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Tips to Buy and Renew Cigna TTK Health Insurance Online

In 2013, collaboration between two giant companies, ‘TTK and Cigna’ led to the formation of ‘Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Ltd’ in Mumbai. Cigna TTK Health Insurance was essentially organized to look after the health benefit insurance needs of the masses. It has foothold in 15 cities in India and offers its products/ services all over the country with its vast network of insurance agents and insurance distributors.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company works with an objective to health care benefits, offering a comprehensive unique health insurance to suffice people from all walks of life. The company’s main aim is to target the health and medical sector freeing people from the problems that arrive due to medical emergencies and sudden hospitalizations. As a result, Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company has restricted it itself to solely providing health insurance solutions/covers. However, considering the dynamic market, it has moved a step forward and formulated a unique plan called the ‘Cigna TTK Proactive Living’.

Why Choose Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company?

  • The plans are formulated keeping in mind the varying needs of the individuals.
  • The health policies are crafted by professionals who have expert knowledge and practical experience in the health and medical industry.
  • As, it only caters to the health sector, dozens of hours are spent on research and analysis by the team.
  • The health policies offered by Cigna TTK Health Insurance can be adjusted to one’s own needs and desires. In simple terms it offers customized health plans to different customers
  • It is a partnership between the two renowned companies, one from US and the other from India. As such, the plans/policies offered are a result of experts/specialists from both the countries.

Which are the Different Health Insurance Plans Offered by Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company?

In this fast paced world, we are so occupied with work and responsibilities, many of us neglect our requirement. We constantly keep running around to stand ahead of others in this competitive market, as such our everyday health/medical needs unintentionally get ignored. Falling sick/ill or getting hospitalized is not in our hands. The costs incurred during medical urgencies are most of the times very high and beyond our control. It is then that the health/medical insurance plans prove to be a boon to us. The installments you pay each month against your health insurance help you at this crucial moment by reimbursing you with the hospital charges or any other medical expenses incurred during treatment.

The Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company looks after the needs of its varied customer base who wish to protect their costs/expenses related to health/medical with their precisely planned health insurance policies. The company offers a array of health insurance products/services forming Two main categories, General Health Insurance Plans and Group Health Insurance Plans.

Best Health Insurance Plans Offered by Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company

Cigna Health Insurance Company is a trusted name among many. It offered a wide range of health insurance plans to meet the needs of different income level groups of the country. The plans can be tailored by the customers as per their requirements and budget. Here’s a list of the best Health Insurance plans offered by Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited.

  • Pro-Health Protect Plan: Cigna TTK Pro Health Protect Plan is a specially designed health insurance policy to look after the costs incurred by families or individual persons during medical emergencies. It offers coverage for multiple medical events that may cost huge expenses to the individuals or families at low premium rates starting from Rs 325 per month.  You can get discounts up to 30% by opting for the different discount characteristics mentioned with the policy. This policy offers various benefits like occasional free health/medical check-ups, global cover, deduction on premium rates up to 10% (if more than 2 family members are insured under one individual health insurance plan), coverage of hospitalization charges, coverage for new born baby and mother care, proactive living coverage etc. This pan can be acquired by children as old as 91 days and adults from 18 years of age onwards, with no maximum age criteria. You can choose either at 1 year plan or 2 year plan according to your convenience. The Cigna TTK Pro-Health Insurance Policy offers a number of variations such as Pro Health Plus Plan, Pro Health Preferred Plan, Pro Health Premier Plan and Pro Health Accumulate Plan. These plans have their own unique features and are available at different premium rates to cater different individual needs. 
  • Critical Illness Insurance Plan: The Cigna TTK Critical Illness Insurance Plan is a specially designed planning offering financial help during medical expenses incurred for critical/serious diseases/medical conditions. It offers coverage about 30 prime critical sicknesses, with availability in almost 10 lakh hospitals globally. You can choose between 2 year or 3 year plans as per your requirements. It has two variations you can pick from, a Basic plan that offers coverage of 15 serious illnesses and a comprehensive plan providing coverage for 30 serious illnesses.
    It is available to people from 18 to 65 years of age. You can insurance a huge amount of 3 crore to cover every possible unanticipated critical illness.
  • Lifestyle Insurance Plan: The Cigna TTK Lifestyle Insurance Plan must be a priority for all the families as well as individual person. Your life can take any turn anytime, therefore it is necessary to be prepared to handle any unfortunate and un-predicted circumstances like and accident, loss of life and so on. A policy holder receives a lump-sum amount by the insurance company under this plan, if he is detected any critical disease. The policy is available to any person in the age group of 18 to 65 years of age. It provides insurance coverage of up to Rs 3, 00, 00,000. Apart from individuals, it also provides coverage for family members parents, grandparents, spouses or brother and sisters (as old as 25 years of age).

Cigna Health Insurance Company offers a number of other plans such as Global Health Insurance Policy, Group Insurance Policy, Lifestyle Protection Group Insurance Policy and more. All these policies offer varied benefits and can be availed by the people based on their needs, requirements and payment structure.

Steps to Buy/Renew Health Insurance Policy by Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company:

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited specially designed an online portal (website) to allow prospective health insurance policy buyers to get in depth knowledge of the company and its products and make an informed decision. It has a significant digital presence  that helps  provides details about the various plans/policies, you can even buy a new health insurance policy online on the web portal or can also renew your existing plan further as per your desire. The company’s official website is easily accessible, user-friendly and provides good navigation. The website also provides guidance or assistance regarding health/medical related issues. The company offers a wide range of facilities and help online to its customers such digital calling, insurance claims procedure, insurance claim tracking online, locating nearby hospital or medical dispensaries etc.

A Cigna TTK Health Insurance customer and distributor are facilitated to register himself/herself online through the company’s official website for availing facilities of online/digital transactions. All you need to do is go the company’s official website, fill in the required details (name, phone number, email address, etc). After you have registered yourself with the company, you will receive a unique log in id which will help you to access your individual personalized web page on Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company’s official web portal.

Below are a few steps to keep in mind while buying/renewing a health insurance policy:

  • Open the company’s official website
  • On your screen you will see the website with a number of panels at the top with different indications
  • When you click the Health Panel, you will see a list of policies/plans that are offered by the company
  • Select any the kind of plan that suits your requirements
  • For instance you opt for Lifestyle Protection Critical Care Plan
  • If you click on Lifestyle Protection Critical Care Plan, a separate new page will pop up on your screen
  • If you wish to buy, Select the option ‘Calculate Premium’
  • It will take you to a new page asking the number of people you want to buy the plan for.
  • Next, you will have to provide basic details about the people being insured such as date of birth (DOB)
  • After which you will have to enter your current location i.e. where do you reside
  • The last criteria on the page will require you to choose the sum you wish to be insured for
  • After entering complete details, go ahead to find out the premium and choose ‘Calculate Premium’
  • Post which you will be required you to fill in your personal details such as age, profession, mobile number, etc
  • Now, after you have entered the correct details, click on Confirm and then submit the application. It is advisable to cross verify your details before proceeding further.
  • You will receive payment detail procedure by the company once you have submitted the application correctly
  • As per rules and regulations any policyholder can make their payments towards the premium online, through Debit/Credit cards.
  • Once you have successfully made the payment, your health insurance policy has been issued of renewed accordingly
  • Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company will send an email to your registered email address, confirming the successful online payment made by you. The email will also provide details about your current status of the health policy
  • Remember, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions set up by the company while buying/renewing the policy. If you fail do so the company has the right to take necessary actions

Insurance Claim Filing at Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Ltd

The process of filing an Insurance Claim with Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company is for Reimbursement Insurance Claims and Cashless Insurance Claims.

Procedure for Cashless Insurance Claims:

  • This type of claim is entertained only when the policy holder undertaking a treatment as per his will at a registered medical care hospital. The claim stands valid only when the health insurance policy covers the particular treatment the insured is taking
  • Call on the Toll-free number provided by the company. It is required that you inform the company about a pre-planned hospitalization well in advance. A minimum of 3 days prior notice is essential before you or your family member gets hospitalized.
  • Verification of the policy. You need to produce your health insurance policy card at the hospital for them to recheck and contact the concerned company in order to provide you the mentioned facilities
  • The company will then get in touch with the hospital and will complete the necessary procedure.
  • After all the verification of medical documents and the availability of the treatment under the policy, the Payment will be made by the company to the concerned hospital

Procedure for Reimbursement/Repayment Insurance Claims

  • Start and complete the necessary medical treatment. If you wish to file a reimbursement insurance claim it is imperative that you provide all the required bills, receipts, documents, discharge reports, medical bills, and all the original papers of the costs incurred by you.
  • After you have collected the necessary original copies of the bills and documents, make sure you submit it to the insurer within a span of 15 days of your discharge from the hospital.
  • The insurance company will then go through all the documents, analyze and verify them thoroughly. Once the assessment is done you will have to fill some forms and your claim is finally settled and the insurance company will make you the required payment through a cheque or demand draft or EFT service.

Consider all the terms and conditions and rules and regulations mentioned by Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company duly and strictly. The company has the right to accept or decline the claim if it does not fall under the company policy.