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Universal Sompo Health Insurance provides us with the budget-friendly health insurance plans and policies for everyone’s safety and security. Health Insurance plans are very important for all of us considering the rising rate of medical inflation. Universal Sompo health insurance plans are designed for individual, family, senior citizens etc. to offer medical coverage in case of an emergency. However, finding the best option is always difficult with plenty of option available in the market. But with the help of POlicycybazaar.com you can compare various plans and zero down on the plan that suits you’re the most. Moreover, to fasten the process, you can read Universal Sompo Health Insurance reviews here and take a final call.

4.4 / 5(Based on 22 Reviews)

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East Godavari
February 25, 2021
Good Benefits Under the Suggested Policy

Policybazaar suggested me some of the great health insurance plans as per my needs. Thanks, policybazaar.com.

February 25, 2021
Suitable Health Insurance Policy

I bought a Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance Privilege plan through policybazaar.com. After providing a list of health insurance policies as per my requirements, I selected this one as it is most suitable for me.

February 22, 2021
A suggestion to trust

I bought Universal Sompo Health Insurance policy after getting a suggestion from a customer support executive, who gave me a call when I provided my details on their website while searching for a suitable plan for me. His suggestion helped me to make the best decision.

February 22, 2021
Online Policy Renewal

I renewed my Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance Basic policy online through the Policybazaar.com website. I want to mention here that the renewal process was smooth. I was scared about online payment, but it was also safe and secure.

February 10, 2021
Customer Support Executives are Knowledgeable

The customer support executives of policybazaar.com are knowledgeable. I called their support team twice and let me tell you both the times they resolved my queries with knowledge. One time I called to get to know the inclusions of my plan and the next time it was for claim settlement. I was satisfied with both the times.

February 10, 2021
Satisfactory Plan

A plan – Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance Basic is what I wanted. It provides me satisfactory inclusions. Thanks policybazaar.com for suggesting me this policy.

February 08, 2021
Affordable Health Insurance Policy

A health insurance policy of Universal Sompo that I selected is Complete Healthcare Insurance Essential. It is affordable for me and provides needed coverage.

February 08, 2021
Can consider policybazaar.com

You can consider policybazaar.com for suggesting you a health insurance policy. I relied on them and got the best suggestion of Universal Sompo Health Insurance.

January 29, 2021
Amazing Insurance Policy and Service

I purchased a Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance Privilege plan with the help of policybazaar.com. I want to say that not only the policy I selected is amazing, but the service of policybazaar.com is also the best. Thanks, policybazaar.com.

January 18, 2021
Good policy

I bought the Universal Sompo Health Insurance policy from Policybazaar’s website two-years back. I wanted 13 relationships covered in the same plan, so this one suited me. I am very happy with the automatic restoration benefit. Good policy!

March 26, 2017

I had prchased health insurance and maid a claim . i have received superior service for customer service team.

February 24, 2016
superb health plan...

I purchase universal sompo health insurance policy plan and the plan is great with huge benefits. Policy coverage is 90%, claims are high approx. Rs.2.8 lakhs. Service is quick and always on time. Ambulance is also provided without taking any charges.
Plan Name: Universal Sompo Individual Basic
Agent Code: BPW01735

February 04, 2016

I got a health policy with Star Health Insurance. They provided the best policy I ever seen and the customer service is the best. Claims are easy to get and the coverage is 80-85%. I must say guys good job. Happy to get this great deal...
Plan Name: Universal Sompo Individual Essential
Agent Code: BPW01735

February 01, 2016

I came to know about Universal Sompo health insurance by an advertisement. It had tied up with 14-15 major hospitals in my area. Universal Sompo general health insurance covers all medical expense. And best part is that they also send reminder of my premium so that I get full benefit of it.
Plan Name:Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Essential
Agent Code:BPW01676

February 01, 2016
"Recommandable Policy.."

I purchased a health plan from Universal Sompo Insurance Company for my parents because it is good and cheap as well. But, the customer care service is the worst. I would recommend Bajaj Allianz to my friends who have low budget.
Plan Name:Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Basic
Agent Code:BPW01735

February 01, 2016
Good Service!!

I bought Universal Sompo Health Insurance Policy when I was advised by my friend. It has been two years since then, I am very happy with their service and I had claimed it once.
Plan Name:Universal Sompo Individual Basic
Agent Code:BPW01676

February 01, 2016
Best Policy

I have purchased Universal Sompo Health insurance policy. This is provided by my employer. It gives me coverage of Rs 2 lakh for my family. I have heard about positive response during claim. All over process was hassle free and easy.
Plan Name:Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Basic
Agent Code:BPW01676

January 30, 2016
"Good Coverage"

I am having the health insurance policy with the Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Basic from the last two years of time. It has been provided by my employer, also the medical coverage value is around 10 lakh Rupees which inclusive of myself and my family. It will go via mediassist and every interaction will be with them only. I'm happy with policy which providing me good service and coverages.
Plan Name:Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Basic
Agent Code:BPW01735

January 29, 2016
"Good Benefits"

The service provided was good with Universal Sompo General Insurance based on the health Insurance service. They do ask confirmation to the customer before processing the request which was good. They do have cashless facility available in the Insurance. I have to pay around Rs9000 as a premium for the Insurance. I have to pay a coverage amount around Rs3Lakhs in the Insurance. Allover good policy and services.
Plan Name: Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Essentia
Agent Code: BPW01735

January 29, 2016
"Best Policy.. "

My health insurance policy has been taken from Universal Sompo General Insurance. I undergone an accident which got covered by company and in future also I need to re operate it, so I stick with them. The services are good with them and I am paying around Rs8000 as the premium and the total insured value is around Rs3 lakh.
Plan Name: Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Essential
Agent Code: BPW01735

January 29, 2016

It is a corporate health insurance from Universal Sompo General insurance. The services are good from them. Though I have not had a claim experience yet. The coverage is good. It is for my family and myself. The premium is renewed by my employer. They have a tie up with a good net work of hospitals.
Plan Name: Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Basic
Agent Code: BPW01676

January 29, 2016

Universal Sompo health insurance has many terms and conditions. A policy holder needs to be admitted in hospital for more than 24 hours, I order to get full benefit of reliance health insurance. I bought money back guaranteed plan. The premium is moderate and coverage is only for me.
Plan Name:Univerdal Sompo Indiviual Essential
Agent Code:BET01306