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Aegon Life INVEST PLAN is a non-participatory unit-linked life insurance plan. This plan is an investment plan, along with life insurance coverage offering seven different markets linking fund options for investment, along with three different investment strategies. Therefore, this is a plan offering pure protection and retirement planning and a lot of investment options for wealth accumulation.

Aegon Life INVEST Plan Details:



Policy tenure

10/ 15/ 20 and 25 years

Premium payment term

5,7,10 years or equal to the term of the policy 

Premium payment mode

Monthly or Yearly

Age of entry 

Minimum - 07 years

Maximum – 54 years 

Age of maturity

Maximum – 70 years 

Grace period 

15 days for monthly and 30 days for annual mode

Sum Assured 

For an age of entry less than 45 years:

Anything higher of 10 times the yearly premium or 0.5 x policy term x yearly premium 

For an age of entry of 45 years and above:

Anything higher of 10 times the annual premium or 0.25 x policy term x yearly premium 

For single premium:

10 times the single premium


Partial withdrawals are allowed 

Benefits of the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN

The following are the key benefits offered under the Aegon Life INVEST Plan.

Maturity Benefit: The insured receives the fund value along with any top-up premium fund value, which is available on the date of maturity. The insured can also choose to accept the maturity benefit in parts instead of a lump sum over five years after completing the insurance plan's tenure. The insured can benefit from receiving maturity benefit in pieces through the settlement option feature under this plan.

Death Benefit: If the insured unfortunately dies during the term of the policy, then the beneficiary will receive the death benefit, which would be anything higher of the following –

Total sum assured upon death 

The total value of the fund 

105% of all the premiums that are paid until the date of the death

Here the Total sum assured upon death is the Base sum assured on death plus any top-up sum assured.

The total value of the fund is Base fund value plus top-up fund value if any. 

The sum assured, which is useful for calculating the death benefit, will be reduced up to the extent of partial withdrawal, which may be made during the two years that precede the death of the insured if the age is below 60 years. If the insured's age was 60 years and above at the time of death, then all the partial withdrawals made after reaching 58 years of age will stand reduced from the sum assured during the calculation of death benefit. 

Loyalty Benefit: Under the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN, if the insured has invested for a tenure of 15, 20, or 25 years and if the premiums are paid, then the loyalty units are issued and added to the fund value in the last five years of the plan. The units are expressed by way of a percentage of the average base fund value during the previous 48 months. The units are thereby segregated to various funds in their existing proportion. The rate of such unit additions is as follows –

For a premium paying term of five or seven years, the loyalty unit addition is 1.70% 

For a premium paying term of either 10 years or equal to the duration of the plan, the loyalty addition units are 1.80% 

Tax Benefits: The Aegon Life INVEST PLAN premiums payable up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Similarly, any benefits, whether death benefit or maturity benefit, that the insured receives would have an exemption from tax under section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act. (Tax benefit is subject to any revisions in tax laws

The Premiums for Aegon Life INVEST PLAN

The Aegon Life INVEST PLAN premium depends on the different premium paying terms one can choose from. Also, the modes of payment have a choice of a monthly or yearly method of payment of premium.

The policyholder can pay the premiums as given below:

For premium paying term of 5 years – Rs.48,000/- 

For premium paying term of 7 years – Rs. 36,000/- 

For premium paying term of either 10 years or equal to the period of the policy – Rs.24,000/- 

Maximum – No limit

The person should use the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN calculator, available online, to calculate the exact amount of premium according to the sum assured and Hey various premium paying terms.

Additional Riders for Aegon Life INVEST PLAN

Charges such as fund management charge (0.5%-1.35%), policy administration charge (0.2% of annual premium), discontinuance charge (as per fund value and annualized premium), mortality charge (105% of the premium paid), and miscellaneous charge (on withdrawals made during policy tenure- Rs.100-Rs.200) are some of the additional riders in Aegon Life INVEST PLAN.

Eligibility for Aegon Life INVEST PLAN

The eligibility criteria for the Life invest plan is as follows –

  • Age of entry - The minimum age of entry is 07 years, and the maximum is 55 years. 
  • Age at maturity - The minimum age of maturity is not applicable, and the maximum is 70 years. 

What are the documents required to buy this policy?

The following documents are required to buy the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN:

  • Passport size photographs 
  • Proof of identity 
  • Proof of address 
  • Proof of age 
  • Proof of income by way of salary slip or any other document 
  • Proof of bank by way of bank statement 
  • Medical check-up report if required 

How to buy this plan online?

Any individual can purchase Life Invest plans through both offline and online platforms. The individual can visit any branch offices or contact the company's insurance advisors to purchase the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN offline. They will have to physically fill-up the form and submit the required documents and the cheque for paying the premium in the offline process. 

Those individuals who want to buy Aegon Life INVEST PLAN online can do so by following a simple procedure on Aegon life's official website. The steps are as follows;

Step 1: Log onto the official website of Policybazaar

Step 2: Fill in the personal details 

Step 3: Click on the free quote to get the estimated amount of the premium, which one needs to pay 

Step 4: The interested person will get a call from the customer care team of the company 

Step 5: Discuss the plan details and requirements with the team for them to send the plan details and payment link via email 

Step 6: Make the payment through the link shared in the email 

Step 7: The policy will be issued

Exclusions of Aegon Life INVEST PLAN

Aegon Life INVEST PLAN reviews find the plan to be a very comprehensive plan with investment and Life coverage benefits. However, the plan comes with the suicide clause exclusion.

Suppose the policyholder commits suicide within a year from the date of purchase of the plan. In that case, the beneficiary gets the policy's fund value as on the date of the policyholder's death. 


  • Q1. How to renew and check the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN status?

    Ans:. The policyholder renews the policy by paying the premium renewal online and checking the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN status by visiting its official website.
  • Q2. What happens in the case of non-payment of the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN premium?

    A2. If the insured does not pay the due premiums, then the policy would lapse. Such a lapsed policy can either be revived or surrendered or made paid up by paying all the due premiums. The policy or plans paid-up status would be applicable only if the last five years' premiums have been paid. 
  • Q3. What are the rules applicable to the discontinuance of the policy?  

    Ans:. The policy has five years of lock-in. If the insured cannot pay the premium, the company will transfer the policy's fund value to the Discontinued Policy Funds. The policyholder then has to revive the policy. Suppose the policyholder misses paying the premium after the lock-in period. In that case, they can revive the policy, withdraw the funds entirely, or else the procedure will show a paid-up status.
  • Q4. How can a person foreclose the Aegon Life INVEST PLAN? 

    Ans:. The insurance company can go for a foreclosure of the plan if the balance of the fund value falls below one of the annual premiums or if the fund value balance is not sufficient enough today to deduce any of the applicable charges. Upon foreclosure, the insured receives the remaining of the fund value. 
  • Q5. What are the additional benefits available under the plan?

    Ans:. The following benefits, such as partial withdrawal, switching of funds, premium redirection, top-up premiums, grace period, and free look period, are available under the plan. 
  • Q6. What is the procedure to revive this policy?

    Ans:. The insured can revive a lapsed policy within two years from the end of the grace period. However, for the revival of the policy, all the due premiums along with any medical costs and premium allocation charges should be paid by the policyholder. Also, the deducted discontinued charges will be added back to the funds to the policy. 
  • Q7. What are the two types of switching of funds that are allowed under this plan? 

    Ans:. The insured can switch from a lifestyle portfolio strategy to a self-managed portfolio strategy any time during the plan free of cost. However, the free switching can be done once in any policy except in the last 12 years. Also, four free switches are allowed during every policy year. Upon exceeding these free switches, the insurer will levy a charge of 0.1% of the amount.
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Aegon Life INVEST PLAN Reviews & Ratings

4 / 5 (Based on 27 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
Firozpur, October 14, 2016
Jasmit Kukreja
Ulip insurance policy of my family has nice services and very beneficial. Policy coverage is good ~89% and the claiming procedure is simple, online services makes more easy and reduces the paperwork, documentations. Online portal helps to renew the insurance policy by few clicks.
Dangar, September 23, 2016
Aegon life insurance is the top most insurance company. I took the ulip insurance policy through them in low premiums and the coverage is high as compared to premium. Service is perfect given by the team of the company. The online renewal option is the best service and the many updates can be checked on the website.
Athagarh, August 24, 2016
High Paybacks
I have bought ulip insurance policy, it has great service and the online renewals is the best. The fast service reduces paperwork and long waiting. The behaviour of the company staff is very well. Policy coverage and claims are pretty good. The update mails are send to me regularly.
Wazirganj, August 02, 2016
ULIP Policy
Service provided by the aegon is superb and on time too. I purchase ulip insurance plan and its really very awesome with full coverage. The claiming become very simple due to internet service and the renewals are simple to do by online portal service.
Nasik, July 15, 2016
My ulip plan is very nice which i buy from aegon life insurance. Policy coverage is good and the claims are easy to cleared because of fast service facilitate by the staff of the company. Premium is less and the renewal of the plan is easy through online service.
Jetpur, July 04, 2016
My plan
Ulip insurance plan of mine is awesome with great benefits during and after the policy. The premium is low and policy cover's most of the cases. Claiming is easy due to quick service given by the staff. Internet service is simple, so easy renewals and other updates too.
Bhubaneshwar, June 27, 2016
I have ulip insurance plan which I bought in low premiums. Service provided by the company members is awesome and with very calm nature. Policy coverage is high. The premium is payed by online too through different gateways like through credit card or debit card. Hassle free documentation and regular updates of the insurance policy.
Bangalore, May 06, 2016
Not Satisfied
The aegon life ulip plan policy i have provide less returns. The policy coverage is okay 79% and the claims are normal. Services are even good but just the payback amount is not good enough as comparing to the premiums. Not satisfactory to me.
Durgapur, May 06, 2016
My ulip policy plan is from aegon religare life insurance and the policy is the best because the policy has many benefits like the accident insurance is inbuilt in this policy. Policy coverage is high and the premiums are low. Claims are 1.25 times of the investment. The service is fast and very quick. I like the plan.
Bareilly, May 06, 2016
Perfect Policy
The insurer provide me good policy coverage with low premiums. The aegon life ulip plan i have which have 90% coverage and the claims are ~43 L minimum. The investment is 29.7 K per year with extra benefit that is it includes the inbuilt accidental death benefit. Great future investment.
Dwarka, May 06, 2016
Best Plan
Policy premiums are low and the claims are high. Aegon life ulip plan is great and respond the people promptly and smoothly. One of my friends introduced this company to me. Getting reminders promptly and sum assured is double. Accidental and risk coverage is inbuilt in this policy plan.
Gautam_buddha_nagar, May 06, 2016
Manageable Plan
I buy aegon life ulip policy plan. The policy premium is low and the paybacks are high. The policy coverage is 66% and the claims are normal. Investment is 39 K per year and the returns are 1.25 times the sum assured. Services you provided is bit slow but manageable. I'm satisfied with the policy.
Mahabaleswar, May 06, 2016
Great Policy
My aegon life ulip plan is great which have low premiums and the paybacks are high. The policy coverage is good ~89% and the claims are approx. 1.25 times the amount invested. The services are good and on time till now. Good future investment and it save my taxes.
Delhi, May 06, 2016
Fantastic Plan
I have less idea about the life insurance policies. By friend advice i took aegon life ulip plan because I never gone through buying insurances. Premium for my plan is 17 K thrice per year and at the time of maturity the sum assured might be 49 L. They have daily update so i get numbers of mails from them. I like my policy plan.
Varanasi, May 06, 2016
Poor Policy
I had ulip policy plan which i buy from aegon religare life insurance. The policy coverage is low 50% and the claims are less. The premiums are high as the returns are not. Poor policy plan which has slow service too. No response from the staff members. Not satisfied.
Zahirabad, May 06, 2016
Good Future Investment
This is a basic ulip plan with low premiums. There process was well organized and daily updates are mailed to me. The entire process took few weeks before the policy was rolled out. Apart from being competitively priced Aegon Religare Life Insurance has decent claim settlement ratio.
Sonepat, May 06, 2016
Good Plan
I purchase aegon life ulip plan and i really enjoyed the benefits of it. The policy coverage is high around 89% and the claims are huge. The policy premiums are low ~38 K and the recovery returning amount is 42 L. Services are good and on time too. Executives are doing there jobs very nicely. And the web services are also fantastic. Good policy.
Kalyan, May 06, 2016
Tax Saver
Aegon life ulip plan is good and the policy coverage is 85% with low premiums. The policy claims are easily sanctioned with good interest. Services provided by executives and the staff members are good. There is an inbuilt Accidental Death Benefit feature. Good future investment which save taxes too.
Mumbai, May 06, 2016
My aegon life ulip plan is very good and it has for the tenure of 33 years in which we get lumps um amount after the maturity. Policy coverage is 82% of investment. Accident and natural death is inbuilt secure in this policy. Service is fast and on time which is facilitate from staff members.
Latur, May 06, 2016
High Returns
I purchase aegon life ulip plan. The policy coverage is 89%, The claims are high and the claiming is easy because of the executives and the staff members. The services provided by you guys is very fast and on time. The premiums are less ~39 K and the returns are ~Rs.29 L.
Raj_nagar, May 06, 2016
service is bit slow
The best one among all and the most convenient insurance policies provider is the aegon religare life insurance and i buy aegon life ulip plan so our investments will be safe. As for as I seen this company is coming from generations. Everybody is been benefited with its benefits. Customer service need to be improved as that is not fast but the web services are better than others.
Rupnagar, May 06, 2016
Better Plan
I have aegon life ulip plan which i bought from aegon religare life insurance. The policy is totally beneficial because of its positive outcomes like the policy coverage is high and the claims are easily sanctioned. Services provided by the executives are fantastic. Even the policy premiums are low.
Kolkata, May 06, 2016
Average Policy
I have the aegon life ulip plan from the last two years. Premium is around 19 K Twice per year which am paying. Death coverage will be around 42 L. Services are fast and the executives and the staff members are providing fast services and always on time.
Mathura, May 06, 2016
Fair Plan
My ulip policy plan is with aegon religare life insurance. The policy coverage is high 83% and the claims are good. Premiums are less ~33 K per year and the returns are around 41 L. Services are really fast and the response through executives and staff members are nice.
Ahmedabad, May 06, 2016
Very Nice
Aegon life ulip plans are the superb policy plans. They provides policies in low premiums, the policy coverage is high and the claims are easily sanctioned. The services are really fast and the staff members are responding with good behaviour. There is an inbuilt accidental death benefit feature.
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