Royal Enfield Tour of Uttarakhand: Here's Why Motorcycle Insurance is Your Best Pal

It is time to ignite your racing passion with one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India, as Enfield Cycle Co. Ltd is soon going to launch its first ever bike race. This is going to be one-of-its-kind with ardent bike enthusiasts. Not to mention the clichéd dream of all college goers to explore the beauty of the Himalayas with their prized possession (Bike). If you are among them, the icing part is that it is going to be true with Royal Enfield Uttarakhand motorcycle tour, which kick-starts on September 15, 2017. As the company announces registration for the same, the entire tour will cost around Rs. 20,000 for solo rider and Rs. 40,000 for couples.

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No doubt, it is once in a lifetime experience and you must prepare a checklist before joining the race. But, how many of you have considered having Royal Enfield two-wheeler insurance on your list? We guess, only a few or none. But believe us, it is serious business!

Your excitement level is at its peak, as this will take through some of the lesser-known regions of the mysterious, snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Even some frozen places and the Tibetan border by adding an extra flavour, you can’t deny the probability of any unforeseen event that may cause a halt on all your excitement. We suggest you should ride with two-wheeler insurance, which not only covers your vehicle against accidents but also takes care of medical expenses arising out of hospitalisation if an unfortunate event occurs. Here is a sneak peek on how a two-wheeler insurance plan helps you remain stress-free financially.

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mountain biking in uttarakhand

How Two-Wheeler Insurance Keeps You Safe?

  • Apart from the reality that bike insurance is mandatory by the law of Motor Vehicle Act, it is essential to know why it is the need of the hour for multiple reasons. Well, third-party liability cover tops the list. For instance, while participating in the Royal Enfield Bike Tour, you may get hit by another biker or meet with an accident. If you don’t have insurance, the entire expense incurred due to the damages will have to on you only. On the other hand, with Royal Enfield two wheeler insurance, you can claim the amount from the insurer. Again, third-party liability costs (if any) will also be taken care of. However, without insurance plying your vehicle is illegal and we hope you’re aware of.
  • Moreover, to avail the insurance cover, every insurance holder needs to pay a premium annually. It is worth to mention that the premium you pay for your two-wheeler insurance is lesser than the sum insured decided by the insurer. Again, if you adhere to a few tips, you can also save on your premium. You just need to visit the insurer website online, as purchasing online bike insurance, is in trend these days. You will be on a safer side by making bike insurance on your check-list.
  • If compared to a four-wheeler, driving a two-wheeler is riskier, as you are more exposed to danger than in a car. You need insurance if you’re planning to join bike race or other activity, as it covers the risk of self or third-party injury, damage to property or loss, death or medical hospitalisation. Or someone who is a professional rider must own insurance, as risk factor always travels alongside.
  • The money matter doesn’t end here, owing to loss of your driving license or you pay a sheer fee. The situation turns worse when you have to pay the all legal liability charged by a third party due to damages due to an accident, injury or death. With two-wheeler insurance, you can take charge of all these expenses without compromising your savings. In this way, you can also keep yourself away from being sued by a third party or from bearing all those hefty bills. In this case, your insurer will be sued and not you.
  • With comprehensive Royal Enfield two-wheeler insurance, you can protect your vehicle from damages out of natural and man-made. While driving at a hill station, nature may turn to worst and can be a cause to the end all the thrills. Landslides are more common at hills stations and may lead to major damages. Why bother too much if you have two-wheeler insurance with comprehensive coverage. Your insurance plan covers any damages caused by natural calamities like flood, storm, landslide, cyclones, typhoon, earthquake, and so on. Also, you need not worry about your stolen bike or if it gets damaged under the influence of fire, burglary, vandalism or damage due to terrorism, strike, or riots, as your insurer covers all these situations.

These are the most appealing benefits of having two-wheeler insurance. Furthermore, you can consider having a health insurance plan as well. If you compare the benefits offered by a medical plan, you will know its actual worth. Most of the health insurance plans cover accidental hospitalisation expenses, post and pre-hospitalisation, merging what you can enjoy the double benefit. However, buying health insurance or not is solely your call!

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Two-Wheeler Bike Insurance Options

Keeping your comfort in mind, we’ve compared a list of two-wheeler insurance plans with detailed information. You may find this helpful.

Two Wheeler Insurance Company Cashless Garages Third-Party Cover Personal Accidental Cover Incurred Claim Ratio Policy Term(Minimum)
Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance 4500+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 62% 1 year
Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance 5200+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 75% 1 year
Digit Two Wheeler Insurance 1000+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 76% 1 year
Edelweiss Two Wheeler Insurance 1500+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 145% 1 year
HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance 6800+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 82% 1 year
IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance 4300+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 87% 1 year
Kotak Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance Available Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 74% 1 year
Liberty Two Wheeler Insurance 4300+ Yes Rs. 15 Lakh 70% 1 year
National Two Wheeler Insurance Available Available Rs. 15 Lakh 127.50% 1 year
New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance 1173+ Available Rs. 15 Lakh 87.54% 1 year
Navi Two Wheeler Insurance (formerly known as DHFL Two Wheeler Insurance) Available Available Rs. 15 Lakh 29% 1 year
Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Available Available Rs. 15 Lakh 112.60% 1 year
Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance 430+ Available Rs. 15 Lakh 85% 1 year
SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Available Available Rs. 15 Lakh 87% 1 year
Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance Available Available Rs. 15 Lakh 69% 1 year
TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance 5000 Available Rs. 15 Lakh 70% 1 year
United India Two Wheeler Insurance 500+ Available Rs. 15 Lakh 120. 79% 1 year
Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance 3500+ Available Rs. 15 Lakh 88% 1 year

Disclaimer: *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.  

How to Purchase Two-Wheeler Insurance?

There are two ways you can purchase an insurance plan for your vehicle - Offline and Online. If you want to go offline, you’ll have to visit the office of various insurers or meet insurance agents in person to discuss the plans and benefits and figure out the best deal. Alternatively, you can buy it through an insurance agent who guides you throughout the process. It requires tedious paperwork and is quite time taking. On the other hand, online purchase is a smooth process, where you can purchase a plan when sitting on your favourite couch at your home. You just need to visit the insurer’s website, browse the plans offered, and then choose one that best suits your requirement. However, you can also compare various plans online by using comparison tools or insurance calculators. By introducing online bike insurance, experts have made the process hassle-free and less time taking.

Royal Enfield Tour of Uttarakhand: Wrapping it up!

If you are convinced and have decided to prepare your check-list, keeping motorcycle insurance in your mind, let’s have a glance at the Uttarakhand tour to be organised by Royal Enfield. The tour will cover the unseen regions of the Himalayas, dense forest reserves, the last village of the region Mana that is on the Tibetan border. You will also experience lands and hills covered with snow with the beautiful sun rays making the environment mesmerizing.

All riders will have to cover a distance of 1,500 km within 10 days. The race will kick-start at Dehradun, the convoy, with the experts from Royal Enfield, will first enter Harsil, covering the next destinations Niti Pass, Nelang Valley Jim Corbett, Auli, Kausani before heading back their rides to Dehradun. Although Uttarakhand tour may be the first attempt, the company has been organising similar events for a long time under the banner of Himalayan Odyssey. The July event witnessed 61 bike riders chasing a distance of over 2,400 km in 14 days. Its two upcoming launches include FI version of the Himalayan and a higher displacement bike with comparatively higher CC, i.e. around 750cc. However, the company is working on it and the fuel-injected Himalayan is expected to reach the dealership next month. Likewise, this tour is also expected to be a grand one by taking you through the land of excitement and thrills!

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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