All You Need to Know about Health Insurance Wellness Programs

Modern-day lifestyle, food habits, stress, and work-life balance have led to a sudden rise in the total number of critical and terminal illnesses amongst people. We tend to work hard and push ourselves to the limit in achieving our goals during which we often put our health at stake. In today’s era when medical expenses have skyrocketed and medical inflation is on the rise a wellness program coupled along with regular health insurance plan offers relief and comfort to the policyholders.

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    If you are looking forward to purchasing a health insurance plan it is recommended you should go for a plan that offers wellness programs over your basic plan. The primary benefit of getting a policy with a wellness program is that it acts as a booster and enhances the protection quotient of the basic plan. It ensures that you and your loved ones are financially secure and receive the best health-care facilities when diagnosed with a medical condition. 

    Very often buyers are muddled and unable to understand the benefits and working of health insurance wellness programs. In this thread, we will shed light on wellness programs its benefits, and important points to consider when choosing one. 

    Understanding Health Insurance Wellness Program

    The insurance industry and the health cover market in India have expanded exponentially within the past few decades. The health insurance market witness record-breaking sales of health floater plans after the country experienced rising cases of COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus. 

    In order to remain in the market and build a considerable market share, insurance providers indulge in innovative experimentation. The health insurance wellness programs offered by different providers is a result of experimentation carried out to offer best in class services to customers. 

    When you purchase a health insurance plan that comes with a wellness program you are rewarded with points for indulging in physical activities that keep you fit and healthy. This includes sprinting, running, jogging, cycling, walking, etc. These earned points by the policyholder can be later redeemed based on the terms and conditions of the provider. 

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    Why choose Health Insurance Wellness Program?

    Opting for health insurance wellness-programs has cooperative benefits, which means you not only end up saving money but also keep yourself healthier. The number of people that pass away every year due to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses is approximately 25% and constitutes a significant portion of total mortality in the country. 

    By signing up for a wellness program with your health insurance plan you are motivated to focus on exercising so that you not only save money but improve your overall health. The table below encompasses so of the most common ailments and their underlying causes that account for 25% of deaths in the country.


    Underlying Causes

    Cardio-vascular Illnesses

    Unhealthy dietary habits, Consumption of tobacco and Alcohol, Smoking, Lack of physical exercise

    Respiratory Illness

    Air-pollution, Occupational Hazards, Environmental factors, Smoking


    Age, Unhealthy food habits, Stress, Lack of exercise, weak immunity etc.


    Smoking, tobacco alcohol, drug abuse, lifestyle habits, pollution, occupational factors

    Whether it is Ayurveda or modern healthcare it is quite evident that most of these illnesses can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, right food habits, and regular exercising. With the right health insurance plan coupled with a wellness-program you are driven to work hard and lay emphasis on your health. 

    Benefit of Health Insurance Wellness Programs

    There are numerous benefits of opting for health insurance wellness programs, here’s a quick rundown-

    • Improved Physical and Mental Health: Wellness programs focus on improving the overall quality of the physical and mental health of the policyholder. When you get enrolled in a wellness program you tend to focus on preventive measures and better lifestyle approaches to lead a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. Furthermore, it allows you to keep a better track of your health and vital on a regular basis so as to prevent ailments and diseases.
    • Economic Benefits: Some insurance provider offer redemption of wellness points as a discount in their health insurance premiums that helps them financially by saving huge sums of money. The redemption offers and criteria might vary from provider to provider and therefore it is crucial to read the fine print of the program as well as the plan. 

    In a Nutshell

    Regular exercising and stress-free life along with work-life balance are all we need for leading a healthy lifestyle and this is what exactly a health insurance wellness program helps you to achieve. With the right plan and program, you can not only benefit monetarily but also in terms of improved health and longevity of life. When looking for the health insurance wellness program make sure you indulge in proper market research, comparison, followed by analysis to get the right plan at the right price. 

    Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 29 July 2021

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