8 Road Safety Tips for the Riders of Two Wheelers

The feeling of gearing the wheels is one powerful and thrilling experience. Moreover, it is possible that in excitement one may overlook the potential risks. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the riders of the two-wheelers to ensure safety while riding the two-wheeler.

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Statistics Say!

In the year 2015, 2,38,954 accidents took place under, which 1,44,391 accidents were of two-wheelers, which killed 36,803 and injured 1,35,343 persons.

Let us have a look below, at some safety tips to avoid any consequence, which may disrupt the riding experience:

1. Ride What You Can Handle

Do not buy a two-wheeler based on its appearance. Rather buy a two-wheeler, which will be easy to drive and can easily be handled by you. Besides, it is important to consider whether you require a bike or a scooter. However, today bikes are a preferred choice over scooters. Today, there are plenty of options available in the market offering different model and mileage. Buy two-wheeler, which ensures comfort, suits your physical capacity, and meets your budget.

2. Invest in a Helmet

While buying a two-wheeler, it is important to invest in a helmet, as it will protect your head from any injury/damage. Buy a helmet with ISI certification. Besides, while purchasing the helmet make sure that it covers your full face with the jaws. In case, if you have a pillion rider buy a helmet for them as well. Moreover, in India, it is now a mandate to wear a helmet for the one riding the bike as well as the pillion rider. Also, ensure that the helmet does have a plastic shield to protect your eyes against wind, dust, rain, and so on.

3. Rider Have to be Visible

No matter, how big your bike might be but when the bike is on the roads it appears to be small. Therefore, the rider and bike need to be visible by the drivers of other vehicles. For instance, one may have reflective bands over the helmet or the helmet could be of some bright colour. Besides, to increase the chances of visibility have reflective bands either on the side or back of the two-wheeler. The riders must take an extra while driving in the night or on highways. Try to stay away from the blind spots of vehicles, trucks and so on to be specific.

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4. Wear Safety Gear

It is important to wear adequate safety gear, for instance, elbow guard, jackets, etc. before getting ahead towards the desired destination. If you are somebody who loves to go on road trips on a two-wheeler then this should not be neglected by you at any cost. It might get a bit hot specifically during the summers but it is better to be safe than sorry. Having the riding gear on you will be able to avoid perils and expenses, which may incur later. Besides, if any female is on the two-wheeler, better take care of the dupattas/stoles so that they cannot be stuck into the wheels of the two-wheeler, which may lead to some serious reverberation.

5. Do not Ride under Bad Weather Conditions

It is better not to ride a two-wheeler under bad weather conditions specifically while it is raining or strong winds. There are chances that one might meet with an accident under turbulent weather conditions. It is possible that while driving on a rainy season or during foggy weather other riders of the vehicle might not be able to see you so riders may have anti-reflective stickers on the helmets or they can turn the headlights or indicators turned on of the two-wheeler.

6. Check Your Bike Before You Ride

Make it a thumb-rule of checking your two-wheeler before you gear the wheels. Besides, get your two-wheeler serviced at regular interval from recognized service centres. Look out for the condition of the brakes, air pressure, clutch, and so on. The better is the condition of the two-wheeler; the better would be the fuel efficiency, which may also decrease the risk of accidents/ mishap.

7. Obey Rules

Follow the traffic rules and do not try to break it intentionally. Traffic rules have been designed to cater to the safety interest of the people. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a BIG NO. Besides, do not over-speed or try to overtake. You might be in a hurry, a two-wheeler can be replaced but your life cannot, it is precious.

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8. Buy Two Wheeler Insurance

Buying two-wheeler insurance is one worthy investment. In case, if you meet with an accident causing any damage/loss, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will come at your rescue and will secure you against any incurred fiscal cost. Moreover, in India third party 2 wheeler insurance is a mandate.

Quickies For Safe Riding

  • Do not ride while you are angry as you might end up driving rashly.
  • If driving during the night while on a trip, avoid eating heavy food as you might feel sleepy.
  • Ensure the working of brake and tail lights.
  • Ride within the limit of your two-wheeler. While taking a turn, look first and always use an indicator.
  • Do not ride a two-wheeler with more than one pillion rider.
  • Maintain a safe distance from vehicles to move around.
  • Be aware of the thing around your surroundings.
  • Avoid weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Avoid taking overtake on junctions, pedestrian crossings, and so on.
  • Give way to the pedestrians.
  • Ride the two-wheeler assuming that other people on the road are not concerned about safety.
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Concluding Thoughts

Riding safely on the roads does not mean that you need to compromise much on thrill aspect of riding a two-wheeler. To enjoy the trill and ensure the safety of yourself and others, follow the above-mentioned tips and avoid getting into hassles or accidents.

The rule is simple, all you need to do is manage the odds and figure out what is best for you.

Besides, invest a couple of minutes and buy online two wheeler insurance and secure self from any financial loss in case of an accident.

We know you are smart still, just a reminder do not compromise on the coverage.

Ride Sensibly and Responsibly!

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 23 September 2021

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