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United Bank of India IFSC Code

What Do You Mean By IFSC Code?

The abbreviation IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code. This code is a unique code given to each branch of each bank to enable the process of electronic funds transfer.

IFSC code is used for processes such as NEFT and RTGS.

Structure of IFSC Codes

IFSC codes are quite simple structurally. They are alphanumeric in nature. As such, it has eleven characters of which the first four form the bank code. The last six form the branch code which basically distinguishes the different IFSC codes.

United Bank of India IFSC Code

The IFSC code is a unique thing. It differs from bank to bank, branch to branch. The United Bank of India (UBI) also has its own IFSC codes for all its branches.

The IFSC code of the United Bank of India begins with the fours letters UTBI. Each bank of the UBI will have an IFSC code beginning with these four letters, which represent the bank code.

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