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7 Excuses for Not Exercising

Whenever we don’t want to do something, we tend to find creative excuses to wriggle our way out of it. And when it comes to avoiding exercise, we are still pretty fantastic at convincing ourselves to not hit the gym. Here’s a list of some insane excuses we have heard people make for not exercising.

  1. “I chew food … that’s an exercise”:- Do you know how many calories I burn chewing food constantly and repeatedly? Quite a lot. Don’t underestimate chewing; it’s gonna be the next big thing after yoga!

  2. “I workout by spinning on my office chair”:- I hold the record of spinning in chair for the longest time in my office. We even hold intra-office competition on this. Sometimes, I even race my colleague from one end of the corridor to the other on my chair. That takes stamina and burns fat!

  3. “I walk to the coffee machine three times a day”:- You know what keeps me going the whole day? 3 cups of coffee. And the best part, my cubicle is at the extreme end from the vending machine. To add, coffee has numerous health benefits, keeping diseases at bay.

  4. “I am pear-shape … that’s all I need”: Do you know how much effort it takes to maintain my pear-shaped body? It’s God’s gift, why alter it?

  5. “I am perfect … change your glasses”:- Whoever thinks I am obese, needs to visit an eye doctor.  Check your eyes, not on my weight.

  6. “I hate to lose, won’t lose weight”: I am born to be a winner. Everything I do is for the sole purpose of winning. That is the ideology of my life. I won’t do anything that includes losing. So losing weight is off my radar!

  7. “I want to be the Super FAT hero”: Have you seen Kung Fu Panda the movie? Po is my idol. Imagine a man, shaped like a panda and agile like Po! I am going to create a new league of Superheroes — the SuperFAT Heroes!

 No matter what excuse you come up with to not exercise, don’t make the same mistake when buying health insurance. We all need a health insurance policy to protect us from the medical expenses of known and unknown diseases and illnesses. Buy your policy now!