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Bharti AXA Health Insurance provides the cost-effective health insurance plans for you and your family. It helps in dealing with the medications and hospitalization bills. It provides certain budget-friendly health insurance plans. With the help of, you can check the health insurance quotes and plans and get the best one from it. For further reference and get to know more, you can check the Bharti AXA Health Insurance testimonials of the existing customers and based on their experience you can make your own fair choice.

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March 23, 2021
Reliable Name is a reliable name when you talk about insurance plans. It showed me few results as per my requirements and I selected the Bharti AXA Health Insurance plan, which is the best plan that I could have at an affordable premium.

March 22, 2021
A good deal

I purchased Bharti AXA’s health insurance plan from and the deal that they gave me was very good for me. Thanks for providing me a useful health plan at an affordable price.

March 22, 2021
Nice Customer Service customer service is very good and it never disappoints me. I bought the Arogya Sanjeeevani plan of Bharti AXA through it and was not very sure about its coverage. So I called and got the resolution for everything.

March 19, 2021
Good Plan for my Family

When it is about family, everyone gets emotional and wants the best. I bought the family floater policy of Bharti AXA, it is a nice policy. Though it does not offer wide coverage for the family it is decent for me. Got a recommendation from as per my premium requirements so want to thank them.

March 19, 2021
Claim Settlement

The claim settlement process with any insurer is not very easy but since I purchased for my Bharti AXA Health plan, so I send the claim request via them. The process was not very difficult and it was approved without much hassle.

March 15, 2021
Claim Approval

I was not very sure about the approval of my claim request to Bharti AXA Health Insurance because I claimed it while I was hospitalized. However, team helped me to get my claim approved against my Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance policy. Thanks, team. I would like to mention here that I bought this policy from and purchasing process is also very simple.

March 15, 2021
Easy Policy Purchase

The family floater plan offered by Bharti AXA is very useful for me and my family as it offers wide coverage at an affordable premium. I bought this plan online through without any hassle.

March 15, 2021
Helpful Customer Support

I wanted to purchase a critical illness policy for myself so I checked the website of From there I got to know about the critical illness plan of Bharti AXA Health Insurance. I called the customer support of to get to know more details of this plan like it offers coverage for 20 major critical diseases and was very satisfied with the response of the person. He explained everything related to this policy with patience and with his help I could purchase this plan online. Thanks,

March 12, 2021
Claim approved in a few minutes

I got my family insured under Bharti AXA smart super health insurance value plan and I was pretty amazed with such a quick claim approval. It is all because of policy bazaar because they guided me while buying the plan and I am thankful to them. Thanks you.

March 12, 2021
Quick response

I had a few doubts regarding Bharti AXA health insurance policy so I contacted Policybazaar and they resolved all my doubts and I was not actually expecting that I will get such a quick response. Amazed. Thank you.

March 12, 2021
All questions are answered

I am 40 years old and wanted to insure me family’s health so I bought the Bharti AXA smart health assure plan with less-premium and covers regular health check-ups and all the little things. Thanks Policybazaar for this.

March 12, 2021
Less worries more coverage

Bharti AXA health insurance policy gives me wide coverage and there is nothing I have to worry about. Thanks to Policybazaar I got the right health insurance policy for my family. Thanks team.

East Godavari
March 01, 2021
Affordable Health Insurance

Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance policy is an affordable health insurance plan. I want to say thanks to for showing me this policy as an option according to my requirements. The clear specifications on the options page of that come after you fill your requirements from a health insurance policy enable you to compare various plans and select the most suitable one.

March 01, 2021
User-friendly interface

The website of is well-organized and has specific segments. Therefore, it is easy to understand at first glance. Through the website, I did not face any issue in purchasing the Bharti AXA Arogya Sanjeevani insurance plan. I would recommend this website to my family and friends for a smooth policy purchase.

Abu Road
February 10, 2021
Better than the best

Bharti AXA super smart health insurance policy it the best policy for me and my family. Policybazaar helped me find this plan and it covers all my needs in my bad times. Thanks you so much for all the help and guidance Policybazaar.

February 09, 2021
Health is wealth

Now-a-days it is better to get yourself and your family insured with a health insurance policy. It’s like having a back-up plan in case of health emergencies. So that you don’t have to worry about the expenses of hospital and everything that comes along with it.

East Godavari
February 09, 2021
Pool of health insurance plans

Policybazaar is a pool of not just health insurance policies but any kind of insurance policy. It provides you every little detail and lets you buy it then and there only. Never thought it would be that easy to select and buy a health insurance policy.

February 08, 2021
Smart choice

I made a very smart choice when I bought Bharti AXA smart health insurance plan for my family. Policybazaar’s executive made me look through so many plans and found the best plan for my family. Thank you.

East Godavari
February 08, 2021
Medical needs are fulfilled

Bharti AXA health insurance fulfills all my medical needs. It provides me with regular health check-ups and ambulance expenses as well as all kinds of hospital expenses. I am very happy with this policy all thanks to Policybazaar.

February 05, 2021
Thank you for your services

I am a policy holder of Bharti AXA smart health critical illness insurance plan for a while now and whenever I needed help or any kind of guidance, Policybazaar has always been there for me. Great services. Thanks Policybazaar for making my life easier.

July 09, 2020
Easy claims settle

I had filed a claim for my mother’s health insurance. It is easy to file the claim. I just contacted the customer care of bharti axa and told them about the situation and presented all the documents in the regard of the same. The team immediately start working on my case and my claim was settled in less than 2 days. It was a good gesture by team that they helped me in such odd time. I am really much thankful to the team of policybazaar and bharti axa for such best assistance.

July 09, 2020
Covers many diseases

I chose bharti axa health insurance policy because it covers many diseases and its premium rate is fair enough. I got many facilities under the same. One of the best thing is that it gives coverage to each and every disease. And provides the 24*7 assistance to its customers. It is really easy to check the details via online media and social media. You can avail the information from the website without any contact with the customer care. It’s easy. Try it and love it.

July 09, 2020
Wonderful health plans

The policies and the plans which are available in the website of policybazaar are quite good and better as compared to others. I really like it has got to know about certain health plans from their website. You can easily compare the plans . I compared and got the best plan of bharti axa. Thanks team for such wonderful plans.

July 08, 2020
It’s good and beneficial

The health insurance policy product of bharti axa is very good and beneficial. I got the health plan from the website of the policybazaar and along with that I got various add on benefits which I included into my health insurance plans. So, that it can make my health plan more secured and beneficial and I can get better benefits. I am quite happy with my health plan and would love to recommend into my circle. Great work team bharti axa and policybazaar.

July 08, 2020
Great sales team

I purchased my health insurance from bharti axa and it is very nice plan which I got from them. I contacted the sales team of the policybazaar and they gave me the best information about various policies and plans. I got to know about various options regarding the health insurance policy. The sales team of policybazaar is very smart and they are quite co-operative in nature. Thanks team for such great plans and offers.

July 07, 2020
Renew you policy at one time

I am the old customer of the policybazaar and bharti axa. Like it’s been 3 years that I have been associated with them. And I renew my policy every year with the mobile application of the policybazaar. It is very easy and quick. You just have to set the details and all work done. Even you can bring the variations in your policy from that mobile application and the system will automatically update it. You really don’t have to call the customer care for that. Kudos to the team.

July 07, 2020
Cashless claim facilities

I am blessed to have the best bharti axa health insurance policy from the policybazaar website. They are really good and assisted me really good way. I got my cashless claim during the time of treatment of my father’s heart operation. The insurance team was available at the time of the treatment and they provided with the cashless claim at the same time. It took not much time. I am relieved and happy to be associated with such companies. Well done.

July 06, 2020
Easy to get policy

I am really happy to get my health insurance done from policybazaar and bharti axa. It is very much easy to get the health insurance online as you just need to visit the website and check the various health insurance plans and the policies. I selected and chosen the best one. I made the payment of that health policy and got my soft copy within 15 minutes. It is very easy and subtle to buy. Thanks a lot team.

July 06, 2020
Claim settlement ratio

I always thrive to get the health insurance policy but was little bit confused that what to choose and what not to choose. As, I was confused related to the claim settlement ratio. So, one of my relative suggested me to get the health insurance done from policybazaar and here I got varieties of plans. I chose the bharti axa insurance policy because it’s claim settlement ratio is best as per the reviews and testimonials of the customer. Great work team.

July 06, 2020
Network hospitals

I have been a customer of policybazaar and bharti axa from last 2 years and have taken a health insurance policy. I really like their services and the experience is pretty much good. So, I am really impressed with the services as they have the good network hospitals into their association. It is really good. I had a cashless treatment of mine which was related to heart disease. It was done very nicely under assistance of doctors and insurance provider agents. Thanks a lot team.

October 21, 2016
Health Policy

Policy which i have is health insurance policy which is purchased from bharti axa general insurance company. Service is fast which is facilitated by the executives and the whole team members of the insurance company.

October 05, 2016
'Easy Claims'

Now claiming procedure is very easy because bharti axa general insurance provides the best service. The members of the company serve customer 24X7. Policy coverage is high and even ambulance is facilitate for free of charges.

September 28, 2016
Beneficial Product

The bharti axa general insurance policy facilitates wide range of policies. I took health insurance policy with maximum benefit in low investment. The service is fast and on time. Ambulance is also provided for free of any charges and large number of hospitals are working 24X7 for the customers and patients.

August 26, 2016
Bharti Axa insurance

Feeling great to have health insurance, it has many benefits including accidental death benefits. Policy cover's maximum expenditures of all cases. Services you provided bharti axa life insurance is perfect. Updates are send time to time to me about insurance policy.

July 05, 2016
Health is Wealth

The health insurance plan i have is good and the good paybacks are given by the company. Service provided is good and claiming become easy due to this. Good treatments, number of hospitals, ambulance facility which doesn't charge.

June 24, 2016
Average Health Plan

My health insurance plan is an average insurance policy. The premium is normal. Policy coverage is good. The number of hospitals are good but ambulance service is not free, It may take charges for the service. Service is manageable and online services is nice.

May 27, 2016

I purchase bharti axa health insurance plan. The policy coverage is high and the claims are high too. Premium is low and paybacks are high. Service is good which facilitate by the executives. Good future investment which secure the health.

May 27, 2016
Good Policy Coverage

Bharti AXA health insurance plan. I bought the plan an year back when suggested by a colleague of mine. The plan offers some unique features which aren't included in others. I've had a nice experience with it and i highly recommend it. Premium is low and coverage is high.

May 27, 2016
Perfect Plan

I found bharti axa health insurance policy plan. The policy coverage is high and the claims are even better. Premium is low and paybacks are high. The ambulance is facilitate for free and large number of hospitals are working with this plan to fast service.

May 27, 2016
Fantastic Plan

I have bharti axa health insurance plan which facilitate many benefits like low premium, Policy coverage is high ~89%. Claims are high and easy to sanctioned because of fast service provided by the executives and staff. Ambulance gives pick and drop service for free. Good future investment, I like the plan.

May 27, 2016
Damn Good

Bharti axa health insurance plan is one of the best among all. Premium is low and the policy coverage is high and claims are even better. Claiming is easy due to fast service facilitate by the executives and staff. Ambulance is facilitate for free.

May 27, 2016
Good Service

I purchase bharti axa health insurance plan. The policy coverage is high and the premium is low. Service facilitate by the executive and staff members is really very fast on time. Large number of hospital are there for 24X7 service. Ambulance is facilitate for free.

February 16, 2016
"Nice Policy Plan"

Bharti axa general health insurance policy plan i got. The plan has 80% policy coverage and the claim is Rs.7000. Ambulance provided and it is free. Number of hospitals are facilitate to serve the customers.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW01735

February 16, 2016
Perfect plan...

I own bharti axa health insurance policy plan. The plan is full of benefits like policy coverage and claim amounts. The service is the best in respect to other insurers. Investment is low and returns high with ambulance facility without taking any charges.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW01013

February 08, 2016
"Damn Good Policy"

I have health plan with axa insurance. The claim ~Rs.25 lakh and policy coverage is 90%. The service is fast and ambulance is facilitate for free. Hospitals are providing great service with nice treatment.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Optimum
Agent Code: BPW01853

February 05, 2016

I have health insurance with AXA general. The policy is average with coverage and claims but the service is A1, no delay in any work. Hospitals are few but the ambulance facility is free.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW01735

February 04, 2016

To be very frank I have not claiming experience yet. When I was interacting with the Bharti AXA General Insurance they gave me good response and so I am continuing this health insurance. They offered me a good benefits and no idea whether there any hidden things. For me they give good no claim bonus. So I go for this.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW01735

February 03, 2016
"Future Secure"

Recently recover from accident. Thank god I have health insurance with Bharti AXA General Insurance. The service is really good . I recover very fast and the claim is done in few days. The experience was really very good. Keep it up guys...
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BBE00294

February 03, 2016
"Premium Is Low"

Last month I got my health insurance from Bharti AXA General Insurance. Your services are really good but make it fast don't take long time. Rather then this you are the best. The hospitality are really good. Satisfied...
Plan Name: SmartHealth Premium
Agent Code: BBE05105

February 03, 2016
"Awesome Plans"

Recently searching for good health insurance then found great deal with Bharti AXA General Insurance. The benefits are so high in low premium. The coverage is around 50-80% of claim. Fair deal in such terms and conditions. Satisfied...
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BBE00294

February 02, 2016
"Best Anyone Get"

The last good think done with me is my health insurance from the best company i.e., Bharti AXA General Insurance. It is the best policy anyone get. The investment is low but the return is really remarkable. The service you gave is unseen before by anyone. Truely deserving for what you did. Five star for your services.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW00613

January 31, 2016
Best Services

Every year I am hospitalized in the summer time. So I planned to purchase a health policy. I compared and got Bharti Axa health policy. I always get best services from their side. I always recommend to friends. Customer caring is excellent!
Plan Name:Smart Personal Accident
Agent Code:BPW00613

January 31, 2016

Bharti Axa General Insurance is name of trust so I bought bharti axa health insurance to cover my family, parents and myself. They have given me health card and it has good number of network hospitals. I did not get chance to claim so I do not know about claim procedure but I heard that it have good claim settlement ratio.
Plan Name:SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code:BBE00294

January 31, 2016
"Go For It"

I meet many agents from differnt compaines but The Bharti AXA General Insurance is the best. It provide the best services. The claim ratio is good. The amount coverage is good. Even they have tieup with all the hospitals which give great services. Happy to buy it.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW00613

January 31, 2016
"Good Benefits"

From the last three months I m secure because of The Bharti AXA General Insurance. They gave me the best plan in resonable price. The company have vast coverage in all fields. The service is good. No doubt they taking good care of there customers.
Plan Name: SmartHealth Basic
Agent Code: BPW00613

December 21, 2015
Good Experience till Now

I purchased policy from Bharti Axa before two years. By now I am satisfied with their services. but sometimes their response do not come within time. but overall it is good.

December 20, 2015
Best Health Insurance!!

I have got Bharti Axa health insurance for me and my family which were offered by my company. They offer medical coverage up to 3 lakhs. Bharti Axa has given me medical card which can be used in hospital list provided by Bharti AXA general insurance. I have claimed it once and I got reimbursement very quickly as compared to other policy provider.