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Health Insurance and Smoking: All That You Need To Know

One of the biggest myths associated with health insurance is that, if you are smoker, you are likely to face several obstacles, before getting your insurance plea approved. Although this is purely a myth, it is a fact, that in most cases, being a smoker will automatically heighten your premium amount, when compared to a non-smoker. However, that should not deter you from taking up a health insurance policy.

Are you too faced with questions: would your premium be too high? Should you opt for health insurance if you are a smoker? What details should you disclose?

To help you out, here we present to you answers to these basic questions:

Will the Premium be higher if You are a Smoker?

The premiums for life insurance tend to be on the steeper side for smokers. But it isn’t that high as compared to that of non-smokers.  However, if the company realises your health is deteriorating owing to your smoking habits, your premiums might be increased, accordingly.

On contrary to popular belief, not all health insurance providers charge higher premiums for smokers. If you are a regular smoker, you may have to undergo a medical test to determine the premium for your coverage. Thus, there is no general ground rule for this, and health insurance companies consider every case discretely.

Should You Opt for Health Insurance if You are a Smoker?

Another mistake that smokers often commit is that they shirk away from approaching health insurance providers in the fear that their plea for insurance will be rejected. However, insurers turn down a plea for insurance only in very severe cases, probably ones that involve health complications arising from heavy smoking. The frequency of smoking and the quantity of usage is taken into account when your application is considered.

On the brighter side, if you quit smoking, you may be treated as a non-smoker, after a few years. So do not be wary of approaching an insurance provider, even if you are a smoker. Staying uninsured can cost you heavily in the future, if you ignore its importance.

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Should You Disclose all Relevant Information when Seeking Insurance?

The key to getting your claims settled, without any hassles, is to ensure that all the information you provide is true to fact. Any fake information or hiding relevant information can jeopardize your claim settlement. Even if you are an occasional smoker, you must state that when you are given the application form by the insurance company.

Given the rising competition in the insurance industry and the higher incidences of people concealing facts, insurance providers have become extremely stringent with their investigation processes, before meting out claims. Since the contract penned is legally binding, you must be clear to ensure a smooth relationship with your insurance provider.

What if You are a Smoker with Existing Health Problems?

If you have ignored the importance of purchasing a health insurance policy and are already showing symptoms of deteriorating health, what should you do? Are you eligible for receiving insurance? The answer is a resounding YES! If you are honest and make proper disclosures, you will be asked to go through a medical test. The premiums charged will be on the higher side, and there will be a waiting period, before your pre-existing diseases are covered, but it will definitely save you a lot of money that you would otherwise incur in paying hospital bills.

As an alternative, if you need immediate coverage for your condition, you can consider investing in a critical illness policy to confront any emergency situation that may arise and avert a financial crunch.

Final Call for Smokers (Before it’s Too Late)

If you are a smoker, these are a few important factors that you must keep in mind, when you consider seeking health insurance. As a tip, you must try and get insurance as early in your life as possible to avoid higher premiums or facing rejection from insurers.

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