Basic Accessories and Gadgets Required for Long Bike Trips

There are many different ways of traveling and seeing various places across the country. Some people like to simply hop on bus, train, or place and reach their destination. While others prefer to go on a long trip by their motorbikes and enjoy all the landscapes that come on the way. Some of the popular destinations for bikers of India are Dharamshala, Goa, Ladakh, to name a few.

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However, you should be well prepared before going on a long bike trip. This preparation includes some essential gadgets and accessories that can be required during the road trip. The first and foremost thing that comes in this list is the full fuel tank and the second is a reliable bike insurance policy. The need for bike insurance is that the accidents by bikes are very common and a good insurance policy provides coverage against accidental damages and losses.

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Besides these two essentials, there are a few more basic accessories and gadgets that are needed during a long bike trip:

  • Bluetooth Headset: It is extremely dangerous to use a mobile phone while riding a bike. However, you need your mobile phone for accurate navigation and in it, nothing is better than a GPS. Syncing your GPS with your Bluetooth headset will give you the accessibility to use the audio feature of it. So, while navigating through GPS, you do not need to handle your phone as through your headsets you will be getting the accurate directions. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to receive calls while riding. You can easily talk to your friends or family without involving your hands off the handles of the bike.
  • Power Bank: There is no need to tell the use of a power bank as it saves your mobile phone from going dead. However, do not forget to completely charge your power bank and if you are going on a very long road trip then having two power banks is recommended. In addition to this, the use of GPS updates on social media and clicking pictures on the way to eat a lot of battery. So, having one or two fully charged power banks are always good.
  • Spare Set of Gloves: When going on a long road trip on the bike, you carry a set of gloves. The gloves keep your hand away from cramping and enable you to ride for a longer period. However, the gloves also get wet by sweat very fast and if you do not have a spare pair of gloves you will have to ride with those wet gloves. The sweaty gloves are not only annoying but are unhealthy also. With spare gloves, you can hang your sweaty gloves and use fresh gloves while riding.
  • Saddlebags: If you are going to ride for a longer time, you will have to have a lot of things with you and for that saddlebags come as a rescue. These bags have expanded space for carrying a lot of items. Various bike manufacturing brands manufacture saddlebags and you can purchase one as per your affordability and requirement. If you do not wish to purchase a saddlebag due to any reason, then you can buy a bungee cargo net or bungee cord for solving the purpose of carrying.
  • Rain Cover and Trunk Bags: Another basic necessity while riding with a bike trunk bag. When all your belongings are packed and locked in the saddlebag at the back, you may need a bag wherein you can put the items that can easily be assessed. In such a situation a tank bag works as a saviour. The tank bags, as their name says, rest on the tank of the bike and do not hinder your bike's movement. Moreover, your riding gears and bags both require rain cover. So, if you do not have that, then you should purchase it as well.
  • Windscreen: Suppose a situation wherein you are riding on a long road at the time of sunset. At this time, you cannot help but have to ride your bike fast. However, the headwind gets increased with the speed of your bike and it can be annoying to keep fighting with this. So, to handle such a situation, a windscreen is recommended. Windscreens are easily available in the market.
  • Phone Holders: A phone holder is another much needed yet basic accessory for navigating yourself through GPS. On this phone holder, you can also charge your phone, if there is a 12V charging point on your bike. However, never take aftermarket points of charging as they may damage the battery of your bike and sometimes even damage the phone's battery as well.
  • Bike Insurance Policy: Apart from all the above-mentioned gadgets and accessories, it is also recommended to have a bike insurance plan. You can search for bike insurance online and opt for the most appropriate and suitable plan for your bike.

The Final Words:

Keep all the aforementioned accessories and gadgets with you while going on a long road trip. However, do not forget to get your bike pre-checked for faults and damages before going for a trip with it. Moreover, keep all the documents of your bike with you in a proper way. The documents like driving license, bike insurance policy, certificate of pollution, and registration certificate of your bike are some of the most required documents. Check the level of engine oil of the motorcycle, get the chain of the bike washed and lubricated, check the pressure on tyres, and reinsure that the brakes and other electric parts of your bike are working properly.

These are some of the checklists apart from basic accessories that you should keep in mind before taking your bike to any long journey. The mentioned documents are required because there can be checking of bike’s documents at any time on your way. So, keep all these things with you and enjoy your road trip.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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