system. After that, you would receive your policy kit in a maximum of 7-10 working days. Once the policy is issued, you will get a soft copy of all the documents on your registered email id.

Q3. How to change vehicle information in the policy documents?

To initiate such requests you can send a scanned copy of the registration certificate with all the correct details at their registered email id and your request will be processed. For some requests, you may need to pay an extra premium such as CNG kit updation. You can also call at their helpline number or SMS them and they will take you through the process.

Q4. How can I update my contact details in the policy?

You can also call at their helpline number or send them an SMS and they will take you through the process. Once all the details are verified, one of their representatives will get in touch with you to update your contact details.

Q5. How do I make changes to the policy document in case of transfer of ownership?

Simply visit any of the nearest Future Generali Branch with a copy of the existing policy, Form 30, Form 29 Transfer Fee Receipt, and NOC which is paid to the Regional Transport Office.  You need to pay the insurer the No Claim Bonus (NCB) difference amount, service tax and transfer fee.

Future Generali General Insurance - Latest News

  • Health Insurance top-up introduced by Future Generali India Insurance – Sum Insured up to Rs. 1 Crore

    The general insurance company of the joint venture of Future Group and the global insurance provider Generali – Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has announced the launch of Future Advantage Top-up product. This product is a deductible health insurance product that comes with a higher sum insured options, which range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 Crore. This product by Future Generali Health Insurance offers additional coverage at lower premium in comparison to the traditional health insurance products.

    The Principal Officer at Future Generali India Insurance – Shreeraj Deshpande said, “With the surging medical costs and inflation, the current health insurance policy might not enough and buying health insurance cover with large sum insured might not be economical. Therefore, we believe that the Future Advantage Top-up product is an ideal fit for a comprehensive health insurance cover. Moreover, they also address the problem of under insurance, whilst keeping a sharp vigil on the premium.”

    The motivation behind every insurance product launched by the company is our vision to safeguard the consumers completely in their times of medical emergency. Healthcare costs are going steep and we wish to make sure that our valued consumers can avail the best possible medical procedure whenever they look for an expert medical assistance,” added Deshpande.

  • Future Generali General Insurance Company aiming at a business worth Rs. 3,000 Crore in the coming 3 years

    The famous general insurance provider Future Generali India targets at a Rs. 3,000 Crore business in the upcoming3 years. The company is expecting a growth at the rate of 15 to 20 % per annum.

    Experiencing a great economic evolution, Future Generali General Insurance Company is expecting the GDP (gross domestic product) to grow at a higher ratio. This increase would eventually give rise to the demand of insurance policies. The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Future Generali General Insurance Company, K. G. Krishnamurthy Rao said that general insurance is proportionate to the growth in GDP.

    Meaning, if the GDP is growing at a good rate, it will be beneficial for the insurance industry. We are expecting about 15 to 20 % growth each year for the coming three years. He also stated that therefore, the company is eying to hit Rs. 3,000 Crore profit.

    He further added that, the Indian general insurance market has seen about a 13 % growth in the last year and also that this growth rate is expected to touch 15 to 16 % in this financial year.

Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd Reviews & Ratings
4.4 / 5 (Based on 129 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 15 reviews)
Kalimela, October 21, 2016
Motor Insurance
Just got car insurance policy for my new car from future generali general insurance company. Services are really very fast which is facilitated by the executives and the team members of the insurance company.
Meerut, October 21, 2016
Stay Healthy with insurance policy
I have a health insurance policy which is a very good in services and rewards. The insurers are future generali general insurance company. Policy coverage is high and claims are high and easy to sanctioned it. The huge number of hospitals are collaborated with this company and give great treatments. Ambulance is facilitated for free.
Ghatagaon, October 05, 2016
Marvelous Car Insurance
Now, I'am totally tension free for my car problems because i have car insurance plan from future generali general insurance company. Investment is less but the policy cover whole car including interiors and fiber parts of the car. Tow car service also there for free.
Dharmasala, October 05, 2016
'Good Policy'
My future health problem which i can't stop but I can secure it with health insurance policy. I purchased one from future generali general insurance. Premium is minimum and returns are maximum. Coverage is around 90% and easy claims with the help of executives of the insurance company.
Mysore, September 29, 2016
Great Car Plan
Finally got the very nice car insurance policy in very low budget from future generali general insurance. Policy covers maximum expenditure done on the car and the reimbursement is also sanctioned very fast. Service of the garages is fast and the tow car service is available at any location for free.
Chandigarh, September 29, 2016
Future Generali Insurance
Got the health insurance policy for my family at very low price from future generali general insurance company. Service is fantastic which is provided by the staff members and executives of the company. Ambulance service and large number of the hospitals makes very easy and good treatments and services.
Sirsa, August 26, 2016
Vehicle Security
Recently i buy car insurance policy for my new vehicle. After long search got good insurer and nice premium i.e., future generali general insurance company. Service is fabulous facilitated by you and staff behaviour is very nice with all customers. Policy coverage is good, and except tires and interior parts of the car the rest is secure with insurance policy.
Jhulasan, August 26, 2016
Health is Wealth
Future generali general insurance is one of the best insurers among all. I purchased health insurance form them in low premiums. Service of yours is fantastic and online renewals is possible through online portal service. Claims and policy coverage is high.
Lunawada, August 02, 2016
Perfect Policy Plan
Future generali travel insurance policy is come in low investments and it gives full benefits. The policy covers maximum expenditures and it recovers the loss. If the luggage is lost or missing the policy provides full reimbursement.
Kinnaur, August 02, 2016
Above Average Plan
My home insurance policy is very special one because it take less but give more. Service is fantastic with 24X7 availability of staff for policy holders and customers. The policy coverage is high and claims are good. Updates are send regularly regarding the insurance policy.
Baijalpur, August 02, 2016
Good Investment
I buy a new car and for that i purchase car insurance too, like every one does because of safety and rules. The premium is less and coverage is high. The claims are high and simple to get. Service provided by the executives and staff is recommendable.
Badlapur, August 02, 2016
Health Insurance
I have future generali health insurance policy plan. Honestly the plan is normal and very flexible. Service is superb and behaviour of the staff is very nice. Coverage is good and ambulance is provided for free at any location.
Chattarpur, August 02, 2016
Future generali personal accident plan is good, It secure the future and the premium is also less. The best thing is that the claiming process is very easy and amount is sanctioned easily. Service is fantastic which is given 24X7 by staff members.
Fatehpur, July 22, 2016
Secure Travelling
Travel insurance is good for safe travelling. I have one from future generali general insurance for my last trip. Because of the insurance policy, my trip become more exciting and amazing. An accident happened on that trip, and i need emergency. Thank god i have the policy, it really did work good.
Barielly, July 22, 2016
Home Plan
I have purchase the home insurance plan. The policy coverage of the plan is high but the investment is low. The service is fast facilitate by the executives. The home is secure from natural calamities like flood, cyclone, etc.
Mathurapur, July 22, 2016
Good car policy
My car insurance is very good plan. Policy give the best amount to recover the vehicle. Policy coverage and claims are high but the tires and fibers parts not included in the insurance plan. Service is fast and tow facility is for free at any area.
Agartala, July 22, 2016
Fine Insurance
I have health insurance plan from future generali insurance. The policy is very good and it really help whenever needed. Policy coverage and claims are high and claiming is simple due to fast service is facilitating by the company members and the hospital staff members.
Dholpur, July 22, 2016
Good Insurance
Future generali insurance is good policy providers, i bought personal accident plan. It has good coverage in less investment. Service is fast and ambulance giving free ride at any location to the policy holder. Fantastic online services too.
Kanker, July 07, 2016
Travel Policy
My travel insurance plan is fantastic, it secure the travelling with full safety. Policy covers medical and baggage lost scenarios. The refund money of tickets is may not possible but rather than this all the other benefits are very catchy.
Aurangabad, July 07, 2016
Nice Policy
The home insurance policy i have is good and it cover's maximum expenditure. The lost items and valuable belongings is reimbursed by the company. Service is quick and claims are easily sanctioned. Online renewal of policy is there and it is simple to access.
Jaisalmer, July 07, 2016
Car insurance
Car insurance plan is important as health insurance. It provides accidental damage recovery and the amount is easily claimed and sanctioned in less period of time. Service of yours is fantastic which on time. The insurance is not for tires and fiber parts of the car.
Mahalingpur, July 07, 2016
Good Insurance
The health insurance policy i have is good and premium is less. Service is good and policy coverage is high. Claims are easy to sanctioned by online portal (using internet) or manually (going to the office). The web service is simple to access and easily operate by anyone.
Kandukur, July 07, 2016
Personal Accident Insurance
Personal accident insurance policy is very much important as any other policy. I have one and it provide me good service with great benefits. The policy coverage is high and it cover almost all the expenditures. Claiming is easy due to fast service given by staff members.
Alwar, June 24, 2016
Good Deal
The travel insurance of mine is very important part of my trip which make's the trip tension free. The premium is low and claims are high. The policy cover's maximum damage, even the luggage lost is reimbursed by the company. Just the refund amount of tickets is not possible.
Faizabad, June 24, 2016
Good Home Insurance
My home is secure with my home insurance plan which I purchase in low premium. The service provided by the members of the company is quick and even online services is easy to use. The house is secured from burglary, theft, housebreaking. Policy coverage is good and claims are better.