Purchasing Used Bike from Different State? Keep these Things in Mind

Every bike enthusiast dreams of owning a bike. If you are one of them and your budget does not allow you to purchase a new bike then you can search for a second-hand bike. India is one of the biggest markets of second-hand vehicles and if searched properly, you can locate the exact bike you want. But it is important that you properly check its condition and how long has it been driven.

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It also depends on your purpose in purchasing the bike. If you are looking for a bike that can take you on long road trips then cruise bikes can be your choice, if you are looking for off-roading then adventure bikes can be your choice and if you are looking for racing bikes then sports bikes can be your choice.

So, when you come to a conclusion on the type of bike you want to purchase and you find one that is in another state of India, there are a few things that you should be aware of so that the whole process goes smoothly. Let us tell you about them.

Documents Authenticity

When you and the seller comes on the same page and initiate the process of dealing on the bike, the first and most important thing is that you make sure the documents of the bike are genuine, insurance policy and no objection certificate are there. Apart from this, three forms work as an application for the transfer of ownership. Let us tell you about all of them in detail.

1. Insurance Policy of Bike

It is important to register the two-wheeler insurance policy in the RTO. Make sure that the seller has paid for the insurance policy and renewed it on time. Otherwise, expired insurance can put you in trouble in case you meet an accident.

2. No Objection Certificate

In order to transfer the bike’s registration from one state to another, NOC would be required from the RTO where the bike was registered in the first place. This document is important to make sure that there is no objection to the respected RTO from where the bike is getting transferred to another state. No objection certificate is important because your state’s RTO will ask for the NOC from the original RTO where the bike was registered in the first place.

3. Form 29, 30, 31

In Form 29, the buyer needs to report the fact of transfer to the RTO. It works as an application for transferring the title from the owner to the buyer.

Form 30 makes the transfer of ownership of the vehicle from one state to another as well as in the same state.

If the owner of the vehicle dies during the procedure then From 31 is used to make the transfer and registration at the RTO.

4. Original Registration Certificate

Original RC or the RC smartcard of the bike that has information related to the engine and chassis number is required to register another state’s bike. Before transferring the ownership the RTO will transfer the ownership.


A pollution under control certificate is required at the time of transferring the ownership of the vehicle and to make sure that the pollution level emitted from the bike is within the specified limit.

6. PAN Car & DOB Proof

Both seller and buyer’s PAN card is required while transferring the ownership of the bike. If they do not have a PAN card then From 60 will get submitted to register the bike. Apart from this the date of birth proof of the buyer while registering the bike is also required.

7. Tax Clearance Certificate

When you are purchasing the bike from another state, you have to get the fully paid road tax certificate of the bike. A tax clearance certificate is required and a necessary document.

Apart from the documents, there are several things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a bike from another state.

Legitimacy of Seller

When purchasing the two-wheeler from another state, it is important that you do a background check on the seller and check if he is the real owner of the bike and not a thief. It is possible to check the real owner of the vehicle by registration number through the central database of Motor vehicles. It would be better to contact directly with the seller and not include any middleman as it will remove any kind of commission.

Take Test Ride

Once you know that the seller and documents are genuine and legit, you should take a test ride of the bike as it will tell you the real situation of the bike. You will get to know about the handling of the bike and pick up or braking system as well. It is recommended that you push the bike to its limit and check properly. If you can then take sharp turns and see how it goes.

Take it To a Mechanic

It is important to be satisfied properly before purchasing a second-hand bike. So, before the deed is done, get the bike inspected by a mechanic. Look out for any physical damage on the bike or a dent or any kind. Also, look for the tyres and check if they got a good grip or not. If there is a paint job requirement then ask the seller to get it done as well. You ought to know you are buying it.

Get Service Records

When a person purchases a brand new bike, it is a tendency of the buyer to get in serviced initially but after a few years, they do not bother getting the bike serviced. It is important to get the bike serviced every 10,000 kilometers to keep it in good condition. Every time the bikes get serviced the service center provides a receipt so you can ask the seller to show you those service receipts.


When you are purchasing a second-hand bike then it is important that you follow the points mentioned above. You are putting your money into something so make sure that you purchase a fine bike. Also, if the real owner of the bike does not have a comprehensive insurance plan then it would be beneficial for you to purchase one and purchase it online because it will be cost-effective than offline. Purchasing the insurance online will save you the agent’s fee and you can calculate the premium rates as well.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 23 September 2021

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