United India Insurance

Since its inception on 18th February 1938, United India Insurance Company Limited has been offering a wide range of insurance products to cater to the insurance needs of different segments of society. After the nationalization of the general insurance business in India, 12 Indian insurance companies, 4 cooperative insurance societies and Indian operations of 5 foreign insurance companies, besides general insurance operations of the southern region of LIC were merged with United India Insurance Com Ltd. The Company has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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United India Insurance

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    Post nationalization, United India Insurance Company has recorded a massive growth both in terms of revenue and expansion. Currently, it has more than 15,000 employees, spread across 2086 offices, providing insurance products to more than 1.74 crore policyholders. It is the only company with so much diversification in its product portfolio as it offers a variety of insurance products to cover insurance for biogas, floriculture to satellites.

    United India Insurance Company has been at the forefront in formulating comprehensive covers for large clients like ONGC Ltd., GMR-Hyderabad International Airport Ltd., Mumbai International Airport Ltd., etc. The Company has also played an imperative role in popularising insurance in rural areas. It has played a significant role in taking insurance to rural masses with the implementation of the Universal Health Insurance Programme of the Indian Government, Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojana, Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana, National Livestock Insurance and many such schemes.

    United India Insurance Company - Statistics

    • United India Insurance Co Ltd has over 1.74 crore policyholders.
    • United India Insurance has provided insurance policies to around 45 lakh females in Madhya Pradesh via Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojana – a government-aided insurance plan.
    • United India Insurance Company Limited has 2086 offices across the country with man force of around 15039
    • This general insurance provider has insured 4.59 lakh families in 4 states under Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana.
    • United India Insurance Company has made a remarkable presence in over 1000 tier II and tier III villages and towns via their pioneering Micro Offices.

    United India Insurance Company - Awards and Recognition

    Over the years, United India Insurance Company has been honoured with the following awards:

    • Best in Class Crop Insurance Program at SKOCH Award 2018
    • Most Valued B2B Brand of the year 2018 by ASSOCHAM for excellence in B2B partnership and usage of smart technology for client services
    • SKOCH Award for the ICT based Innovation for M-Power
    • Honoured by the ‘Contract for Pensioners’ in the state of Tamil Nadu

    United India Insurance Company Product Portfolio

    • United India Health Insurance Plans

      United India Health Insurance Plans guarantee peace of mind for the insured and his family against financial perils and inadequacies due to sudden accidents, illness and hospitalization. They have a plethora of health insurance plans that cater to individuals, families and senior citizens.

      Critical Factors of United India Health Insurance Plans

      • Co-payment
      • Room rent
      • Lifetime renewability
      • Pre-existing ailments covered after the wait period

      United India Insurance Company Limited - Health Insurance Highlights



      Incurred Claim Ratio*

      110.51 per cent

      No. of Policies Issued


      No. of Grievances Solved^

      95.80 per cent

      Network Hospitals

      Over 7000



      Pre-existing Ailments Waiting Period

      4 years

      *The ICR mentioned in the table is for the year 2018-19.
      ^The above table mentions the total number of grievances solved by United India Insurance during the year 2018-19.

      Health Insurance Policy - Family Medicare 2014

      The Family Medicare 2014 policy covers all the members of the family under a single sum insured. For the purpose of coverage, the family comprises of the insured, spouse and dependent children. It covers hospitalization expenses, day care treatment as well as ayurvedic treatment taken in a government recognized hospital/ institute.

      Individual Health Insurance Policy

      The Individual Health Insurance policy covers the insured against any disease contracted or injuries or illnesses suffered during the policy period that requires hospitalization or medical/surgical treatment. It also provides domiciliary hospitalization benefits and covers the cost of day care & AYUSH treatments. Individuals, families as well as senior citizens can opt for this policy. This policy by United India Insurance is available in Gold, Platinum and Senior Citizen variants.

      • Health Insurance Policy - Gold: The entry age for the Gold policy is 36 years to 60 years. People who have attained 60 years can continue the same policy if they renewed their Gold policies without any gap. The sum insured under this policy is available between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 10 lakh in multiples of Rs 50,000.
      • Health Insurance Policy- Platinum: The entry age for the Platinum policy is 18 years to  35 years. The same policy can be renewed after attaining 35 years if the Platinum policies are renewed without any gap. The sum insured is available between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 20 lakh in multiples of Rs 50,000.

      Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

      This plan is specially designed for citizens between the ages of 61 years and 80 years. An insured beyond 80 years can continue to be covered under the Senior Citizens health insurance policy provided the policy has been renewed without any break. The sum insured is available between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 3 lakh in multiples of Rs 50,000.

      Super Topup Medicare Policy

      The Super Topup Medicare covers hospitalization expenses if the total expenses cross the threshold level or the amount to be received by any health insurance policy. The sum insured is available both on individual and floater basis. Various options with a different sum insured and threshold levels are available under this United India Insurance policy.

      Top Up Medicare Policy

      The Top Up Medicare policy covers hospitalization expenses incurred in India during the policy period that exceeds the threshold level or any reimbursed or reimbursable amount under any health insurance policy/reimbursement scheme, whichever is higher, up to the sum insured stated in the policy. The sum insured under this policy is available on both individual and floater basis.

      UNI Criticare Health Plan

      The UNI Criticare policy covers 11 critical illnesses and provides lump sum compensation if the insured is diagnosed with any of these illnesses for the first time during the policy term. It has a waiting period of 90 days from the date of inception of the policy and a survival period of 30 days from the date of diagnosis. This policy by United India Insurance offers various sum insured options - Rs. 1/3/5/10 lakh.

      Workmen Medicare Policy

      The Workmen Medicare policy covers hospitalization expenses incurred on account of an accident to the workmen, during and in the course of employment. The policy has been designed for contractors, factory owners and commercial establishments who wish to cover their employees in the event of a workplace accident.

      United India Health Insurance Claim

      United India Insurance Health Plans have two types of claim process namely, for the cashless facility and reimbursement claims.

      For Cashless Facility

      Cashless facility is made available only at a network provider/ PPN hospital of United India Insurance and only to policyholders who have opted for claim settlement by a third-party administrator (TPA).

      In case of planned hospitalization, the insurer or the third-party administrator needs to be notified at least 72 hours in advance with all the details including the address and name of the hospital/nursing home. In the event of emergency hospitalization, notify the third-party administrator within 24 hours of the admission of the insured.

      On the admission, the insured has to send a pre-authorisation request to avail cashless facility to the third-party administrator by the nursing home/hospital - duly attested by the hospital authorities and the policyholder giving the details of illness, admission, estimated expenses and proposed line of medical procedure. The TPA will issue authorization after verification of the claim. On discharge from the nursing home/hospital, the insured must pay the difference amount barred under the plan or limited by the sum assured.

      In case the TPA of United India Insurance denies pre-authorization for cashless treatment, the insured can claim pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses after the treatment gets completed and he is discharged from the hospital. Original copies of all the documents are to be submitted to the TPA within 15 days of getting discharged from the hospital or completion of post-hospitalization treatment.

      Reimbursement Claims

      The insured must notify the TPA or the office of the United India Insurance about a planned hospitalization within 72 hours and within 24 hours of emergency hospitalization.

      Before the insured leaves the hospital, a copy of the medical investigation, discharge summary, and other necessary documents must be acquired from the hospital authorities. The insured has to submit the original copies of the documents to the TPA or the branch of the provider within 15 days of getting discharged from the hospital.

      Documents include the hospital discharge summary, claim form of United India Insurance, certificates and prescription by the doctor, investigation reports, laboratory bills, final hospital bill, bills of pharmacy, and other related documents.

    • United India Insurance Motor Insurance Plans

      Car insurance plans from United India Insurance Company offer comprehensive coverage to the buyer’s car. The insured must compare plans from various companies before making a final choice. Save money and grab a good deal!

      Main Benefits of United India Motor Insurance:

      • Accidental Cover and Customer Support
      • Cashless Claims Network
      • Discounts

      Additional Covers for United India Motor Insurance:

      • Depreciation Cover - 100 per cent cover for a repayment
      • It offers Third Party Property Damage cover up to Rs. 7.5 lakh
      • United India Car Insurance offers personal accident cover for the owner of the vehicle for a certain sum assured

      United India Insurance - Motor Insurance Highlights:



      Incurred Claim Ratio*

      120.79 per cent

      Third Party Cover

      Up to 7.5 Lakh

      Net Earned Premium*


      *for the year 2018-19

      United India Private Car Package Policy

      This comprehensive united India private car insurance policy protects the insured car from any damages, provides personal accident cover to the owner-driver as well as to the passengers, and insures against any third party liability. The comprehensive car insurance policy by United India Insurance also protects against man-made and natural calamities. The policy comes with an add-on cover of a courtesy car.

      United India Two Wheeler Package Policy

      Two-Wheeler insurance by the United India Insurance Company is a comprehensive bike insurance that covers third-party liability, damage to the insured vehicle along with personal accident cover for the rider. The insured is indemnified against loss or damage to the vehicle insured. The policy covers motorcycles, scooters, autocycles or any other motorised two-wheeler vehicles.

      Commercial Vehicle Package Policy

      This policy by United India Insurance protects an insured commercial vehicle from any losses caused due to damage to the vehicle and third party liabilities. Commercial vehicles include goods carrying vehicles, trailers, passenger-carrying vehicles and other miscellaneous or special types of vehicles. It also provides personal accident cover for the owner-driver as well as the passengers in the vehicle.

      United India Motor Insurance Claim

      In case of damage or loss of the insured vehicle, the policyholder should inform United India Insurance about the incident at the earliest. You can visit the insurer’s office which issued the policy or contact the nearest branch so that they can arrange a survey. 

      In the event of major mishaps including loss due to riots or fire, leave your car at the accident spot until the team of surveyors visits the location and carries out an investigation. It is mandatory to lodge an FIR in case of third party injuries, riots and fire.

      Once the formalities are completed, you may tow or move your car to any of the authorized workshop or garage of your choice and get an estimate from them. Submit the estimate along with the duly filled claim form to United India Insurance . Make sure that the repair work of the vehicle does not start unless the damages have been verified by the final surveyor and the repairs have been approved.

      In case of partial loss claims, submit the cash memo for labour charges and spare parts to the insurer for reimbursements after the repair work has been completed.

    • United India Insurance Travel Insurance Plans

      United India Insurance Travel Insurance Plans protects a policyholder from an unforeseen incident or losses during holidays, business trips or visits to friends & family within India or abroad. It also protects students who are travelling overseas to pursue education.

      Overseas Travel Insurance

      This comprehensive travel insurance policy by United India Insurance protects people during their trip outside India. It provides an array of medical and non-medical covers including loss of passport, personal liability, trip cancellation and trip delay. Some of the overseas travel plans provided by United India Insurance are:

      • Business and Holiday: The Business and Holiday policy covers people travelling for business & holidays against any unforeseen expenses incurred towards medical treatment for an illness or accident caused during their overseas trips. It also covers non-medical risks such as loss of passport, baggage loss, trip cancellation, etc.
      • Schengen: The Schengen policy has been designed to cater to the needs of people travelling to Schengen countries. It is available for a sum insured amount of Euro 30,000. This policy by United India Insurance covers unforeseen expenses including medical expenses, personal accident, dental treatment and repatriation of mortal remains.
      • Employment and Studies: The Employment and Studies policy covers people travelling for employment or higher studies from any unforeseen expenses incurred towards medical treatment for accidental injuries or illness diagnosed during their overseas trips. This policy by United India Insurance also covers the cost of repatriation of mortal remains. The insured should be between 5 years and 60 years to be able to purchase this policy.
      • Corporate Frequent Traveller: The Corporate Frequent Traveller policy has been designed to cover expenses incurred towards medical treatment for an accident/illness diagnosed during overseas trips by people who travel abroad frequently for business purposes. This policy by United India Insurance also covers non-medical risks including personal liability, loss of passport and delay or loss of check-in baggage.

      Domestic Travel Insurance

      The Domestic Travel Insurance by United India Insurance protects people who are travelling within India from any unforeseen risks. It covers any expenses or losses arising due to incidents like personal accident, loss of baggage and cost of arranging alternate travel.

      • Baggage Policy: The Baggage Insurance policy covers all accompanied baggage like suitcases, trunks, etc. during a journey. The policy provides a cover against loss or damage to accompanied personal baggage due to fire, riot, strike, terrorist activity, theft or accidents during the course of the It also covers any stoppages en route anywhere in India.
      • Suhana Safar Policy: This policy by United India Insurance covers the risk of personal accident and loss of baggage of the insured, spouse and dependent children. The loss must occur during the period of outstation travel within India from the declared place of departure. It also includes places of sojourn.
      • Marga Bandhu Policy: This United India Insurance policy covers groups of individuals on a study tour, educational trip or pilgrimage. Educational institutions, tour operators, travel agents, clubs and associations who arrange tours, picnics, yatras, etc. can avail this cover for persons going on the tour.
    • United India House Insurance Policies

      House Insurance policies by United India Insurance cover any damage or loss to the structure and/or belongings inside the house caused due to unforeseen incidents such as fire, burglary, theft, natural calamities, etc

      House Holder Policy

      The House Holder policy covers loss or damage to the insured building and its contents including jewellery, baggage, valuables and domestic appliances like TV, VCR, Audio Systems, PCs, etc. It also covers the insured in case of an accidental injury that results in his disability or death as well as any liabilities to third parties.

    • United India Insurance Personal Accident Plans

      United India Insurance Personal Accident Plans: Accidents can happen with anyone at any time. In a matter of seconds, it may take away your hard-earned money as the aftermaths of accidents can be adverse. In such a situation, don’t stretch your savings and get your life back on the track with a Personal Accident policy. This type of policy offers vast coverage to protect families from financial instability when an accident occurs.

      Personal Accident Policy

      The Personal Accident policy covers physical loss to an individual due to an accidental injury including fatal injuries. Any individual or group of individuals, belonging to an employer association or institution, who are between 5 years and 70 years can be insured under this policy by United India Insurance.

      Road Safety Package Policy

      The Road Safety Package policy insures against accidents that result in partial or total dismemberment or death of the insured. Dismemberment under the plan includes a total loss of two limbs or two eyes, total loss of one limb and one eye, total loss of one limb or one eye, besides any other permanent total and partial disablement that was the direct result of an accident during the policy period. This United India Assurance policy can be bought for a period of 1 year to 5 years.

      Group Personal Accident Policy

      The Group Personal Accident policy covers members of a group/ institution or employees of an organization in case an accident leads to the death or total/ partial permanent disability of the insured. This policy by United India Insurance allows the policyholder to cover its employees/ members during on duty as well as off duty hours.

    • United India Credit Insurance Policy

      The Credit Insurance policy by United India Insurance protects the insured employer from any monetary or property loss caused due to the dishonesty of an employee.

    • United India Business Insurance Plans

      Business Insurance policies protect businesses or commercial firms and organizations from various unforeseen incidents that may cause huge financial losses. Some of the business insurance plans under United India Insurance are:

      • Shop Keepers Policy
      • Burglary Policy
      • Jewellers Block Policy
      • Money In Transit Policy
      • Compact Policy
      • Dukan Mithra Policy
    • United India Liability Insurance Plans

      The Liability Insurance policies cover any liabilities of the insured that may cause huge financial burdens or losses. Some of the liability insurance plans by United India Insurance are:  

      • Product Liability Policy
      • Professional Indemnity Policy
      • Public Liability Policy
      • Workmen Compensation Insurance
    • United India Micro Insurance Plans

      Some of the Micro Insurance plans by United India Insurance are:

      • Bio-Gas Plant Insurance
      • Dairy Package Policy
      • Floriculture Insurance
      • Honey Bee Insurance
      • Hut Insurance
      • Kissan Credit Card
      • Raja Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana
      • Sericulture Insurance
      • Uni Micro Insurance Policy
      • Animal Driver Cart/Tonga Policy
    • United India Rural Insurance Plans

      The Rural Insurance policy has been designed to protect the interest of people belonging or working for the rural sector. It covers the insured from any unforeseen expenses that may cause big financial losses. Some of the rural insurance plans by United India Insurance are:

      • Cattle and Livestock Policy
      • Agricultural Pumpset Policy
      • Poultry Insurance Policy
      • Gramin Accident Policy
      • Plantation Insurance
      • Rural Women’s Package Policy
      • Farmers Package Policy
      • Rural Accident Policy
    • United India Social Insurance Policies

      Some of the Social policies provided by the United India Insurance are:

      • Janatha Personal Accident Policy
      • Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy
      • Raja Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana
      • Mother Teresa Women & Children Policy
      • Jan Arogya Bima Policy
      • Swasthya Bima Policy
      • Universal Health Insurance Scheme
    • United India Fire Insurance Plans

      The Fire Insurance policies protect the various assets of the insured from any damages or losses caused due to fire being the prime reason. Some of the fire insurance plans by United India Insurance are:

      • Fire Loss of Profit Policy
      • Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy
    • United India Marine Insurance Plans

      Some of the Marine Insurance plans offered by United India Insurance are:

      • Marine Hull
      • Marine Cargo
    • United India Industrial Insurance Plans

      Some of the Industrial Insurance policies provided by United India Insurance are:

      • Boiler and Pressure Plant Policy
      • Contractors Plant and Machinery Policy
      • Deterioration of Stock
      • Electronic Equipment Policy
      • Industrial All Risk Policy
      • Machinery Breakdown Policy
    • United India Miscellaneous Insurance Policies

      The Miscellaneous insurance policies by United India Insurance refers to the policies that are not covered any other category of insurance. Here is a list of United India Miscellaneous Insurance policies:

      • All Risk Policy
      • Bankers Indemnity Policy
      • Compact Policy
      • Directors or Officers Policy
      • Film Production Policy
      • Gun Insurance Policy
      • Lift Insurance Policy
      • Money Insurance Policy
      • Plate Glass Insurance Policy
      • Students Safety Insurance Policy
      • TV Insurance Policy
      • Uni Study Care Insurance Policy

      Compare the policies of United India Insurance Company with plans from other general insurance companies in India and make the right choice.

    United India Insurance - Premium Payment Process

    Premium payment procedure of United India Insurance involves two modes namely, online and offline. You can pay your premiums through online or offline modes depending on your convenience.

    Offline Premium Payment Process of United India Insurance

    United India Insurance offers offline payment facility for individuals who are not tech-savvy. However, you can make use of the following methods to pay premiums offline:

    • Cheque collection centre
    • Company branch
    • Dropboxes
    • Payment collection centre
    • Insurance agents or brokers who represent United India Insurance

    Online Premium Payment Process of United India Insurance

    United India Insurance Company offers online payment services for its tech-savvy customers. The online payment facility is a more convenient and faster mode that allows the customers to make payment of their premiums with just a few clicks. All you need to do is pay the premium while buying the United India Insurance online.

    You will have to choose the desired policy from different insurance product options. For instance, if you want to pay the travel insurance premium, the insured should select travel insurance category, go to ‘make payment’ button and enter the required information namely, the travel details in the space provided. In order to make an online payment, the insured can use a credit card, debit card or internet banking.

    United India Insurance Online Renewal

    United India Insurance policy renewal can be done online. The online policy renewal cannot be done before 30 days from the date of expiration of the insurance policy.

    All insurance policies should be renewed before it gets expired. United India Insurance Company offers a quick and easy renewal process to its policyholders via online United India Insurance renewal procedure. You just have to go to the renewal section on the website and choose the kind of insurance you want to renew. Enter the required details including the policy number and make an online payment. In the case of United India Insurance online payment, you can make use of your credit card, debit card or internet banking.

    Why buy Insurance Policies by United India Insurance?

    There are several general insurance providers in the insurance market. Nevertheless, there are various reasons why you should buy an insurance policy from United India Insurance Company:

    • United India Insurance provides varied coverage including Floriculture Insurance and Uni Study Care Insurance, which are rarely provided by other insurance providers like TATA AIG General Insurance Company and New India Assurance Company.
    • United India Insurance also offers Credit Insurance policy, which gives them an added edge over other general insurance providers in the market.

    United India Insurance – FAQs

    • Q.1 Why buy United India Health Insurance Plan?

      Ans: A health insurance policy is extremely crucial to keep your finances stable in case of an emergency. Surging medical expenses are one of the reasons why people are buying health insurance policies. must buy United India Health Insurance Plans for the following reasons:  

      • It provides a diversified range of health insurance products including Family Medicare policy, Super Topup policy, UNI Criticare and Workmen Medicare policy.
      • The Individual Health Insurance policy by United India Insurance offers comprehensive coverage against any illnesses, injuries and diseases suffered during the term of the policy.
    • Q.2 What if the policy is cancelled?

      Ans: Once the cancellation of the policy is done, then the insurance product doesn’t exist for you. Any premium amount paid will be refunded by United India Insurance. However, the refund process varies from policy to policy and individual to individual.

    • Q.3 Does any health insurance plan cover treatment of existing ailments?

      Ans: United India Health insurance plans do not cover existing ailments for at least the first 48 months of the start of the policy. However, the waiting period for various plans may vary.

    • Q.4 Is it necessary to undergo a health check-up before buying United India Health Insurance Policy?

      Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to undergo a medical check-up before buying a health insurance plan by United India Insurance. It is more vital for applicants who are 50 years and above in age. However, the age criteria may vary from plan to plan.

    • Q.5 How to check United India Insurance claim status?

      Ans: You can also speak to United India Insurance’s TPA department to know the same or write or email to them. To check the claim status you need to provide the following details:

      • Your claim intimation number
      • Your health card details
      • Name of the network hospital
      • State and city where the treatment is being taken
      • Pincode

      You can also speak to United India’s TPA department to know the same or write or email to them.

    • Q.6 Can I download United India Insurance claim form online?

      Ans: Yes. Once your policy has been issued, you can download the United India Insurance claim form and use it at the time of filing a claim.

    United India Insurance Company - Latest News

    • S Gopakumar is the new General Manager and Director of United India Insurance

      Public sector general insurance company United India Insurance has announced S Gopakumar’s appointment as its General Manager and Director with immediate effect.
      Prior to this, Gopakumar served GIC Housing Finance Ltd as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

      He began his career with the public sector insurance company – National Insurance Company. He held a different set of responsibilities in his entire experience of more than three decades.

    • Ariful Hoda appointed as Officiating Chairman-cum-MD by United India Insurance Company

      Ariful Hoda has been appointed as Officiating CMD of the United India Insurance and will be reporting in this post from 8th June 2016. Ariful has been selected to replace Milind Kharat, who recently retired from the post of Chairman-cum-MD of United India Insurance Company on 31st May 2016.
      As disclosed in a company release, Ariful is a graduate in Economics and a reputed member of Insurance Institute of India. He started his profession as a DRO or Direct Recruit Officer in the batch of 1980, in the National Insurance Company. He has been employed in a variety of roles in different parts of the country, including the North East India region.

      He started working with United India Insurance as a DGM or Deputy General Manager in the month of August in 2008. Till the year 2008, he had served National Insurance Company for complete 30 years and was then promoted to the post of a General Manager by the year 2012. Ariful Hoda is also a member of the council of the Insurance Institute of India. Additionally, he is a Director with the Agricultural Insurance Company Limited in Delhi.

    • 26 Per cent Profit Downfall for United India Insurance in 2016

      United India Insurance recently reported a 26.3 per cent downfall in its net profit in FY’16, which is calculated to be Rs 221 Crore when compared to the profit earned by the company during the same period last year. Reportedly, the company did not earn much in the premium while has paid out more in its expenses.
      The growth rate of the company stood at 14.58 per cent, which in the last year was reported to be 10.12 per cent, with a growth of Rs 12, 250 Crore in its gross premium. This could be due to a 10.4 per cent increase in management expenses to Rs 2,924 Crore.

      The general insurance company has been proactively engaged in schemes across the social sector. It has enrolled over 2.28 crore customers under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna with about 1,180 crore claim successfully settled. Over 6 lakh pensioners have signed up for pensioner’s health insurance scheme.

    • United India Insurance to Get Listed on Stock Exchange

      United India Insurance, one of the leading government-owned insurance providers in India, has been picked as one of the insurance companies to get listed on the stock exchange. This was mentioned by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his Union Budget 2016-2017 speech.
      This follows a general trend by the Indian government to increase private-sector participation in the country’s insurance sector. An example of this is the recent move by the government to allow up to 49% foreign partner investment in India’s private sector insurance joint ventures.

      United India Insurance is among India’s leading nationalized general insurance providers with products such as Family Medicare, Health Insurance Policy, Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy as well as a range of travel, car, group and personal accident insurance plans. This government-owned insurer boasts 18,300 strong workforce and policyholders that exceed 1 crore in number.

    • United India Insurance Company Blacklisted in Kerala

      United India Insurance Company, the holding company for United India Insurance Company, the holding company for United India Insurance and United India Life Insurance, has been blacklisted in Kerala. The decision was announced by the District Collector-headed District Grievance Redressal Committee in Thiruvananthapuram as United India Insurance was not providing proper service to its clients in the district.
      Prior to this decision being taken, the insurance company had repeatedly delayed claims as part of various RSBY/CHIS programs implemented by the Redressal Committee. As per the decision, the district collector, Biju Prabhakar, has commented that he in his capacity as chairman has ordered blacklisting of United India Insurance Company with the backing of other members of the Redressal Committee.

      The company would be in the blacklist as long as it continues to deny the claims and does not pay up the claims ordered by RSBY/CHIS plans ordered by the District Grievance Redressal Committee.

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    United India Insurance Reviews & Ratings

    4.3 / 5 (Based on 12 Reviews)
    (Showing Newest 10 reviews)
    Habra, September 21, 2020
    Easy documentation
    I have recently got the health insurance policy from the United India and all the documents were submitted on time and online basis. It was easy and really we don’t have go anywhere. My documents were submitted online and I got my health insurance soft copy in next 15 minutes. Thanks and great work team.
    Uchchhal, September 18, 2020
    Cover the pre-existing disease
    I have got the health insurance policy from the united India team and it has given me the facilities of covering the pre-existing diseases. I really like the plan and have got several other features and the benefits. Thank you so much team.
    Hadol, September 18, 2020
    Cashless claim facility
    I got the cashless claim facility from the united India. My car met with an accident and I have contacted the customer care of the United India and my car was repaired on time. Not only this but my claim settled in a cashless way. Great work team.
    B.khajuripada, September 16, 2020
    Good claim ratio
    I have researched a lot before buying the car insurance policy from the United India general insurance. The claim settlement ratio of the United India team is very good and better as compared to the other companies. So, I selected this and got the best.
    K.c. Pur, September 15, 2020
    Claim was settled
    My car insurance claim was settled easily but it took time round about 8-10 days. It was some technical and documentation glitch took place and my work was settled on time. Thank you team United India.
    Laharpur, September 14, 2020
    Several plans available
    I have got the car insurance policy from the United India insurance company and it has the several car insurance related plans and the policies. I got the few number of choices for getting the car insurance plan for me and my car. Thanks a lot team.
    Yashwant Nagar, September 11, 2020
    Renew your plan easily
    I have recently renewed my health insurance plan from the website of the United India general insurance. It is one of the best plan which I had and I will be renewing it for every time. Thank you for better assistance to whole team of United India.
    Ichoda, September 10, 2020
    Grievance resolved
    My grievance was resolved on time with the help of the United India. They are very good and have assisted me every time and have look after my concern. That’ s a very good thing I like about United India. I would suggest everyone to get the same done from here.
    Maanikpur, September 10, 2020
    Good plans available
    I have got my health insurance policy from the united India general insurance. I have found the best plans and the policies at one place and without hopping from one website to another. I found the best website. Thank you so much United India general insurance.
    Hadol, September 10, 2020
    Issued resolved on time
    I am glad that my health related policy issue was resolved on time. I am very much happy with the services of the United India as my soft copy was not issued and they immediately working on the same. Thank you team.
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