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IFSC Code of Karnataka Bank

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The world is embracing advancements in technology and banking sector is not left behind. The introduction of electronic fund transfer has made possible the scenario of money transactions without the use of paper.

With internet banking, money transactions can be made virtually from the comfort of your home. All you need is an electronic device that supports the internet.

Karnataka Bank, like the major banks across the country, allows quick fund transfer virtually to another account in any part of India.

IFSC Code Karnataka Bank

IFSC Code means Indian Financial System Code. It is a code that helps identify each bank and all its branches. This sequence is awarded by the Reserve Bank of India. The IFSC sequence of all the banks has 11 digit code with both alphabets and numbers.

  • The IFSC code helps identify the target branch during an electronic fund transfer
  • Without the code, a NEFT transfer cannot take place

The UsageĀ 

The IFSC code is different for each branch of Karnataka branch. Hence Karnataka Bank Gurgaon IFSC code is different from Karnataka Bank Delhi IFSC code. Karnataka Bank provides two main types of fund transfers virtually: NEFT (National Electronic Financial Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).

Without the IFSC code, both the methods of fund transfers cannot take place.

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