Tip to turn Habits into Healthy Ones: The Perfect Health Guide for Women

Did you know women are 3 times more likely to succumb to heart disease as compared to breast cancer? Annually, approximately 19,000 women get hospitalized because of heart attack and approximately 4,500 women die every year. This is why it is very important for women to buy health insurance in India.

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      Ladies, there can be times when being strong and independent is exhausting, physically demanding, and time-consuming. Many times, we go an extra mile for others but we end up neglecting our health. Our demanding and packed schedules are the culprits due to which we end up ignoring health warning signs indicating that a disaster is brewing.

      As per Dr. Ellie Gresham, Lecturer and Accredited Practicing Dietician, Griffith University, the key to build a healthy body is finding an activity that you enjoy. Once you have found an activity that you enjoy and it challenges you physically, it is good to stick to it. Activities like walking, dancing, swimming, yoga, and cycling are good for your health.

      She also said that if you have not been doing any physical activity, you need to start gently and avoid over-exertion, and gradually make it to your exercise goals.

      Apart from taking up any form of physical exercise, it is quite a simple process to look after your health in small ways, every day. All you have to do is re-think and make adjustments to your daily routine in specific areas, such as your diet plan and fitness. It will improve your health over a period of time. This article will be ‘the healthy woman’s guide’ for all the ladies out there. It will help you to focus on the fitness of your body, weight loss, and diet.

      10 Easy Ways to Add Fitness to Your Daily Life

      Constantly, we are in a rush to fit everything into 24 hours of our day. Breaking up exercise routines into small parts throughout your day can significantly help you in keeping yourself fit and fine, and make you more energetic.

      Here are 10 simple yet practical ways to add fitness to your everyday life.

      At Home

      • When you cook your dinner, let your food cook and do standing push-ups. To do so, stand arm’s length away from your kitchen slab and push your arms against it.
      • During television breaks, jog until the break is over.
      • Start your day with some dance moves, just turn the volume high and dance like nobody is watching.

      At Work

      • If you want to eat out, walk to a cafe or restaurant that’s a little far.
      • Whenever you have a meeting in a different building, leave 5 to 10 minutes early so that you can walk extra.
      • Forget the elevator and use stairs so that your legs keep moving.
      • Don’t sit on your chair for too long, take short breaks.
      • When you go to use the washroom, don’t forget to stretch.

      While Waiting

      • In case you are waiting in your car while your kid is attending music class or you are waiting for an appointment at your doctor’s clinic, jog around the area.
      • Waiting to get your call connected with the customer care executive? As you’re put on hold, seize the opportunity to do squats and lunges.

      Your Workout Motivation

      Irrespective of your gender, following a healthy fitness schedule should be a significant element of your daily life. As you age, it is more important to get the regular dose of workout on a regular basis. Having a super active lifestyle lowers down the risk of various lifestyle-related diseases. Not just that, it will boost your physical as well as mental well-being. Improving your fitness level can help you in various aspects. It helps you to look, think, and feel better.

      The 4 Major Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

      • It helps to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety by releasing the feel good hormones.
      • It helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.
      • It helps to maintain healthy joints, bones, and muscles.
      • It promotes feeling of physical and mental well-being

      As a woman, you need to aim at being active during most of the days of the week. It is recommended for adults to get 150-300 minutes of intensive physical activity, or 75-150 minutes of vigorous physical activity on as weekly basis.

      What to Eat?

      During menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause, a woman’s nutritional requirement changes. Because of women’s reproductive life, their nutritional requirements are different from that of men. In order to get the nutrition right, eat whole foods, avoid packaged foods, and eat plenty of green leafy veggies to improve your health. Avoid anything that comes out of a manufacturing factory, as it is loaded with preservatives that don’t do anything good to your body.

      A healthy and nutritious diet includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and, grains. If you’re eating healthy, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get away with high intake of alcohol. You need to restrict the intake of alcoholic drinks.

      As a woman, calcium and iron are the nutrients that you should be interested in. Women tend to be anemic and they lose plenty of calcium post child delivery.

      How To Watch Your Weight and Avoid The Fad Diets?

      For a woman, one of the most important concerns is how to manage her weight. Initially, striking the perfect balance of eating right and doing enough workout is nothing short of a struggle. For most women, it seems easy to follow celebrity-endorsed fad diets and so that they get that dreamy waistline. Dear women, it is important to understand that there is no shortcut on the road to fitness. The best way to shred those extra kilos is the healthy way. Consistency, dedication, and patience are the pre-requisite for this method. It ensures visible results. You just don’t look fit; you feel it inside out.

      The Miraculous 9 Steps to Lose that Weight

      Out of myriad ways, here 9 best ways that can help you lose weight.

      • Avoid - Avoid drinks, fruit juice etc. loaded with sugar.
      • Protein and Veggies - Eat protein and lots of green vegetables.
      • Portion Size - Control your portion size by replacing big plates with the smaller ones.
      • Slow and Steady Wins the Race - Don’t rush and chew your food slowly.
      • No Processed Foods Please - Eat unprocessed food Items, whole foods.
      • Stay Hydrated - Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
      • Keep Moving - Undertake physical activity and resistance training on a regular basis.
      • Sound Sleep - Get a good night’s sleep by making sure you get 8 hours of sleep per night so that your body can do its repair job efficiently.
      • Make Lifestyle Changes - Focus on making changes in your lifestyle so that you can walk down the health lane.

      Never Do This

      On the contrary, here are a few worst ways that you should completely ignore when you’re trying hard to lose that weight. 

      • Severely limiting your caloric intake.
      • Eating everything fat-free.
      • Skipping meals in order to follow the restricted caloric intake.
      • Chucking out complete food groups from your diet.
      • Eating just one food group.
      • Switching your meals with shakes.
      • Exercising for hours at a stretch.

      The Best Ways to Work on Your Body Image

      Over the course of your life, you can develop a negative body image. That mindset can’t be changed overnight, as it takes plenty of efforts and time. Here are the ways that will be helpful for you to bring your positivity and confidence back.

      • Appreciation is the Key - Appreciate all that your body is capable of doing. Enjoy all the fabulous things that your body does for you like as breathing, running, laughing, dancing, dreaming etc.
      • Ten Things That You Love About Yourself - List down ten things that you love about yourself. These things should not be related to your weight, your looks or your appearance. Go through your list on a frequent basis and add more points to it on the basis of your self-awareness.
      • Understand the Meaning of True Beauty - Remind yourself constantly that true beauty doesn’t lie in your outer appearance. When you feel good and you are at peace with who you’re, you are able to carry yourself with a sense of self-love, self-acceptance, openness, and confidence, and it makes you beautiful the way you are. After all, beauty is a state of mind.
      • Look at yourself as the Other Person - When you look at yourself in a mirror, don’t focus on particular body parts. Look at yourself as you want others to see.
      • Positivity is Blissful - Be in the company of positive people. It’s easier to feel good about your body when you are in the company of good people who support and recognize the value and worth of liking yourself just the way you’re.
      • Shut the Voices in your Head Down - Shut down those voices in your head, which tell that your body type is not right or sexy. You can easily overpower these negative thoughts with the help of positive thoughts.
      • Comfort is the Key - Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good about your body. You need to work with your body, not against it.
      • Niceness is Cool - Do something that lets your body know that you appreciate it.
      • Invest your Time and Energy in the Right Direction - Make use of the time and energy that you used to spend worrying about what to eat, caloric intake, your weight etc. and do something to help others. It will bring positive vibes around you.
      • Seek Professional Help - If you ever feel depressed about your body and want to go on a diet, you can seek professional help from a dietician or a nutrition expert.


      With any aimed goal, you need to be patient and have a positive mind set when you put your plans to execution. There can be times when it is too much to handle and you feel hopeless and frustrated. During such times, you need to tell yourself that it is okay to feel this way. No goal is easily achievable and there is no substitute for hard work.

      Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how easy and quick fad diet might seem, it doesn’t make you slim but weak. You might look slim by going on fad diets but you’ll look sick at the same time. Your face won’t be glowing anymore.

      It is important to have the support of people around you and faith in yourself. It isn’t easy to stick to a new eating plan, but you will feel good inside out when perseverance takes over. Remember! When it comes to fitness, there are no shortcuts. You can go to the next level and buy one of the best mediclaim insurance plans available in India. This is because you pay significantly less premium when you buy health insurance at a young age. Think about it.

      Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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