Kidney Transplant Cost in India

Kidney disease has been growing at an alarming rate in India. As per a recent report, around 10% of Indians suffer from kidney disease and more than 1 lakh cases of kidney failure are reported every year. While dialysis helps perform kidney functions artificially, a kidney transplant is the end solution to live a better life. Let’s find out everything about kidney transplant surgery cost in India.

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      What is a Kidney Transplant?

      A kidney transplant is a surgery performed to replace a deceased or faulty kidney with a healthy kidney from a living or dead donor. It is required for people suffering from kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD), which occurs when the kidneys have lost 90% of their ability to function normally. A kidney transplant surgery can help the patient live longer and save them from a lifetime of dialysis.

      Mostly, a person undergoing kidney surgery requires only one healthy kidney to live a normal life. In rare cases, a kidney transplant surgery places two healthy kidneys in the body of the person suffering from kidney failure.

      Types of Kidney Transplant Surgery

      Here are the various types of kidney transplant surgery in India:

      1. Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery

        Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery is a type of kidney surgery in which the kidney from a deceased person is placed in the body of the person with failed kidneys. In this type of surgery, the kidney is removed from the deceased person's body if he is a listed donor or the family has given consent. This is the most common type of kidney transplant surgery.

      2. Living Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery

        Living Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery is the type of kidney surgery where the kidney from a living donor is placed in the body of the person whose kidneys do not work properly. In this case, mostly family members and people who match the transplant requirements donate the kidney. This surgery has a success rate of 90-95%.

      3. Preemptive Kidney Transplant Surgery

        Preemptive Kidney Transplant Surgery is the type of kidney surgery where a donated kidney is placed in the body of the recipient even before the kidney fails or needs dialysis. This type of kidney transplant surgery is recommended for children and teenagers due to better survival rate, lower kidney replacement cost and lower risk of rejection.

      Price of Kidney Transplant in India

      Kidney transplant surgery is a costly operation. The average cost of a kidney transplant ranges from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, depending on several factors. The surgery cost includes hospitalization expenses, organ donor expenses, hemodialysis, induction therapy, consumables, CMV, prophylaxis and medicines.

      Factors Affecting Kidney Transplant Costs in India

      The price of kidney transplant surgery depends on several factors. Take a look at them below:

      1. Type of Kidney Transplant

        The type of kidney transplant surgery you undergo affects the cost of your surgery. For instance, a living donor kidney transplant surgery cost is more than the deceased donor kidney surgery cost as it involves operating on both donor and recipient.

      2. Type of Hospital

        The kind of hospital where you get your kidney operation performed impacts your overall kidney operation cost. For example, the kidney transfer cost will be higher in a private hospital than in a government hospital.

      3. Age of the Patient

        The kidney operation cost also depends on the age of the person who needs a transplant. The higher is the age of the patient, the more will be the kidney replacement cost as older people require more medical care after the surgery.

      4. Type of City

        Healthcare expenses are higher in metro cities than in other places. Therefore, if you choose to get your kidney transplant surgery done in a tier 1 city like Delhi, you will have to pay more as compared to the kidney transfer cost in tier 2 cities like Bhopal.

      5. Type of Surgical Procedure

        The type of surgical procedure performed during your kidney surgery determines the cost of the operation. For instance, an open kidney transplant operation cost is more than a minimally invasive kidney transplant surgery.

      6. Hospitalization Stay Duration

        The longer the patient stays in a hospital, the higher will be the price of kidney transplant surgery. Thus, kidney surgery procedures that have a slower recovery rate is more expensive. For instance, a robotic kidney surgery will cost you less than an open kidney transplant operation because of the shorter recovery period.

      7. Surgeon's Expertise & Reputation

        The expertise and reputation of a kidney transplant surgeon also affect the surgery cost. Surgeons with more expertise and a higher reputation will charge more for a kidney transplant surgery than a surgeon with lower expertise and reputation.

      Does Health Insurance Cover Kidney Transplant Cost in India?


      All health insurance plans in India cover kidney transplant cost. It provides coverage for medical expenses incurred during a kidney transplant surgery, including hospital room rent, surgeon's fees, nurse's fees, medicine costs, diagnostic test costs, etc. It also covers pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses incurred by the insured. Moreover, health insurance plans also cover medical expenses incurred on harvesting the kidney donated by the living donor.

      Alternatively, critical illness insurance plans provide a lump sum amount to the insured kidney recipient to pay for all the medical expenses incurred during the kidney transplant surgery. Compared to regular health plans, critical illness insurance plans offer a higher sum insured amount to the insured in case of kidney surgery.

      However, all health insurance plans come with an initial waiting period of 30 days. Similarly, critical illness insurance plans have a waiting period of 90 days. If your kidney disease was diagnosed before you purchased the policy, it will be considered a pre-existing disease. In that case, a pre-existing disease waiting period of 2 to 4 years will apply, depending on the plan.

      How to Care After a Kidney Transplant Surgery?

      Following are the tips that you can follow to care after your kidney transplant surgery:

      • Visit the hospital for a follow-up after the surgery to get your kidney function monitored
      • Follow the suggested diet
      • Take all the prescribed medications, including anti-rejection medicines, on time
      • Avoid smoking or drinking
      • Exercise regularly


      Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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