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Interest Rate for FD of less than 1 year

Bank Tenure Interest Rate
Kotak Mahindra Bank 180 days to 363 days 6.40%
Axis Bank 6 months to 8 months 29 days 6.25%
State Bank Of India 180 days to 210 days 6.50%
ICICI Bank 61 days to 184 days 6.00%
HDFC Bank 46 days to 6 months 5.75%
Bank of Baroda 91 days to 180 days 6.25%
IDFC Bank 91 days to 180 days 6.75%

A conventional fixed deposit scheme is an excellent option to preserve a part of your savings. It offers a uniform interest flow that could be a lot reliable than equity investments or mutual funds. However, when selecting a fiscal institution to take the deposit from, you should thoroughly consider some significant aspects.

The initial step in finding the standard fixed deposit rates will be to pitch out your exact requirements.

  • Are you thinking to go for prolonged term investments?
  • Are you ready to take risks?

You may not be certain! You may invest in the longer course, but there are opportunities, and you can obtain the sum before the predetermined period.

Based on few facts and figures, you can choose the best fixed term deposit.

Finding the Right Financial Organization & the Service:

It is recommended to look for banks, instead of organizations that issue fixed deposit policies for the investors. Some banks offer decent interest rates in a short period, and others may provide better interest in longer run. The interest rates allowed by the banks change regularly. You need to check the freshest rates provided by the different banks from their respective websites.

Go for a Company only if:

A lot of organizations also offer FD policies. The interest rates are lucrative. Though, most of the organizations live up to the promise, others may be a Ponzi scheme.

To avoid any kind of disenchantment, read about the company over the internet, see if it is a listed and trustworthy name, and also that it has no history of fraudulent activities.

A little hard work and research will fetch you a great benefit in the minimum time possible. All you need to do is deposit your saved funds in the bank account and see your money multiply with time. Ensure that you benchmark with multiple sources to keep maximum alternatives available with yourself.