SBI Horizon ULIP completes 10 years in 2015

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With 2015 now in progress SBI has completed a decade, since they launched their first Unit Linked Insurance Product (ULIP) in January 2005. Horizon is the oldest ULIP product from SBI. It has showcased an impressive consistency of a perfect track record over the last decade.

The policy holder of the Horizon ULIP could buy either the SBI Life Bond or the SBI Life Equity scheme. The annual return on both these policies has been quite impressive . With the Equity Fund offering an annual return of 20.6% and the Bond Fund rendering a compounded annual return of 9.2%, against the Nifty Growth of 15.4% and 6.7% respectively, it’s not surprising to see that the Equity Fund has conquered the Nifty benchmark 9 out of 10 calendar years, while the Bond Fund has given a perfect 10.

The funds were launched with the promise of giving high-end returns and so far it has stood the test of time. It has shown only a positive growth trend. SBI with a focus on risk adjustment and clear investment strategies has invested the Equity Fund in large cap companies, which are focused on strong business models with consistent performance. For the Bond Fund the primary aim is to accumulate wealth over a longer duration of time. The funds are invested in a variety of government securities fixed deposits and corporate bonds.

SBI is committed to delivering value to its customers. With the introduction of government backed ULIP plans, investors receive good returns on their investments without worrying about the potential risks. The consistency of returns on the SBI ULIPS funds indicates that it is a strong investment which doesn’t have a huge amount of risk attached to it.

Over the past 10 years, the SBI ULIP has been subjected to stringent regulations and customer demands. Subsequently, these funds have proven to be the long-term investment products which also offer valuable insurance protection.

The current ULIP plans from SBI have been designed keeping in mind the past performances, and have also incorporated the customer demands on what they want, making it a revised and evolved ULIP. With the past track record it is expected the ULIPs will maintain a colossal and steady growth in the coming times. Improvement is a necessity and SBI will surely deliver. These factors have made the ULIP a great choice for anyone looking to invest. You cannot really go wrong when you have a flawless track record of 10 years.

With the new ULIP plans coming into force in 2015, investors are expected to get even better features and higher returns than the previous ULIPs.

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