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Online Banking with Prathama Bank

Banking in the Prathama Bank has elevated from being a manual time-consuming process to an easy and effortless one. This is, thanks to the evolution of the Internet.

The Up-to-date bank

The online banking concept was incepted so as to make banking easier and more reliable for the customers. Being the first ever regional rural bank in India, Prathama Bank, which came into the picture as the bank sponsored by the Syndicate bank, has exponentially grown and developed into a megabank. It has adapted itself to provide the most secure and smoothest online banking experience.

The Rural bank for the New Gen

A person holding an account in the Prathama Bank can log into their online account using a User ID and a previously set up password. Along with this, he is asked to set up his IPin, which is an Internet password used during online payments and transactions. The IFSC, which refers to the Indian financial System Code is also prompted to be entered during e-transactions. This unique code helps the user to proceed with his transaction securely.

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