LIC Health Plus

LIC Health Plus is a policy, which provides dual benefits of health insurance and investment plan. The health insurance part covers the cost of hospitalization of the person insured for various medical conditions. The ULIP component of the plan also ensures investment in various equity and debt funds as chosen by the person insured. Hence, a policyholder can invest and get protection against hospitalization costs at the same time. LIC Health Plus is a participating health insurance plan that covers the hospitalization costs, and the person insured can invest in equity and debt funds. It also provides tax benefits.

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LIC Health Plus

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply

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    Eligibility for LIC Health Plus Plan



    Policy Tenure

    65 years - age of the policyholder

    Premium Paying Term

    Regular pay policy

    Premium Paying Mode

    Monthly, half-yearly and yearly.

    Entry Age

    For Adult

    Minimum entry age - 18 years

    Maximum entry age - 55 years

    For Children

    Minimum entry age - 3 months

    Maximum entry age - 25 years

    Maturity Age

    65 years

    Grace Period

    30 days for yearly and  half-yearly

    Sum Assured

    200 times the hospital cash benefit


    Loans are not available in this plan.

    Benefits of LIC Health Plus

    The benefits of LIC Health Plus Plan are:

    Maturity Benefit: After the completion of the LIC policy tenure, i.e., when the policyholder reaches the age of 65, the balance fund value at that time is paid to the policyholder.

    Death Benefit: The plan does not have any death benefit. However, the following is paid on the death of the insured members:

    • If the primary person insured dies, in case of individual policy, the fund value is paid to the nominee, and the policy terminates.
    • If the policy has more than two insured people, then:-
      • If the primary person insured dies within three years from the purchase of the policy, the nominee is paid the fund value and the policy terminates.
      • Suppose the primary policyholder dies after three years from the date of commencement of the policy. In that case, the plan continues to provide health cover to other members until the policy has sufficient funds or till the maturity period. There is no need to pay premiums.
    • On the death of the secondary policyholder, the policy continues to provide coverage to the primary policyholder. However, the premiums are required to be paid in this case.
    • On the death of all the policyholders, the nominee is paid the fund value and the policy terminates.
    • On the death of both parents, the plan provides the benefit to the elder child, or if all of them are minors, the legal guardian can avail benefits on behalf of the children.

    Surrender Benefit:

    • Suppose the policyholder surrenders the fund within 3 years from the commencement date of the policy. In that case, the person insured gets the fund value as on the surrender date, on completion of three policy years.
    • If the policyholder surrenders the fund after 3 years from the commencement date of the policy, then the person insured gets the fund value immediately.

    Hospital Cash Benefit: As per hospital cash benefit, the policyholder gets this cover. Under this benefit, the plan pays for the daily hospitalization cost of the person insured. The plan pays Rs 250 per day as a minimum amount and up to a maximum of Rs 2500 per day as the cost of hospitalization for the policyholder. The other family member covered, i.e., the spouse and the child get Rs 250 per day as minimum hospitalization cost and Rs 1500 as maximum hospitalization cost. This is paid as an initial daily benefit.

    Tax Benefits: The policyholders can get a tax rebate on the premiums paid as per Section 80 C of Income Tax Act, 1961. *Tax benefits are subject to tax laws.

    LIC Health Plus Plan Premium

    The LIC Health Plus Plan premium can be paid regularly. The minimum premium for a single person insured under this policy is Rs 5000 per annum or 6 times the hospital cash benefit.

    • The minimum premium for two lives insured under this policy is Rs 7500 per annum or 6 times the hospital cash benefit of the primary insured plus 3 times the hospital cash benefit (HCB) for secondary sum insured.
    • The minimum premium for more than two lives insured under this policy is Rs 10,000 per annum or 6 times the hospital cash benefit of the primary insured plus the sum 3 times the hospital cash benefit for all secondary policyholders.

    *Standard terms and conditions apply.

    LIC premium calculator is very useful in calculating the premium.

    Additional Riders for LIC Health Plus Plan

    There is no mention of riders on the LIC Health Plus plan information page. For more details, contact LIC customer care or one can chat with them through the chat box available on the website.

    What are the documents required to buy this policy?

    The following documents are required to buy LIC Health Plus Plan, which is as mentioned below:-

    • For identity proof, one may submit a ration card, birth certificate, Aadhaar card, passport, etc.
    • For address proof one may submit an Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter card, driving license, etc.
    • It is necessary to provide bank details like account number, etc.
    • For income proof, applicants usually submit ITR, salary slips and Form 16.

    Exclusions of LIC Health Plus Plan

    According to LIC Health Plus Plan reviews, some exclusions are self-harm, suicide, demise resulting out of adventure sports participation, insanity, injuries or death in civil wars, riots, etc.

    LIC Health Plus Plan - FAQs

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