Edelweiss Car Insurance

Car Insurance is an agreement through which the insurance provider promises to compensate the policyholder with the sum assured amount in case of any loss, specified damage, bodily injuries, and even accidental death. Edelweiss car insurance policy is formulated to protect the vehicle and its passengers from any financial setbacks. Assistance is also provided in case of any road mishap.

Benefits & Features of Edelweiss Car Insurance

Edelweiss car insurance policies offer their customers timely compensation for the damage and loos. By purchasing car insurance from Edelweiss General Insurance Co. Ltd. you  can avail the following benefits:

  • The insurance company provides car repair services in the network garages
  • Compensation is offered in case the car is stolen
  • Any loss or damage resulting due to an accident or collision with another vehicle, animal or thing like a building or pillar
  • Any loss or damage that has occurred due to bad weather conditions or natural calamities is also covered
  • Any loss or damage due to external explosion or fire is also covered

Why Edelweiss Car Insurance?

Edelweiss car insurance plans come with a range of benefits and its customer-centric approach makes it all the more worth it. Here’s why it is a good idea to buy car insurance from Edelweiss car insurance.

  • First and foremost all the claims are settled quickly
  • Cashless repair services and easy access to 1000+ network workshops
  • Priority repair services at the preferred workshops
  • Discounts for Members of Recognized Automobile Associations ( both private cars And two wheelers)
  • Discounts on the installation of anti-theft devices
  • Discount on vintage cars (for private cars only)
  • Discount for modified/ specially designed vehicles for the handicapped, blind, and mentally challenged applicants

Types of Edelweiss Car Insurance Policies

Usually, there are two types of car insurance policies third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance (3rd party + own damage cover). It is mandatory to buy third-party insurance whereas a comprehensive car insurance policy is recommended to enhance your coverage against the risks. Let’s have a look at the type of car insurance policies:

Edelweiss Third-Party Liability Car Insurance (Edelweiss Private Car Liability Only Insurance)

It is a basic car insurance policy that Edelweiss car insurance provides. It is required to be eligible to drive on the city roads. Compensation is provided for loss or damage caused to other vehicles, people, and property in the event of an accident. This type of policy will not cover loss or damages caused to the insured car. For that, you will have to buy a comprehensive or third party + own damage cover.

However, you can enhance your Edelweiss third-party car insurance by opting for the following covers:

  • Personal accident cover up to Rs. 2 lakhs per person for everybody else traveling in the insured car
  • Legal liability cover for the paid driver

What is Not Covered in Edelweiss Third-Party Liability Car Insurance Policy?

Edelweiss car insurance for third-party shall not cover:

  • Any injury caused to the passengers traveling in the insured car without 'Personal Accident Cover'
  • Any damage caused to your own car in the event of an accident
  • Depreciation, or reduction in the car’s value and its parts due to routine wear and tear

For details, you can refer to the Edelweiss third-party car insurance policy wordings.

Third Party + Own Damage Car Insurance Policy (Edelweiss Private Car Package Insurance)

As car sales are over the roof, the risk of road accidents has also been magnified. This imposes a threat to the lives of car owners, fellow car drivers, as well as the pedestrians. A comprehensive vehicle insurance plan ensures your financial safety even in the worst case scenarios. In addition to that, as per the local laws, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to buy motor insurance for their vehicles.

Vehicle owners who don't buy insurance coverage for their automobiles are liable to be penalized.

If you really want to drive in a carefree manner, then you should buy third-party + own damage car insurance from Edelweiss car insurance. It covers loss or damage caused to the insured car, the policyholder, and a third-party (including a person, car or property)

However, you can enhance your Edelweiss comprehensive car insurance by opting for the following covers:

  • Personal Accident Cover for everybody else traveling in your car, up to Rs. 2,00,000 per person
  • Cover for your legal liability towards your paid driver

What is Not Covered in This Policy?

Depreciation, or reduction in the car’s value and its parts due to routine wear and tear is not covered in this type of Edelweiss car insurance policy

Inclusions of Edelweiss Car Insurance

The insurer shall indemnify the policyholder against loss or damage caused to the insured car and its accessories whilst thereon:

  • By theft, burglary, and housebreaking
  • By fire, lightning, explosion, and self-ignition
  • By strike and riots
  • By earthquake
  • By flood, storm, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, cyclone, inundation, hailstorm, and frost
  • By any malicious act
  • By terrorist activity
  • By landslide, rockslide
  • Accident by external means
  • While in transit by rail, road, lift, inland – waterways or air   

Exclusions of Edelweiss Car Insurance

Situations that Edelweiss car insurance plans don’t cover:

  • Accidents that take place outside the scope of the geographical area
  • Claims that arising due to any contractual liabilities with a third party
  • Illegally driving or using the insured car. For instance, claiming for an accident while the car was being driven by a person without a valid driving license
  • Any consequential damage or loss arising due to car accidents. For example, if you leave your damaged car unattended and later on you find out that some of its parts have been stolen, then the insurer will not pay for the loss
  • Any type of loss or damage resulting due to situations like enemy strikes, riots, other warlike incidents etc.
  • If the insured car is used beyond the scope of coverage. For e.g. a private car being used for motor trade, carrying goods, hiring or reward, speed testing or for any other commercial purposes

Edelweiss Car Insurance Claim Procedure

In case you meet with an accident you can call Edelweiss Car Insurance on their helpline number at 1800 12000 1800 12000 and the insurer will quickly settle your claim. Let’ see how it should be done:

Step 1 - Contact Edelweiss car insurance provider as soon as possible

Step 2 - Cooperate and provide complete information such as your full name, policy number, policy duration, date & time of the accident, a copy of the driver's license & license plate number of the involved parties, names & contact details of the involved people

Step 3 - Visit the nearby police station and file a complaint. Make sure you get a copy of your complaint as some insurance providers ask for it

Step 4 - Once you have informed Edelweiss car insurance, a professional will be assigned to your case for its assessment. The surveyor will evaluate your case and will take you through the process

Step 5 - Your case will be resolved by the professional on the basis of your opted plan and its coverage

If you have already moved your car to the workshop then also there is no problem. Simply call the insurer and they will guide you with your claim. There are more than 1000 preferred workshops in India where you can get your car repaired. You can also email them on support[@]edelweissinsurance[.]com for any claim related queries.

Documents Required for Edelweiss Car Insurance Claims

Mentioned below are the documents that you would need to submit as part of your Edelweiss car insurance claim procedure-

Documents Required for Edelweiss car insurance Accidental Claims:

In case of an accident the insurer will ask for the following documents:

  • The insured needs to submit the duly signed claim form
  • Police Panchanama/FIR copy
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the Insured Car
  • Driving License
  • Estimate of the Repair Work
  • Repair bills as well as payment proof or discharge voucher

Additional Documents Required for Commercial Vehicle:

  • Fitness certificate
  • Permit certificate
  • Road Tax receipts
  • Load Challan

Documents Required for Edelweiss car insurance Theft Claims:

  • Submit the duly signed Edelweiss car insurance claim form
  • Original Edelweiss car insurance policy documents
  • Original Car’s Registration Certificate. For commercial vehicles, you would need to showcase Permit, Fitness certificate, and Tax
  • All the original keys, warranty cars, service booklet, and the original purchase invoice
  • Police FIR and Non-Traceable report
  • Acknowledgment letter addressed to the concerned Regional Transport Office intimating the theft and declaring the vehicle as ‘NON-USE’
  • Duly signed RTO Transfer papers
  • Consent towards the agreed claim settlement value from both the Financier and the Insured
  • NOC from the Financier for claims to be settled in the favor of the insured
  • Subrogation Letter, Discharge voucher, and the Indemnity bond

Documents Required for Edelweiss car insurance Personal Accident & Third-Party Claims:

Documents Required for Personal Accident Claims are as follows:

  • Certificate of disability in case of permanent or partial disabilities
  • Post-mortem report
  • Death Certificate
  • Legal Heir certificate

Documents Required for Edelweiss car insurance Third-Party Claims

You need to submit the following documents to lodge a personal accident claim with Edelweiss car insurance:

  • Copy of the Insurance Policy
  • Duly signed Edelweiss car insurance claim form
  • Copy of police FIR
  • Registration Certificate of the Insured Car
  • Copy of the driving license
  • Legal Notice
  • Details of the claimant
  • Any other supporting documents

How to Calculate Car Insurance Premium?

In general, car insurance premiums are determined on the basis of the insured car details and other details such as:

  • Make and model of the car
  • Car type and its features
  • Date and city of registration
  • Fuel type ( Petrol, Diesel, CNG/LPG)
  • The Year of manufacture
  • Geographical Location
  • Marital Status
  • Optional Features that you have opted for
  • Deductibles etc.

The insurer also takes into consideration your age and driving experience, driving and claim history, the age of the car and also the type of coverage.

You must be wondering how to choose the best car insurance plan. Well, it's as simple as buying clothes. There are plenty of car insurance companies that offer various car insurance plans. Thanks to a large number of insurance companies in India, you can get auto insurance plans at a competitive price. It is so because there is a cut-throat competition among insurance providers. Every insurance provider aims to earn the trust of insurance buyers so that it can capture a large share of the flourishing insurance sector in India.

Tips to Select the Best Car Insurance in India

  • Understand Your Insurance Needs and Expectations - When you know what you want, it becomes easier to analyze whether a plan fulfills your insurance expectations or not.
  • Reputation and reliability of the Insurance Provider - The reputation of an insurance company helps you understand the treatment it gives to a claim. Furthermore, the financial health of an insurer is the second most important factor as it reflects the financial status of your preferred insurance provider.
  • Compare Plans and Prices - If you want to enjoy the highest insurance coverage at an affordable price, don't simply buy the first plan that you come across. Compare the best car insurance companies and pick a plan that fulfils your insurance expectations without costing a bomb.
  • Evaluate the Insurance Coverage - While you aim for a policy, you need to consider adequate insurance coverage. Buying inadequate insurance coverage is worse than buying no insurance coverage at all. The plan that suits your friend might not suit you. It's better to evaluate insurance coverage and see if it fulfills your insurance expectations.

How to Renew Edelweiss Car Insurance Policy?

To avail the continuous benefits of Edelweiss car insurance policy, it is important to renew it before the expiry date. Usually, Edelweiss car insurance offers an easy online renewal facility. You easily renew your Edelweiss car insurance policy online in a matter of a few clicks. You can opt out of the features that you don’t want to avail and save some premium. You can also opt for the benefits that you were missing from your policy.

If you have some other car insurance policy, then also you can opt for an affordable and customizable Edelweiss Car Insurance Policy.

Things to Know about Edelweiss Car Insurance

  • Edelweiss car insurance offers both third party and third-party + own damage cover policy
  • Option to purchase personal accident cover up to 2 lakh rupees
  • Option to cover legal liabilities towards a paid driver
  • The insurer has more than 1000 network garages across India
  • Easy claim settlement within 7 days of filing the claim

Edelweiss Car Insurance - FAQs

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 09 October 2020
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Faridabad, June 19, 2020
Renewal online basis
My experience with edelweiss insurance company is really great and they offered me with great services. Not only good plans but also with certain after sales services. I decided to renew my plan with them only and I renewed my plan via the Policybazaar mobile application. Thanks team for such great and wonderful services. Kudos to whole team.
Fakirsahi, June 19, 2020
Compare and buy
I feel that before buying anything we should compare it first. I searched for various plans on policybazaar website and found the which suits my all points. I got a comprehensive plan and it is great. It helps me in getting repaired my car and also it helps in the medical facilities at the time of the accident.
Captainganj, June 19, 2020
Soft and hard copy received
Last year I took my car insurance policy from Policybazaar and they suggested me a great plan. It was edelweiss insurance company. After I got my plan and made up my payment. I received my soft copy from them in next 15 minutes. It was real quick. No only soft copy but also my hard copy got into my hands in 4-5 working days. It was a great experience.
Jagadhri, June 19, 2020
Claim resolved at one call
I got my claim settled at one call only. Yes just a once call. Because if you have taken a car insurance policy from Edelweiss car Insurance company then you won’t be facing any kind of concern related to the same. My car met with an accident, I was all well but my car got damaged. I called the customer care team of Edelweiss and they sent their team with video inspection team. Once the video taken my car was sent to the garage and I was sent back to my home. My car was repaired in 8-10 days and I got my claim amount in 4-5 days. It was nice assistance.
Jadcherla, June 19, 2020
Covers from man-made disasters
I got the best car insurance coverage from Edelweiss car insurance policy. It is really good and along with less premium rates facilities, add on covers one more thing is there I like it is that it covers my vehicle from man-made disasters like riots, loss of car, theft, accident or anything. It gives the coverage from them and it is much convenient. Thanks team.
Nabarangpur, June 19, 2020
All time services availability
The service team of edelweiss is really good and quite extra-ordinary. They work day and night to resolve the query and the concern of the customers. Even few months back I faced some of the issue related to my car insurance policy. So I contacted them at night. They were available and assisted me very well. Infact the very next day they resolved my concern and I was so much happy that I took the best decision to be with them.
Jagannathpu, June 19, 2020
Good and efficient company
It Is really amazing to get to know that you can get the best car insurance policy, at less premium prices and with lot many features along with certain add on covers at a very good price. Edelweiss is such company where you can get these kind of benefits. I like the services and efficiency of the company and have taken two car insurance policy. Thanks for such great plans and policies.
K.b.p. Pupri, June 19, 2020
Quick and hassle free services
To get a car insurance policy is not easy. But when I got connected with Edelweiss car insurance policy I felt I was wrong. I got a quick services and in less than 15 minutes I got my policy. I made the payment and I got my soft copy in y email address in less than 20 minutes. They told me about different plans and I chose the best one. Thanks team for quick work.
Idukki, June 19, 2020
Compare and purchase the best
My friend shared his view about policybazaar and he really likes the services from the same. He told that whenever I have to purchase a car insurance then visit the website of policybazaar for better understanding and varieties of plans. I found the website quite good in terms of plans and varieties. Even the price of the policies are really less and premium rates are not so high. Thanks team for such great plans.
Edamaruk, June 19, 2020
Affordable plans and policies
I am really happy that at the time of expensive world I am getting a good and affordable car insurance policy for my car. I am thankful to policybazaar and edelweiss car insurance policy that they provided me with a great plan which is suitable for my car. The plans which are available at the website are quite unique and different as compared to other sites. I would love to recommend to my people.
Rabanaguda, June 19, 2020
Legal liabilities coverage
I got my car insurance policy from policybazaar and they told me about my one good plan that is of edelweiss car insurance policy. What I like about the plan is that it will take care of the legal liabilities which can be occur at the time of the accident. If something happens to the third party’s car then those damages would be covered by the insurance company and there won’t be financial and legal liability on the policy holder.
Talapali, June 18, 2020
Personal accident coverage
I recently purchased a car insurance policy from policybazaar and edelweiss insurance company. I got to know about various features about this policy. As well as the customer relationship team explains me about the Personal accident coverage which is very much useful for the policyholder at the time of claim. And even for them who is travelling in the car at that very moment. The company takes care of all these factors.
Farenda, June 18, 2020
EMI system is available
I purchased the car insurance policy from policybazaar and the insurance provider is Edelweiss car insurance policy. The company is fine and the payment process is quite easy. I made the payment and I got an offer to do the payment in the form EMI. The EMI is made in simple form and you can pay it very easily.
Dadengiri, June 18, 2020
Claims settled quickly
I chose the Edelweiss car insurance policy because I found it really good. I found that the claim settlement of the company is really good. I got the claim from them on timely basis. One of my friend got his car insurance policy from policybazaar and edelweiss insurance policy. He got his claim from the company on immediate basis. He got the amount on his bank account.
Raath, June 18, 2020
Customer service team
I found the customer care of policybazaar and edelweiss insurance company quite good and apt. I was facing some issue at the time of policy renewal and they really helped me in doing so. I contacted the customer care team of policybazaar. They explained me about more plans and add on covers if I want to apply. I get one add on cover of personal accident and everything was done very swiftly.
Hajipur, June 18, 2020
Natural calamities
MY car insurance policy is very unique and composite in nature. I got my car insurance coverage from Policybazaar and it was of Insurance provider Edelweiss Car policy. The best part of my policy is that it covers from natural calamities By chance my car got damaged out of natural calamities then it will be covered under the same and I will get the claim very easily. Natural calamities can be earthquake, cyclone or thunderstorm etc. One must get a car insurance policy.
Babina, June 18, 2020
Third party insurance policy
I got my car insurance policy from Policybazaar and Edelweiss Insurance company. I found great reviews about the same. I got my third party insurance policy. In this it will cover all my damages as well as injuries and along with that it will cover the third party and damages expenses. I really like this plan and thought to get it done because it is very risky for us and for the opposite party. Thanks for great plans.
Captainganj, June 18, 2020
Claim cases are important
I feel that Edelweiss company takes care of their customers at a very proactive manner. Because when I filed for the claim they immediately started working on my case. It was so quick and easy. They just took the video inspection and my car was sent to the nearest garage. In less than 5 days I got my claim amount into my bank account. Seems quick and quite helpful.
Machantola, June 18, 2020
Network garages availability
I always wanted to choose that company which has more number of network garages available into its kitty. I found the one in the website of Policybazaar. I got a great plan of Edelweiss where I got safety features as well as security. Along with that edelweiss has good network garages available at each part of India. That’s really amazing.
Ichoda, June 17, 2020
Great compensation coverage plans
My car insurance policy has a great compensation plans and availability. It has given me safety and security and also to my car. It has compensated for my damage of the car as well as the injuries which I faced during the time of the accident. I really like my plan and services too of Edelweiss Car Policy.
Ladnun, June 17, 2020
More features and less premium price
One of my friend has taken a car insurance policy for his car recently only. He told me about its features and the premium rates. The moment I heard a good number of features he got at such low and affordable premium rates I was very much surprised. I asked him about the company he told me it was of Edelweiss Car Insurance. Now I am also planning to get the same.
H D Kote, June 17, 2020
Better facilities and services
I have got my car insurance policy from Edelweiss Insurance company. I didn’t knew that the company offer such great plans and services to the customers. I just visited the website of the policybazaar and was searching for some car insurance plans for my new car. I got my sight at the Edelweiss plan and look suitable to me. Thanks for great coverage.
Edamaruk, June 17, 2020
Third party insurance policy
I got my car covered by taking the edelweiss car insurance policy from the portal of policybazaar. It was easy to get the policy. Also, I took the third party car insurance policy. Where it will not only cover the my damages but it will also covers the third party damages expenses. It is really beneficial plan for me. Thanks a lot team for such great plan.
K.v.rangareddy, June 17, 2020
Discounts offered
While I got my car insurance done from edelweiss car insurance policy. I got a good amount of discount from them. They provided me car insurance policy with great benefits as well as less premium rates. After that I got the discount on my premium. What else a customer wants. I am really happy with the services.
Nabapally, June 17, 2020
Natural and man-made things covered
My car insurance is best. It’s all because it covers the all kind of obstacles such as natural and man-made calamities. Any kind of damage of occurred during such time it will be covered under the same. I will be provided by the financial assistance. Thanks team.