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Why Should You Create a Foolproof Financial Plan for Your Maternity Leave?

The period of Maternity symbolizes a beautiful phase in any woman’s’ life. It brings changes a lot of changes in the life of the expectant mother. But some expectant mothers are so ecstatic that they forget to create a foolproof financial plan for maternity leave. Resultantly, they end up exhausting all their savings and also end up compromising on their health. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully devise a financial plan for your maternity leave, in coordination with your due date, to ensure a hassle-free and smooth pregnancy period.

Maternity Leave and its Duration

For working women in India, there is a provision of maternity leave. Indian government formulates policies keeping the comfort of the expectant mother, child and the family in mind. Maternity leave entitles working mothers to receive their full salary when they take a break from their work to deliver and raise their newborn. 

In India, the duration of the maternity leave is 26 weeks. Earlier this period used to be 12 weeks, but after the much awaited and needed amendment to the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, this period was increased to 26 weeks.


Private as well as public sectors’ female employees are entitled to maternity leave. Mothers who go for surrogacy or adoption of a child, up to three months old, are entitled for 12 weeks maternity leave. Women having two or more children are also eligible for 12 weeks of maternity leave.

When Can Women Avail Maternity Leave?

Women can avail maternity leave eight weeks prior the due date. Most of the maternity leave policy structures vary from one organization from another. Some companies allow their employees to work from home when their leave is over.

Financial Plan for Maternity Leave

Maternity Insurance is the Key

Employers provide their employees with a Health Insurance plan. Mostly, these plans are group plans that cover your family. At times, they cover your maternity costs too; it makes sense to go through your policy documents carefully to be sure. If your employer doesn’t offer maternity insurance, then buy a maternity insurance policy to ensure adequate coverage.

Savings Account Estimation

Though, maternity leave help you ensure a consistent cash flow; still it is a smart option to be prepared for unexpected expenses that can go beyond your savings. This is when making careful budget estimation in advance and a little extra savings come to the rescue. Avoid financial crisis, estimate the amount that you will be requiring and then monitor the outflow and inflow of funds.

Financial Planning Ensures a Safer Tomorrow

During your maternity leave, plan and restructure your budget in coordination with the addition of the new family member.

Buy a Health Insurance Plan

For the protection of your newborn, buy a good health insurance plan for your tiny-tot. You can go for an individual cover or you can include your baby in your already existing family floater plan. If your employer allows, you can also get your child included in the insurance provided by your employer. This will help you add a layer of protection to his/her future. Never ever neglect ensuring safety of your little one. Ensure that you are providing adequate coverage to your newborn baby.

Enjoy the Time Spent with Your Baby

As a mother, it is your duty to plan a safe and bright future of your newborn child. At the same time, you should give your undivided attention to your baby as well. Don’t forget to enjoy the time spent with your infant as that time will never come back no matter how hard you will try. Plan your maternity leave well so that you won’t have to worry later on.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind when you’re preparing yourself to embrace the responsibilities of becoming a parent to a newborn.

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