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Kerala Gramin Bank IFSC Code

Kerala Gramin Bank-IFSC Code

Every bank assigns a distinct key to each of its branches so as to distinguish and spot them during any fund transfer process uniquely. These codes are called IFSC.

Kerala Gramin Bank supports NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS across all its branches all over the country. These electronic fund transfer processes require IFSC to identify the sender and receiver branches and banks, thus ensuring that the money goes to the correct account.

IFSC is the standard for electronic monetary transfer between bank branches in India. However, for international transactions, IFSC is not used as the primary standard. SWIFT code is used instead.

Kerala Gramin Bank’s IFSC Code has eleven characters. The first four letters denote the bank’s name. A zero is placed in the fifth position to separate the first four letters from the last six. The six digits from the end identify a particular branch of the bank.

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