Pramerica Life Trushield

Pramerica Life Trushield is a term life insurance plan offered by Pramerica life Insurance Limited which aims to provide financial protection to the policyholder’s family in case of any mishappening. It is a non-linked, non-participating term life insurance plan. In addition to covering the death benefit, it also aims to provide a return of premium to the policyholder.

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+Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws.

++All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Get ₹1 Cr. Life Cover at just ₹449/month+
No medical checkup required
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Pramerica Life Trushield has different plan variants to choose from, and the buyer can select the one that suits him the most. The death benefit covered under this plan is also available with two options so that one can pick how they want their family to be covered in their absence. 

Pramerica Life Trushield plan is a perfect choice for anyone looking to protect their family’s financial outgoings at fair rates for when they not around to bear it. 

Eligibility Criteria of Pramerica Life Trushield

The following are the eligibility criteria of the policy

Eligibility Criteria


Policy Term

7/10/12/15/20 years

Entry Age

Minimum- 18 years


For PT 7, 10, 12, 15 years-  50 years

For  PT 20 years- 45 years

Maturity Age

65 years


Premium Payment Term


7 years : 7-Pay

10 Years : 10-Pay/ 5-Pay/Single

12 Years: 12 –Pay

15 Years: 7-Pay/12-Pay/Single

20 years: 10-Pay/ Single



Return of Payment

All paid payments claimable at the end of the policy period when the entire tenure goes claim free.

Base Sum Assured

Min: Rs. 5 lakhs

Max: Rs. 5 crore; subject to underwriting

Premium Payment Mode



Payment option

For level cover (INR)

For reduced cover (INR)

Limited pay



Regular pay



Single pay



Benefits offered by Pramerica Life Trushield

The main benefit under the Pramerica Life Trushield is the death cover upon an unfortunate demise of the life assured. And there are two death cover options to choose from while selecting the policy plan of your choice.

But along with the death benefit, there are several key benefits linked to the Pramerica Life Trushield, and the same are discussed below in detail.

Death benefit

Before getting into the details of the death benefit, you should know that there are two death covers available while selecting the policy plan under Pramerica Life Trushield.

  • Level cover

The basic sum assured as the death benefit remains constant throughout the policy period if one picks the level cover under this plan.

  • Reducing cover

As you already may have got an idea from the name, the basic sum assured as the death benefit reduces over the policy period without any alterations in the premium paying value.

Details of the death benefit

There are variable death claims that one can make upon the unfortunate incident according to the premium payment option selected when purchasing the policy, the details of which are explained below.

  • For regular and limited pay option

For this premium payment option, the highest of the three values shall be paid as the death benefit considering the incident has taken place within the active policy period.

  • Ten times of the annual premium, or
  • Maturity sum assured, or
  • The absolute sum assured value payable upon death which will be different for level cover and reducing cover.

Absolute sum assured for level cover: the base sum assured chosen for the policy.

Absolute sum assured for reducing cover: the reduced amount in accordance with the passed policy tenure as applicable.

  • For single premium settlement

In case of the one time pay-out, the highest of the below-mentioned values shall be payable as the death benefit provided that the death has occurred within the active lifetime of the policy.

  • 125% of the single paid out premium, or
  • Maturity sum assured, or
  • The absolute sum assured payable upon death, the basic sum assured (in case of level cover), and the reduced sum assured amount (in case of the reduced cover option).

Additional Shield Cover Benefit

In addition to the death benefit, the additional shield cover is also applicable under Pramerica Life Trushield. But this benefit shall not be payable for the reduced cover option. And this amount shall vary according to the premium payment options chosen at the time of purchase.

Maturity benefit

Upon the survival of the life assured throughout the complete policy period, the insurer is liable to return the premiums as the maturity benefit. And it varies according to the premium payment option selected while applying for Pramerica Life Trushield. 

Tax benefits

Tax benefits under this plan are provided following the prevailing tax laws in the country, which are subject to changes with amendments in the existing laws.

“Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C apply.”

Premium Illustration:

So, five bands designate ranges within which one can choose the base sum assured. And the premium payments also depend upon the bond under which your Base Sum Assured falls.

All of the five bands with their Sum Assured amount span are shared below in a tabular format. (The amounts entered are in INR.) 

Band 1

500,000 – 850,000

Band 2

850,001 – 12,50,000

Band 3

12,50,001 – 25,00,000

Band 4

25,00,001 – 50,00,000

Band 5

50,00,001 and above.

Premium Savings

The insurer offers premium discounts on the first policy year according to the commission of the first year. But the discount is only applicable to the policy buyers who are employees of the Pramerica Life Limited insurance company. 

Premium Payment Term

Discount Savings











Documents Required to Buy Pramerica Life Trushiled

All Indian nationals are eligible to apply for Pramerica Life Trushieldand thus, documents that are needed while applying for this plan are the ones officially recognized by the government of India. A list containing some of these documents is shared below.

  • Application form provided by the insurer
  • Identity proof (Aadhar card, pan card, driving license)
  • Age proof (Birth certificate, domicile)
  • Address proof (Utility bills)
  • Latest professional photos (Passport size)
  • Bank account details (Passbook, checkbook, and/or any relevant document provided by the bank)

Any additional document may be required according to the mode you have selected to buy this plan

How to Buy Pramerica Life TrushieldOnline?

Online purchase is an easier alternative to buy this plan from the comfort of your home. The procedure is trouble-free and involves only a few clicks through your computer.

The stepwise guide is given below:

  • Go to the website that the insurer approves.
  • Search for Pramerica Life Trushieldunder the search box.
  • A web page containing all the details regarding the plan will appear.
  • Read through the instructions provided on the website.
  • Click on the apply online box.
  • An online application form will appear. Fill it.
  • Click on the save and proceed button.
  • Enter your health details.
  • Pick the plan option you have decided on.
  • Pay the premium online and finish the process.


Exclusion due to suicide

If the policyholder commits suicide within the first twelve months, counting from the date of commencement of risk, the insurer shall not be liable to pay the death benefit. Then the insurer will provide an amount equal to 80%of the premiums paid till date or surrender value (if any), whichever among both is higher provided that the policy is in active mode.

No extra claims shall be entertained by the insurer under such a condition.

*For a detailed list of exclusions, please refer to the policy document or the product brochure.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply.

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Pramerica Life Trushield Reviews & Ratings

4.2 / 5 (Based on 25 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 10 reviews)
Barasat, March 02, 2021
Pay easily
It is easy to pay for the premiums of my term insurance plan online. I bought the term plan of pramerica. A nice company with good term quotes. Kudos team.
Andipatti, February 19, 2021
Benefits to family
I bought a term insurance plan from policybazaar and that was of pramerica company. The team explained me about this plan very clearly and I liked it a lot. I bought it for the safety and security of my family. Awesome plan.
Jamnagar, January 29, 2019
Good Services
I am the customer of DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company for past two years and I am very satisfied with the services provided by this company. The company not only provides life insurance products of different categories but it also has really good customer support team. The customer care executive from Policybazaar helped me to select the most suitable life insurance cover for me. DHFL is comparatively new in the insurance sector but in my two years with it, I did not find any flaw. They are just good and try to give you the best products and services. So, you can go for the life insurance plans of this DHFL.
Jiaganj, July 07, 2016
Term Insurance
I have term insurance plan and very good one. Policy cover maximum scenarios and its premium is less. Service is fantastic provided by members of company. Claims are simple to clear by online or manually. Online service is easy to use.
Agra, June 28, 2016
The policy coverage is high and claims are good which very easy to clear because your guys are really very good responsive team. The investment is low but the returns are high. Good term insurance plan which makes my life easier. I like the insurance policy and internet service too.
Nizamabad, May 18, 2016
Excellent Policy
My dhfl pramerica term insurance plan is nice. The policy coverage is high and the claims are high too. Claims are easily sanctioned because of fast services provided by the executives. Fantastic policy plan which provides good terms and conditions. Good investments which reduces taxes. I like the plan.
Zahirabad, May 18, 2016
Manageable Policy
My policy is not that good because the service is bit slow, the policy coverage is little low, Claims are not enough, premiums are high, Executives and staff members help when ever needed. Manageable policy, Please improve the service for better result.
Kolkata, May 18, 2016
I have term insurance policy plan from dhfl pramerica life insurance. The policy is good and the premiums are very less. The best investment and the taxes are also saved. Policy coverage and claims are good and the services is super. Good behaviour shown by executives and staff members. Good investment which save taxes.
Kolkata, May 18, 2016
Fantastic Deal
The dhfl pramerica term insurance plan i have is great. The policy coverage is high with high claiming amount. The premiums are low and the payback returns are approx. rs.39 L. The service provided by the executives and the staff members is good with nice behaviour. Good investments for future. I'm satisfied.
Newada, May 18, 2016
Good Plan
My dhfl pramerica term insurance plan is awesome. The policy coverage is high ~92% and the claims are approx. 40 L after policy get mature. Claims are easily sanctioned because of fast services provided by the executives. Fantastic policy plan which provides good terms and conditions. Daily updates mailed to me timely. I like the plan.
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