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Know the Network Hospital Before Buying Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the modern necessities of life. Before smartphones, computers, and the internet came to exitance and became essentials; people lived a simpler life.

Their life included practical hard work that required them to be in a good physical condition without any gymnasiums. Also, thanks to social media, people are way more aware of the issues that plague their health than ever before.

So, to ensure that the hardworking people remain at peace with regards to their health, the concept of health insurance was created. In this way, if anything happens to the breadwinner of the family, the expenses of the treatments would be taken care of by the insurance policy. Also, in case of any fatality, the family's needs could be fulfilled depending upon the type of health insurance policy chosen.

Health insurance was considered a paramount after people got done with the necessities of life like food, clothing, and shelter.

In India, Apollo Munich Health Insurance is considered as top tier insurance that has benefited countless individuals and families. It provides a variety of insurance policies for different needs.

Let’s take a look at popular health insurance policies provided by Apollo Munich Health Insurance -

  • Optima Restore- This policy covers pre-hospitalisation costs for up to 60 days and posts hospitalization costs for up to 180 days. The premium ranges from a minimum of 3 lakhs per year to a maximum of 50 lakhs per year. It covers all daycare treatments, apart from organ donation and domiciliary treatment. It also allows a daily cash stipend of Rs.800 - Rs.4, 800 for shared accommodation for a premium of up to 15 lakhs per year. Rs.2000 is set aside for ambulance services in the event of hospitalization.
    The policy is available for both individuals as well as for families. It is arguably the most popular and effective policy offered by Apollo Munich available in the market. A critical advantage rider is also made available for the minimum base policy insurance price of Rs.10 lakhs.
  • Easy Health- This is our main insurance policy for individuals. One can purchase the policy for a hospitalization cover charge of up to Rs.50 lakhs. There is also a lot of room to opt for a critical health cover that will insure you against a host of critical illnesses. The hospital costs of maternity are also covered by the exclusive and premium versions of Easy Health insurance. In today's world, it is important that we acknowledge, respect, and make room for women, their lifestyles, and choices. If you buy a complete coverage package of this insurance policy, then you will receive 60 days pre-hospitalisation cover and 90 days post-hospitalization cover. This plan is available for both individuals and families, although it is more popular for individuals.
  • Health Wallet- As the name suggests, this insurance plan is designed to help you create an economic reserve for your health that can be used whenever and wherever the need arises. The plan pays for all kinds of in-patient and outpatient costs. Also, every time you renew this policy, you can avail a free health check-up. The policy pays for all out-of-pocket expenses like ambulance, health, food, vaccination, etc. This policy also is available for both individuals as well as families.

Network Hospitals

Many people are not aware of the concept of Network Hospitals. They are nothing but a list of hospitals across the country with whom the insurance company entered into a partnership. This partnership enables the company to provide cashless service to all its policy holding members.

Apollo Munich has its third-party administrators at all network hospitals to assist you in a cashless service. This makes life easy for all our customers, network hospitals and the company. All you have to do is simply walk in the network hospital of your choice and approach the third party administrator for assistance.

Take care to carry all your policy related original documents when you leave for the hospital. They will be required for verification and documentation of your visit.

You can refer to Apollo Munich Health Insurance Hospital List for further inquiries. The company has some of the top hospitals in the country in its network.

So if you have opted for cashless treatment within your insurance policy, then in case of an illness, you can get admitted to one of our network hospitals and have your family members get in touch with the designated third-party administrator for that hospital. After the initial verification and processing of your policy, you can simply get benefit from the cashless treatment facility provided by us.

Non-Network Hospitals

Non-network hospitals are regular hospitals that aren’t affiliated with the company in any form or manner. When you go to a non-network hospital, at the end of the day's treatments, you will have to pay the bills out of your pocket and then apply for the insurance claim later.

This is also applied in case of network hospitals if you have not opted for a cashless treatment. You will have to bear all the expenses out of your pocket and then file a claim for reimbursement with us.

So, a non-network hospital should only be considered an option in case of an absolute emergency whereby you can’t reach one of the network hospitals or you need to rush to the closest available hospital.

Benefits of Getting Treated at a Network Hospital

When you buy any of Apollo Munich insurance policies, the company provides you with an Apollo Munich Hospital list that should come in handy in case of any medical emergency or need.

Life is very uncertain these days and its best you opt for a cashless treatment because that will mean that you have at least one less thing to worry about.

Opting for cashless treatments through the network hospitals is the best that a policyholder can get. All you have to worry about is your treatment and getting medicines on time. The financial or economic aspect or burden will be dissipated.

Also, Apollo Munich’s network hospitals are some of the best in the world. They virtually possess all of the trappings of modern medical technology. All of them are well equipped and possess a highly trained and dedicated staff. You can have a look at Apollo Munich Health Insurance Hospital List, and you’ll know the fact.

Summing it Up

An insurance policy is a really useful tool that comes in handy during times that could otherwise prove extremely distressful or worse! Nothing is set in stone in this life. Your job, health and life are all malleable things which life molds as it pleases.

It is best to have a safety net as effective as any of our insurance policies so that it doesn’t bog you down the way it does those who aren't as fortunate. Be sure to opt for cashless treatment for a stress-free hospitalization. Eventually, our life is out of our hands, but if we can do something to lessen the burden, then we should.

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