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Fear of Pre Policy Medical Checkup - You can Still Buy Health Insurance

People today are increasingly becoming vigilant towards the huge healthcare costs experienced by them. Perhaps this is the reason why health insurance awareness and its corresponding penetration are seeing a growth in the Indian Health Insurance sector. However, many of us still shy away from a health insurance plan simply because of the idea of pre-entrance medical check-ups involved at the time of buying a policy.

Buying a health insurance plan, though proves beneficial, yet, there are certain formalities involved at the time of buying the plan which a proposer is required to follow. Filling up the proposal form, submitting the required documents, paying the first premium and in some cases undergoing a pre-entrance medical screening test are the basic steps involved.

While the other steps are fine, the last one causes a hiccup among many individuals and so they altogether avoid buying the plan. This article is dedicated to such individuals to let them know that they can get over their anxieties and buy a plan without a health check-up.


But first, let us understand the rationale for pre-screening health check-ups. Health insurance plans offer to meet the hospital bill incurred as a result of an unforeseen medical emergencies. As age plays a vital role in determining the probability of medical assistance, insurers take precautions while offering to cover individuals beyond a certain age limit.

Ages 18 years to 45 years is considered less risky for the onset of diseases and so almost all plans offer a health cover without the requirement of a medical check-up, but if you are aged above 45 years, the medical check-up clause kicks in. However, there is still a way out for you to skip the medical check-ups.

Yes, not all health insurance plans mandate a health check-up. Pre-screening health check-ups are required only after a specified age limit as stated before. While most insurers keep 45 years as the threshold limit, post which a pre-screening health check-up becomes mandatory, some companies have raised the age criteria and are offering a plan without medical check-ups even up to 60 years! Yes, you heard me right!

Want to know which plans fit the bill? Have a look:

  • Star Health Plans – Star Health Insurance has liberalized the age limit in most of its health plans which are offered without a medical check-up till the age of 50 years. Whether it is Family Health Optima, Mediclassic, Health Gain, Comprehensive or Family Delite, no check-ups are required till 50 years of age. Moreover, under the Unique Health Plan, medical check-ups are not required till 65 years of age which is the maximum entry age. Its senior citizen plan called the Senior Citizen Red Carpet is for senior citizens up to 75 years and it requires no medical check-up at any entry age.

  • Oriental Insurance – In public health insurers, Oriental Insurance under its Happy Family Floater Plan does not require a check-up till 60 years of age

  • Religare Health Insurance Another insurer with attractive health plans which go all the way when it comes to the medical check-up clause. Its unique Care plan is open to individuals of all ages and that too without the requirement of any medical screening criteria. So whether you are a middle-aged individual or a senior citizen, you can invest in this plan without any health check-ups.

So, what is your excuse for avoiding a health plan now? If medical check-ups are your undoing, don’t worry, there are plans in the market today which come without the baggage of a medical check-up. So, ditch your worries and buy a health plan now!

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