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How to use Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator to Calculate Premium?

A mediclaim insurance policy offers the benefit of hospitalisation and both public and private sector insurance companies offer mediclaim policies in India. Hospitalisation due to a sudden illness, an unexpected incident and unforeseen surgery, and domiciliary hospitalization, which generally lead to hospitalisation for more than three days are all coverable under a proper mediclaim policy. This policy is also valid for the treatment of an illness or injury to someone who could not be shifted to a hospital or a clinic and required proper hospitalisation facilities at home because of unavailability of hospital accommodation. Staying at home due to asthma, diarrhoea or arthritis will not be covered under domiciliary hospitalisation.


Mediclaim policies are available in the market, which offer coverage to an entire family. These days, you have to pay a minimal premium in exchange for very good benefits. In a medical policy, a beneficiary is named who will get the claim pay-out(s) in case of the death of the policyholder. Mediclaim is different from a health insurance, as mediclaim is specific to the expenses that arise out of hospitalisation and health insurance is a comprehensive cover for all medical needs. Mediclaim does not cover dental expenses or cosmetic surgery expenses. Mediclaims offer cashless policies where the insurer directly pays to the healthcare provider- be it a hospital or a clinic. This reduces the financial burden on the policyholder considerably, provided they can concentrate on the treatment completely. A few mediclaim providers in the market are Max Bupa health insurance, Star health mediclaim, Aditya Birla health insurance, Religare health insurance, Royal Sundaram health insurance etc.

Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator

The mediclaim premium is the amount of money that needs to be paid to the insurance provider periodically, in order to avail the medicalaim coverage as and when needed and this premium also keeps the policy in force. Mediclaim policy premium calculator will help you choose the best mediclaim insurance policy, based on your needs corresponding details entered. Mediclaim policy premium calculator allows us to compare and analyse different policies available in the market, and thus choose the best policy based on your needs.

Health insurance premium calculator is based on several factors. The insurers have their own list of factors that include your age, pre-existing medical conditions, individual medical history, and the whole family’s medical history etc. For instance, the amount you paid as premium at the age of 25 years would be lesser than the amount that you will need to pay at the age of 45 years. This is because with age, the treatment expense also increases and so does the premium. This is just because you are more prone to aliments at the age of 45 than at the age of 25. Mediclaim policies, mostly, require a pre-policy medical check-up most insurers have their own set of doctors to do so and the application is filled based on the test results.

If you have a pre-existing illness/ailment or you are a chain-smoker or consume alcohol quite frequently, then details like these entered in the premium calculator would automatically hike the premium. It is mandatory that you fill up these details honestly because if you deliberately hide such information, there are chances that your policy gets rejected if they find out the same in your medical report.

How does a Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator Help?

Usually, mediclaim policies and insurance policies are complex and the policy documents have hidden terms and conditions which sound like Greek and Latin to a layman. A situation wherein you don’t understand a specific insurance term might lead you to a place where you end up paying more premium than what you actually had to pay. This is where a mediclaim policy premium calculator helps you choose the best policy at an affordable premium, taking your needs into consideration. Here are a few benefits mediclaim policy premium calculator:

  • Well, before buying a mediclaim policy in India, you can calculate the policy premium, which would let you discuss with your family members in advance regarding financial planning wisely.
  • You can choose the apt mediclaim policy from the list of plans, based on what the calculator offers after adding your details.
  • The add-ons and riders can be added as well as removed from the given policy options, based on your needs and monetary status.
  • There is no need to go, fix an appointment with your insurer, meet them in person, discuss various plans and get confused about the list of benefits, and then go blindly for a policy that your insurer suggests you as the best. You can access the Mediclaim policy premium calculator whenever and wherever you need and choose the best policy in accordance with your needs.

Star Health Mediclaim

Star Health is one of the pioneer companies across India and their services are available to a few countries. The company has more than 340 branches across India. The company offers online purchase and renewal, which makes your job much simpler and hassle-free to an insurance policy.

Star health mediclaim insurance is one of the best policies mentioned under mediclaim policies India. You can avail this cover when you are in the age group of 18 to 65 years. There is no limit on the rental charges of the hospital room or the treatment charges. Daily cash benefits during hospitalisation are also provided. Over 400 day-care procedures and processes in hospitals are covered by this policy.

For every 3 claim-free years, there is a free medical check-up offered by this policy. It also offers coverage for dental and ophthalmic treatments on out-patient basis. On a claim-free renewal, there is a chance to get 100% increase in the sum assured. Senior citizens are covered from the age of 60 to 75 years and they don’t require a pre-medical check-up. From the second year onwards, this plan covers the pre-existing illnesses also. This is one of the policies in the market, which offers guaranteed lifetime renewals.

Star Health Mediclaim Premium Calculator:

Star Health Insurance Company helps you conveniently calculate the annual premium of a range of its insurance policies. For this, you must provide the details required by the calculator and this premium calculator will help you calculate your annual premium of a policy that you are planning to buy. You can choose to pay the premium annually or on a month basis. The following is the information you need to enter to calculate the premium:

  • The sum assured or coverage
  • The policy tenure
  • The number of members to be included in the plan – 1 if it is for you or the exact number of people in your family if the plan is going to be family floater
  • The birth date of the senior most insured person in your family

Based on the entered details, the calculator will give you a basic premium payable. The factors to be noted here are the amount and the number of family members entered in the calculator should be accurate and not approximate. An approximate value will give approximate premium, which will vary when you pay the actual premium to your insurer.

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