Tips to Maintain Your Electric Bike

Today, when the Air Quality Index is getting poorer day by day and pollution has made a thick layer in the atmosphere, going green is the mantra. Being a responsible citizen of the country, you too should opt for an electric bike or electric two-wheeler over a conventional fuel bike. The biggest benefit you get from your electric bike is that it requires the least amount of maintenance for keeping it up and running. You do not have to change oil, there is no battery for maintenance, you do not have to adjust the valves, there is no air filter that you have to replace and all you have to do is just changing of the tyres that are old and brake pads replacement if damaged, and your bike will become new like.

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However, by saying all this, we do not mean that an electric bike does not require basic maintenance, instead, it as well needs regular maintenance for keeping it at the top position and decrease the risk of big future repairs.

Even after maintaining your electric bike, there can be chances of its damage because of some unwanted situation like an accident. For such issues, it is suggested to get your bike insured with a suitable policy. You can get the best and most suitable plan by comparing two wheeler insurance online.

Let us take a look at the basic maintenance tips for your electric bike:

Basic Maintenance Tips for Electric Two-Wheelers

Here are a few tips:

  • It Needs Regular Cleaning: With time the debris, dust, and dirt start sitting on your electric bike. Every part including the bike's engine becomes dusty. So, it is suggested to clean it regularly. This is because the dust and dirt that get into the engine create issues while riding. For cleaning your bike, it is advised to use a low-pressure stream of water or wet rag as you do not want the electrical system of your two-wheeler to get wet and cause malfunction.
  • Lubrication: The lubrication of every moving part is as well necessary. So, apply lubricant on the major moving parts of your two-wheeler to make sure that they are working in the right way. The reason for regular lubrication in bike's moving parts is the drying of lubricant that results in several problems in an electric two-wheeler.
  • Check the Pressure on Tyres: Another important thing that you should not forget to do with your electric bike is checking the pressure on its tyres. You can understand low-pressure by checking the side-walls of the tyres. Doing the same can tell you whether your bike tyres require refilling or the pressure is adequate. You can also use the pressure gauge for examining the pressure. However, if you do not check the pressure and keep riding your bike with inadequate pressure, then you may skid and fall from your bike.
  • Bolts Checking: Once in a while, do check the loose nuts, bolts, screws, and other parts of your bike. Do tighten them as early as possible because they may cause an accident which you never want while riding your electric bike.
  • Battery Care: One of the most important parts of your electric bike is its battery. Read the instructions given by your bike’s manufacturer for properly charging the battery. Improper charging can result in damage and it may wear it out quickly. Moreover, always remember that the replacement of the battery can be expensive, therefore maintain it so that it can last longer. However, if for any reason the battery of your bike dies, you can use your bike insurance policy while replacing it.
  • Brake Pads: After every few weeks take a look at the brake pads of your electric bike. Keep a watch on how they are holding up. It is required that the brakes of your bike are effective or else you may end up in some serious road accident. You can very easily replace the brake pads of your bike whenever you need it. Moreover, you can take the help of a bike insurance policy for their replacement, if you want.
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Maintaining Electric Two-Wheeler in COVID – 19 Lockdown

Even though the unlocking of the lockdown has started across the country, but most of the private sector offices are still closed. So, the owners of electric bikes whose offices are not opened should follow the below tips for their bike maintenance at this time:

  • Disconnect the Battery: If your electric two-wheeler has a removable or swappable battery, then it is advised to disconnect it by removing its connections.
  • Go for Shut-Down Mode, If Your Electric Vehicle Has It: Many electric bikes come with shut-down mode and according to its name, it switches off your electric bike completely. This shut-down mode should be used when you have to park your vehicle for a long-time like when you are going out of the town for a long-period or due to lockdown.
  • Charge After Every 3 to 4 Days: For preventing the battery of your electric two-wheeler from completely out of charge, it is recommended to charge it after every 3 to 4 days, even if you are not using it.
  • Use Cover While the Vehicle is Parked: Proper parking of your electric bike is important. Using the cover is again a compulsory tip when you are not going to use the bike for some time. Covering your two-wheeler not only keeps it safe from dust and dirt but also prevents it from falling flowers and leaves that get collected with time and become a pain point when you clean your vehicle.

The Final Words!

Maintain your electric two-wheeler by following the aforementioned points in mind and keep it in a pinnacle state. Being a responsible bike rider, you must not only pay attention while riding but also maintain your bike. However, you must get an insurance plan for your electric bike like for your normal two-wheeler you buy insurance. This is because it provides coverage for your electric two-wheeler and keeps you away from the financial threats at the time of an accident, loss, and third-party damage or loss by your bike.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
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