1 Crore Health Insurance Plan

1 Crore health insurance plan offers a wider range of medical coverage benefits & medical treatments like organ transplantation, chemotherapy, dialysis etc. that can otherwise be difficult to pay on your own. The insurance policy benefits can be availed on both individual and family floater basis.

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      What is 1 Crore Health Insurance?

      Rs. 1 crore health insurance plan offers the insured person a high sum insured up to Rs. 1 crore to help them battle expenses due to a critical or terminal illness. This plan is perfect for those with a large family or those with a risk of critical illness.

      With the increasing risk of critical illnesses, health insurance with a lower sum insured may not be sufficient in case of terminal or critical illnesses. A Rs. 1 Crore health insurance plan has now become no less than a necessity, especially with the rising number of life-threatening illnesses in India.

      A lot of people continue to put their lives and the lives of their loved ones at risk with inadequate health cover, amid the rising cost of healthcare services.

      Moreover, there is a waiting period clause in all the health insurance plans, and buying a health insurance cover for 1 crore after the diagnosis of the illness might not help you. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a health plan with a high sum insured like Rs. 1 Crore or more to easily meet the exorbitant medical expenses.

      Health Insurance Plan Table with Rs 1 Crore Sum Insured

      Checkout the below table with health insurance plans offering health insurance cover for 1 crore and more along with premium estimation.

      Health Insurance Company Plan Name Sum Insured Premium for Age 40 years (Annual)
      Aditya Birla Health Insurance Activ Assure Diamond Plan up to Rs 2 Crore Rs 26,000 approx. View Plan
      Bharti AXA Health Insurance Smart Super Health Insurance (Uber) up to Rs 1 Crore Rs 46, 000 approx. View Plan
      Digit Health Insurance Super Care up to Rs 1 Crore Rs 40,706 approx. View Plan
      Edelweiss Health Insurance Platinum Plan up to Rs 1 Crore Rs 59, 633 approx. View Plan
      Liberty Health Insurance Elite Combo Up to Rs 1.1 Crore Rs 20,496 approx. View Plan
      Niva Bupa Health Insurance (Formerly known as Max Bupa Health Insurance) 1 Cr. Super Saver Rs 1 Crore Rs 20, 687 approx. View Plan
      Religare Health Insurance Care Advantage Rs 1 Crore Rs 28, 027 approx. View Plan
      Star Health Insurance Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan up to Rs 1 Crore Rs 39,518 approx. View Plan

      Disclaimer : *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

      Benefits of 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan

      The benefits of buying a 1 Crore health insurance plan are given below:

      Sum Insured (Rs.) 1 Crore
      In-patient hospitalization Covered for minimum hospitalization of 24-hours
      Pre and post hospitalization expenses 30 and 60 days respectively
      Ambulance Cover Covered
      Organ Donor Expenses Covered
      No-Claim-Bonus 10%-50%
      Automatic Restoration Provided
      Renewability Lifelong
      Add-on Covers Available Cancer cover, critical illness cover, second medical opinion, global cover, repatriation cover, domestic evacuation, compassionate visit, etc.

      Do you Really Need a Rs. 1 Crore Health Insurance Cover?

      Undoubtedly, the cost of healthcare has been increasing every year at an exponential rate amid the increasing number of diseases in our country and worldwide. Let’s check out the increasing cases of Critical Illness in India:

      • As per the National Cancer Registry Programme of the India Council of Medical Research (ICMR) nearly 1300 people die in India due to cancer every day.
      • Global and domestic reports reveal that every 4th individual below the age of 70 years is at a greater risk of dying due to life-threatening diseases such as a tumor, cancer, heart-attacks, kidney failure than ever before.
      • More and more cases of diabetes and hypertension are reported every day, that puts a lot of people at a risk of chronic kidney diseases.

      And, looking at the rising medical costs in 2020, the cost of availing a medical treatment is going to surge by almost five times. Therefore, the need for ‘Rs 1 Crore health insurance’ today is also higher than it has ever been before.

      The Math Behind Buying a 1 Crore Health Insurance Policy

      There is no fit to all formula when it comes to buying health insurance cover for yourself and your family. Considering today’s medical inflation, it makes sense to buy a Rs 1 Crore health insurance cover, especially when it comes at just 20-25 percent higher premium in comparison to a Rs 50 Lakh health insurance policy. It ensures peace of mind and the best possible treatment without worrying about the hospital bills.

      What is the Cost of Cancer Treatment in India?

      The cost of an initial stage cancer treatment can easily cost you around Rs. 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs in a private hospital. If we include newer immunotherapy drugs, precision medicine, the cost will go up to Rs. 1 Crore.  And if you prefer to avail high-end medical treatment and services in India or abroad, Rs. 1 Crore Health insurance plan becomes an absolute necessity.

      Cost of Critical Illness Treatment in India

      Here is what critical illness treatment in India looks like:

      Disease Name Treatment Cost (Approx.)
      Liver Transplant 25 to 36 lakhs
      Chemotherapy (per sitting) 60,000 to 1.9 lakhs
      Chemotherapy (6 Sessions) 20 lakhs
      Angioplasty 1.9 to 4.12 lakhs
      Breast Cancer Surgery 6 to 10 lakhs
      Lung Transplant 15 to 30 lakhs

      (The treatment above follows pre and post hospitalization expenses including medical tests, medications, radiotherapy, etc. that add to the total medical cost.)

      The most expensive procedures such as major organ transplants, serious heart problems, and advanced-stage cancer can easily cost you more than Rs. 50 lakhs.

      Reasons to Go for a Higher Health Insurance Cover

      One of the major reasons to go for a higher health insurance coverage is to avail the right medical treatment without worrying about the medical expenses. Buy paying an additional premium if you can avail ten times more coverage cost with once crore health cover then the cost of premium is worth it. Check out some of the main reasons to opt for a higher sum insured of Rs 1 Crore and more:

      • Adequate Family Floater Coverage- You can ensure financial protection to your family members with a family health insurance plan of Rs 1 Crore or more and sleep without worrying about a medical emergency.
      • Coverage for Expensive Medical Procedures- The cost of organ transplantation can cost around Rs 50 Lakh, and if you have Rs 1 Crore health insurance cover then you can avail the treatment without financial troubles.
      • Avail Medical treatment Outside India- With a higher sum insured you can avail overseas medical treatment if the plan covers it.

      Who Should You Buy Rs.1 Crore Health Insurance Plan?

      Anyone who is able to relate to the below-mentioned circumstances should consider getting Rs. 1 Crore health plan:

      If You Have a Family History of Critical Illnesses

      If you have a genetic history of critical illnesses then you are probably at a higher risk than others. An individual is at a higher risk of getting a heart-attack if there is a family history of cardiovascular diseases. As a proactive measure, it is advisable you get critical illness cover in your health plan to avail of the best possible treatment.

      If You Are Above the Age Band of 40 Years

      People who are above 40 years of age are more vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses and it will be sensible to have yourself covered with an adequate critical illness insurance policy.

      Instead of waiting to turn 40, you can also buy it in your 30s. As a matter of fact, many youngsters are also suffering from acute illnesses as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and hereditary reasons. The earlier you buy it the better it is.

      If You Are the Sole Earner the Family

      Those who are the only earning member in the family, it is imperative to secure the entire family with Rs. 1 Crore health insurance plan. It is required if you do not want your family members to go through financial distress or emotional turmoil.

      If You are Working in A Stressful Environment

      One of the major factors contributing to an increase in the number of life-threatening diseases is an unhealthy work atmosphere. As per studies, people who have a high-pressure job or profession, succumb to such diseases at an early stage.

      Either you can choose to balance your personal and professional life or opt for a health insurance policy of Rs. 1 Crore with critical illness cover to avoid any financial constraints in the future.

      How Much Does Rs. 1 Crore Health Insurance Cost?

      Age Pricing
      21 to 35 years 7566 (630 per month) - 9552 (796 per month)
      36 to 45 years 11047 (921 per month) - 13290 (1108 per month)
      46 to 65 years 34553 (2880 per month) - 71673 (5973 per month)

      Disclaimer: The above-mentioned figures are for illustration purposes only.

      How Does a Higher Health Cover Help?

      Hypothetically, imagine a situation where a member of your family is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Adding to the agony, your medical insurance policy only covers the hospitalization expenses for everything except critical illnesses. The situation can be nerve-wracking, especially when you do not have sufficient financial cover.

      Instead of repenting later, it’s advisable that you safeguard your life and your loved one’s life with a critical illness policy. Why repent later when you have the option to secure your future with a Rs. 1 Crore medical plan. The insurer will pay you in a lump sum for the treatment as per the amount specified in the policy.

      *All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply.

      Which Type of Health Plan Will Work for You?

      You can buy Rs. 1 Crore health insurance policy with critical illness cover or a standalone critical illness policy of Rs. 1 Crore. In this plan, the insurer pays you a lump sum amount on the detection of any of the specified diseases.

      You can pick from any of the plans from top insurance companies in India. There are plans that cover 20 major critical illnesses as well.

      Depending on your family history and financial budget you can choose any medical policy. To be safe your health plan should have a critical illness cover of minimum Rs. 50 lakhs and up to Rs. 1 Crore.

      To Help you Understand Better Have a Look at the Benefits of Rs. 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan with Critical Illness Cover:

      • Critical Illness insurance covers life-threatening diseases such as a tumor, kidney failure, cancer, heart ailments, etc.
      • The insurer pays the lump sum amount for the treatment. Hospitalization is not essential, and the claim can be process based on the diagnosis reports.
      • Coverage is provided for specified critical illnesses as mentioned in the plan
      • Waiting Period is only up to 3 months


      Lifestyle diseases have been on a constant rise. While we make a conscious effort to follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, it is imperative to be financially prepared should there be a health emergency in the future. After all, medical conditions are not always fallout of a poor lifestyle. It may be hereditary as well. Thus, Rs. 1 Crore health insurance policy would serve as a financial shield against all odds.

      Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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