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Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹300/month*
Get ₹5 Lac Health Insurance starts @ ₹300/month*
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Crossed 40? It is Right Time to Review Your Health Insurance Policy

‘Change is the only constant in life’, remarked a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher encompassing the true essence of evolution. As life evolves, man evolves and so do his lifestyle and his needs. While health insurance was considered a luxury earlier, modern times necessitate a health insurance plan because the incidences of ailments and infections are increasing on one hand and the medical costs are inflating on the other.

So, insuring oneself with a comprehensive health insurance policy is the only ideal solution to tackle the financial distress brought about by a severe medical condition. The choice of a health insurance plan depends largely on an individual’s requirement and his/her age. Your plan in your early adulthood would be completely different from that in when you’re middle aged.


When you cross 40, it only makes sense to review your financial portfolio to adjust it as per your future requirements. You might have already planned for your children and now your requirement could be retirement planning, asset creation and wealth accumulation.

Reviewing your health insurance plan after you cross 40 is also important so that you are prepared against any contingencies. Whether you already have a health plan or you are planning to buy one, crossing 40 is an important stage and you should review your health insurance requirements for both the scenarios.

Let’s see how:

You Haven’t Bought Any Health Insurance Plan till Now?

It does not come as a surprise that you might still not be covered under any health insurance plan. Penetration of health insurance in the Indian demography is low. If you too are a victim of unawareness, don’t beat yourself up. Better late than never, right? You should ideally buy a comprehensive health insurance plan immediately.

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Before Buying Health Insurance Plans Consider these Two Things:

1. Coverage 

Opt for a plan that provides an extensive coverage. At the age you are in, having a wider coverage is essential because you are more prone to illnesses and chronic ailments. Consider the coverage list carefully and choose the plan that offers lower exclusions and no sub-limits on the covered expenses. Juxtapose the Sum Assured along with the coverage list and opt for a decent amount. Don’t compromise on the coverage level because of the inflation factor. If you are worried about affordability, enhance your coverage with a super top-up plan that would tackle the issue.

2. Pre-Existing Waiting Period 

Most Indians catch up with ailments like hypertension, diabetes, etc. when they cross 40. But you’ll be surprised to know that these ailments are termed pre-existing illnesses and they might be excluded from the scope of coverage in the initial years of your policy. This period is called the waiting period and is present in almost every health insurance plan available today. When buying a plan, keep a keen eye on the waiting period and consider the plan with the lowest period so that you get a comprehensive coverage early.

You Already Have a Health Plan

Kudos to you for buying a health insurance plan early in your life and also continuing the coverage year on year! Your actual test lies in reviewing your existing plan carefully to make it comprehensive for a secured future. You should carefully consider the coverage list and the coverage amount of your plan before reviewing your health insurance.

To Do List Before Reviewing your Health Insurance

1. Coverage List 

This is the basic coverage option that your plan provides. You might have bought your existing health plan years before when newer and innovative coverage options weren’t really available. With the current options available in the market, you should review your plan features against them. For instance, your plan might lack the auto-restoration feature which restores your Sum Assured if it is exhausted or your plan might not provide international coverage. Portability of such old plans is possible and if you are not satisfied with your current plan, you can easily port it.

2. Coverage Amount 

Given the current inflation trend, a small amount of coverage spells disaster and if your coverage amount is low, you need to increase it. Buying a super top-up plan would be the best solution as it would be lighter on your pocket and will solve the coverage issue.

Whether insured or contemplating insurance, crossing 40 definitely calls for a rain check on your health insurance plan. Act wisely and review your health insurance scenario, so that when an emergency strikes, you are well prepared to face it and beat it hands down.

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