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Health Insurance Plans for Women

The contemporary age has witnessed a phenomenal participation of women in all walks of life. From parliament to offices and schools to business organizations, women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men. Women as a matter of fact constitute 49% of the voters and almost 25% of the workforce in India. It’s an irony that the society at large is still reluctant when it comes to buying health insurance for women.


Modern women take a heavy toll trying to keep a balance between personal and professional life. On top of that, women are more vulnerable to health issues especially after the age of 40. It has been noted that women have a greater chance to fall a prey to critical ailments such as arthritis, irregular BP, diabetes and so forth. Women are even more susceptible to bone-related disorders and breast cancer. Moreover, the dreads of pregnancy related disorders come solely in women’s share.

Considering these facts, it seems only obvious that women need health insurance as much as men do and more or less for the same reason - to assure a financial back up in case a medical contingency arise. Why should they be any different and even more so when they constitute a major fraction of the working force.

The insurers have finally started getting serious about catering to the health insurance needs of this unserved niche. The market now offers women-specific plans designed specifically for her needs. Some insurers offer in-built pregnancy related cover, though it’s not very extensive. These plans are specially designed with an intention to cover illnesses that a woman is more prone to get during her lifetime.

Best Health Insurance Plan for Women

The best health insurance plans for women are mentioned below:

TATA AIG Wellsurance Woman:

TATA AIG Wellsurance comes with a substantial cover on:

  • 11 critical illnesses including cancer
  • Cashless hospitalization 3000+ network hospitals across India
  • Daily hospital cash benefit
  • Convalescence benefit
  • Post hospitalisation treatment
  • Cosmetic reconstruction surgery benefit for accidental injuries
  • Income tax benefit under sec 80D

Plus, it also features value added benefits such as free health helpline, discounts at health and wellness centres and health check-ups.

Bajaj Allianz Women-Specific Critical Illness Insurance:

It is one of the best health insurance plans providing financial protection against 8 critical illnesses of which women are most prone to.

  • It works in a simple manner by assuring a guaranteed sum to the insured in case she gets diagnosed with one of the listed critical illnesses - breast cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, uterine/endometrial cancer, paralysis and burns.
  • The insured is also entitled to get 50% of sum insured in case of a congenital disability.
  • Plus, there’s a special sum to be paid out to working women who lost their job 3 months after being diagnosed with a critical illness.

Till now, women used to be covered under floater plans or as a dependent in the husband’s health insurance plan. But now as more and more women are getting into the working force, they are being covered under employer group health insurance plan as well individual health plans. While purchasing a policy, one should look out for a comprehensive coverage that includes women related diseases and maternity benefits.


For the loving husbands, your wife takes care of the smallest things in your life. It’s time you start showing a little care too. The same goes for the loving sons and daughters for whom mom is the world. And for all the ladies out there, whether you are working or stay-at-home moms; single or married; you all ought to put your health first. Needless to say, the obligations only widen for single moms and divorcees. A wisely chosen health plan can go a long way to take care of your well being in all phases of your life. Wait no more, get and compare quotes and pick up the best health insurance plan today!

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