Critical Illnesses Covered Under Max Term Insurance

Life-threatening health conditions such as stroke, cancer, paralysis, and heart attacks are categorized as critical illnesses. When you get diagnosed with a critical illness, you need intensive care and constant monitoring which can put pressure on your financial savings. Therefore, you always need the Critical Illness Cover Protection to manage the treatment expenses in such cases.

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What is Max Life Term Critical Insurance? 

A-Max Life Critical Illness provides coverage against several life-threatening ailments such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and renal failure. Max Term Insurance plan also offers the benefit of Accelerated Critical Illness (ACI). In Max Life Smart Term Plan, you get the coverage amount based on the cover option selected at the starting phase of buying a policy. The lump-sum amount can be used to pay for hospitalization expenses, medical bills, and surgery expenses. This amount can also be used by your loved ones to take care of their daily expenditures. 

Who Can Buy Max Life Term Critical Illness Cover? 

The minimum age at entry to buy the critical illness insurance rider is 18 years whereas the maximum age of attaching critical illness benefit is 65 years. The maximum maturity age under Max Life Critical Illness varies according to the critical illness cover type selected. Both females and males can buy critical illness cover at the same premium rate. 

List of Critical Illnesses Covered Under Max Term Insurance Plan 

Under Max Life Smart Term Plan, you can get critical illness cover benefits against the unforeseen diagnosis of up to 64 mentioned critical illnesses. In addition to this, the critical illness plan also offers additional coverage against total and permanent disability. 

The Critical Illness Benefit from Max Life Term Plan covers the following 64 critical ailments: 

Critical Illnesses Covered Under Max Term Insurance Plan
Angioplasty  Early Stage Cancer  Small Bowel Transplant  Cerebrum Shunt Insertion or Brain Aneurysm Surgery 
Open Chest CABG  Cancer of Specified Severity  Severe Osteoporosis  Myocardial infarction 
Open Heart Replacement  Stroke results in permanent symptoms  Coma of specified severity  Kidney failure that requires regular dialysis 
Permanent paralysis of limbs  Bone marrow/major organ transplant  Multiple sclerosis has persistent symptoms  Motor Neuron Disease has permanent symptoms 
Deafness  Blindness  End-Stage Lung Failure  Benign Brain Tumor 
Major Head Trauma  Loss of Limbs  End-Stage Liver Failure  Loss of Speech 
Parkinson’s Disease  Alzheimer’s disease  Primary pulmonary Hypertension  Third-degree burns 
Aplastic Anaemia  Amputation of feet because of diabetes  Apallic Syndrome  Aorta Graft Surgery 
Bacterial Meningitis  Cardiomyopathy  Brain Surgery  Addison‘s disease 
Crohn’s Disease  Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD) Dissection of Aorta Aneurysm  Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis 
Fulminant Viral Hepatitis  Elephantiasis  Encephalitis  Eisenmenger’s Syndrome 
Infective Endocarditis  HIV because of Blood transfusion or occupationally acquired HIV  Hemiplegia  Independent Existence loss 
Muscular Dystrophy  Medullary Cystic Diseases  1 eye and 1 limb loss  Myasthenia Gravis 
Necrotising Fasciitis  Pheochromocytoma  Other severe coronary artery diseases  Myelofibrosis 
Poliomyelitis  Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis  Progressive Supranuclear Palsy  Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Terminal Illness  Severe Ulcerative Colitis  Tuberculosis Meningitis  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 
Five things to know before buying Term Plan Five things to know before buying Term Plan

What Are the Benefits of Max Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover? 

Max Term Insurance along with a critical illness cover has several benefits to offer which are listed below: 

  • Act as a tool for income replacement 

  • Take care of your medical expenses 

  • Get double tax benefit u/s 80C and 80D of ITA, 1961. 

  • Take additional coverage for major ailments such as heart attack, cancer, organ transplant, stroke, kidney failure, and bypass surgery. 

  • The policyholder can easily opt for a plan online by paying premium amounts in installments. 

  • No minimum survival tenure 

  • The benefit amount payable is equivalent to the critical illness coverage that the life assured has chosen 

Why Buy Term Life Insurance from Policybazaar Why Buy Term Life Insurance from Policybazaar

How to Buy Max Life Term Plan with Critical Illness Cover? 

Here is a simple way to get critical illness covered under Max Life Term Plan: 

Step 1: Select the Policy term and Sum assured amount 

Step 2: Choose the Critical Illness Benefit Rider 

Step 3: After selecting the plan along with critical illness benefit, fill in the personal details and pay the premium amount 

Step 4: Fill out the Proposal Form 

Step 5: Medical Examination is performed before offering critical illness cover. 

Why Should You Buy Critical Illness Rider with Max Term Insurance Plan? 

At the time of an accident, when you suffer dismemberment or injuries, you are not able to return to your job instantly. In such cases, the additional financial support from the critical illness cover helps you recover from any financial difficulty without any worries. On the contrary, a critical illness cover offers you a lump sum amount to support your lifestyle with a critical illness-associated disability. Therefore, you can avail the best possible illness treatment without compromising your savings or health. 

Why Buy Term Life Insurance from Policybazaar Why Buy Term Life Insurance from Policybazaar

Wrapping It Up!

You may consider a Max Term Insurance plan with a critical illness rider as it provides coverage to you during difficult times. You may opt for such a plan online to enjoy a high degree of convenience. Buying such a plan offers additional protection and secures the future in case of any unfortunate illness.

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