Common Two-Wheeler Problems That Can Lead to Brake Failure and Its Solutions

Every component of your two-wheeler plays an essential role to make it run properly and problem even the smallest component can lead to major bike issues. Out of all, one of the highly used components of a bike is brakes. With the help of a brake, you can stop your two-wheeler whenever required. Even an image of running a bike with faulty brakes can give you chills. So, it is essential to check the brakes of your two-wheeler now and then. This is because the behavior, characteristics, and properties of your bike change with use and time. In addition to this, the condition of your brakes may change with temperature, by your operating habits, through the effects of various interconnected components, etc.

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However, do not worry as most of the brake-related issues can easily be solved by repairing some of the faulty components and altering them. Most of the two-wheeler insurance plans pay for the component repair and replacement, however, you should not claim small expenses. Let us discuss here some of the common issues that may lead to bike brake failure and their best possible remedies.

Common Two-Wheeler Issues and Their Solutions

  • Misalignment of Master Cylinder: The master cylinder is one of the critical parts of the braking system. Its misalignment can lead to inappropriate pressure when you press brakes. This can lead to brake failure. When the oil seal in the master cylinder gets torn because of some erroneous alignment, it can lead to leakage of brake fuel. This, therefore, low pressure through brake oil. The best solution to this problem is to mount the master cylinder carefully.
  • Inappropriate Bleeding: When you install the brakes for the first time, you have to undergo bleeding. Here the meaning of bleeding is the removal of air particles from the internal components of the bike. If there are some air particles in the system, they get compressed and block the air to pass. In this situation, the brakes fail. The only solution to this issue is to perform the standard process of bleeding carefully.
  • Leakage of Brake Fluid: The leakage of brake fluid may sound like a small issue but it can be problematic if you come across it very frequently. The only way to get over this problem is to tighten the bolts properly and using takes to cover the leakage area. You must also get the leakage fixed as early as possible as this situation can be fatal.
  • Insufficient Brake Fluid: Whenever your two-wheeler has an inadequate amount of fluid for brake, there are more chances for brake failure. Therefore, you must always make sure that the container for fluid is full. If it gets empty, it will suck air to the system and you may start getting problems.
  • Binding and Overheating: Overheating is caused because of brake binding. Always keep in mind that the binding does not only caused due to overheating. These issues can be caused because of the following:
    • Very high level of fluid: The reason for this issue can be disk brake binding. The solution to this problem is the removal of excess fluid.
    • Defective springs: The solution to this issue is the replacement of defective springs.
    • Jammed shoes of brake: Lubricate the pins of the anchor on which the shoes of the brake jam.
    • Prolonged use: Common reason for this is overheating. The only solution to this problem is l1etting the bike cool down.
    • Seizure of the caliper's piston: The solution to this problem is to replace the piston and rebore the caliper.
  • Fading of Brake: Brake fade occurs when you use brakes roughly like frequent and rigorous brake application. These actions cause brake drum expansion or friction ability loss of the lining of the brake or sometimes both. When this situation arises, slow down the speed of your bike and try to use lower gears. The fading in the brakes goes away with time, sometimes even the effectiveness of the brakes is restored as early as the lining of the brake cools down.
  • Brake Wearing Out: It is one of the common issues that you commonly face with your two-wheeler. It is wearing out of brakes with time. You get to know about it when the pedal of your brake sinks more under your hand (when applying the front brakes) and foot. When you feel such issues are happening with your bike, get the pads of your brake change and everything related to this will be fine.

Tips to Maintain Your Two-Wheeler

As we have mentioned earlier, with brakes all other components of your two-wheeler are important. So, you should maintain your two-wheeler by regular servicing. Here are a few tips to maintain your two-wheeler:

  • Check your bike tyres on regular basis.
  • Check the engine oil of your bike regularly.
  • Clean the air filters regularly.
  • Adjust the clutch of your bike on regular basis.
  • And last but not the least, check the brakes of your bike on regular basis.

Summing It Up!

Two-wheelers are one of the easiest mediums of commutation not only for small cities where the roads are narrow instead in metro cities where traffic is the major issue. However, with use wear and tear issues are common. Therefore, it is always recommended to get the service of your bike regularly. Moreover, for covering major issues, you should get your bikes insured with an appropriate two-wheeler insurance policy. Since everything including the insurance is available online so you can get your two-wheeler insurance.

If you want to renew your bike insurance plan online, then as well you can do the same as almost all the insurance providers have an online bike insurance renewal feature. Do not panic if you find issues with the brakes of your bike instead get the appropriate solution. One last thing to remember is to maintain your bike. Most of the time, it is the rough use of bikes that makes their brakes weaker. So, follow the tips of maintenance and enjoy riding your bike.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021

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