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Myth Busted! Health Insurance for the Disabled in India

Have you ever heard of a disabled buying a health insurance policy? We do have a strong perception about this that they can’t. And, we think that a health insurance application of a person with a disability is either rejected or requires a loaded premium to pay. This is not entirely true.

Health Insurance and Its Perks

Your hospitalization and medical bills might stare at your face in case of a medical emergency. However, a health insurance policy comes to your rescue not just by taking care of your hospital bills but also by financially securing the future of your family. This could be the reason why the number of health insurance holders in the country has increased.


Even though the number of people aware of the health insurance benefits is quite low, more and more people have started investing in health coverage – if not for the health coverage directly, but then for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Those who consider purchasing health insurance end up taking a random policy and get inadequate coverage.

People also have a mindset that if you’re disabled, then you cannot avail of the health insurance coverage. Well, this article is going to burst the myth, as any person with some sort of disability is eligible for health coverage but at a bit higher rate of premium. Also, the policy is issued keeping in view the particular disability and its cause.

Important: Health insurance covers accidental disabilities and not congenital disabilities.

What is a Congenital Disability?

The term Congenital Disability refers to a disability that mars an individual since his or her birth. Simply put, any disability a person was born with is classified as a congenital disability and a person with such a disability cannot be offered health insurance. In contrast, any person who got disabled due to an accident can still be offered health coverage.

Health Insurance Myths for Disabled Insurance

What is an Accidental Disability?

Any partial or total disability due to an accident is classified as an Accidental Disability. In such an unfortunate scenario, you can still purchase health insurance in an effort to save your savings to vanish into your hospitalization or medical bills in the near future. In India, accidentally disabled persons are treated as normal people by health insurance companies, which mark their eligibility for health insurance coverage. However, the rate of premium remains the same as for a normal person.

In other words, you do not have to live life in fear of a financial constraint due to a medical contingency caused by an accident. Insurance companies provide health coverage to an accidentally disabled person like a normal human being and that too at no additional terms and conditions.

Congenital Disability v/s Accidental Disability

A congenital disability refers to any disability present at the time of birth, whereas an accidental disability refers to any physical disability caused due to an accident. In case of a congenital disability, you cannot avail health insurance because it presents a greater risk to the company. On the other hand, you can avail a health insurance policy at a normal rate of premium, in case you have any accidental disability.


Do value your health more than anything and purchase an adequate health insurance policy today. Keep in your mind the fact that a medical emergency can surprise you at any time leaving you at the stage of a financial crisis.

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