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You are ready to move on the next important phase of life - Parenthood. Surely, it is a joyful decision but are you prepared? Yes, parenthood comes with a price. Rearing a child is an expensive affair. Hospital stay, delivery procedure, regular tests and medicines; all come with a heavy price. Maternity insurance plan can help ease off the rising costs so that you can enjoy the happiest moment of your life without any stress.

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What is Maternity Insurance?

It is usually offered as a rider with your main health insurance policy. Maternity insurance covers expenditure related to both caesarean and normal delivery. Health insurance with maternity benefit is a right way to lower the burden on your pocket. If you are a working professional, you should check whether your employer offers maternity in the group policy or not. In a majority of corporate group policies, maternity is an add-on benefit with a sub-limit not exceeding Rs 50,000.

  • Pre & post hospitalization:Pre hospitalization expenses up to 30 days prior to the date of admission is covered by insurance company. Even if you get discharge from the hospital, insurance company will cover post hospitalization expenses up to a maximum limit of Rs 5000 or more.
  • Hospitalization expenses:It covers room charges, boarding and nursing expenses along with surgeon, anesthetist consultation charges, medical practitioner and consultant fees. There are some insurance plans which cover emergency ambulance charges also.
  • Delivery including pre and post natal cover: It covers end-to-end expenses for delivery of child, including both normal & caesarean. These plans also cover post delivery complications for mother.
  • New born baby cover: Coverage is extended to infants if they are diagnosed with a congenital disorder or critical illness.

When to Seek Maternity Coverage?

Ideally, you should apply for maternity insurance before you conceive. Most insurers will deny cover if you are already pregnant. This happens because insurance companies term this case as pre-existing. Moreover, maternity policies have a waiting period of 3-4 years before benefits come into play. So, the rule of early bird gets the worm applies here. The key is proper planning.

Inclusions in Maternity Insurance

Here is a list of coverages available in a plan. Although, it may vary as per the insurer but broadly, every maternity health insurance plan will cover following expenses-

  • Expenses 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization
  • Pre and post natal expenses
  • Delivery expenses
  • Coverage for the new born baby up to the expiry of the current policy
  • Ambulance charges for emergency transportation to hospital

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Exclusions in Maternity Insurance Policy

A thorough understanding of exclusions in pregnancy insurance is imperative to ensure the optimum utilization of the plan. Below are expenses which are not included in the plan

  • Expenses on tonics, vitamins unless part of treatment or otherwise mentioned in the plan.
  • Doctor’s visit for regular checkups.
  • The follow-ups, diagnostic tests and doctor’s consultation during nine month of pregnancy are not covered.

Limitations of Maternity Insurance

Like a coin has two sides, maternity insurance has a few limitations too. Firstly, the sum insured may not be sufficient enough to cover maternity expenses. Insurance cap could vary between Rs 20,000- Rs 70,000, which may not be enough to cover delivery costs. Secondly, waiting period is usually 3 or 4 years. Though claims cannot be declined if the policy has been bought but there might be situations when the insurer refuses to pay in case of late pregnancy (35 years and above).

PolicyBazaar is with you, always!

Maternity is a new phase in your life and you should welcome it with a smile on your smile. Do away with all the stress beads on your forehead and buy a maternity coverage, the right one! Yes, when you compare at PolicyBazaar you will see that there are finer points between various plans that can make a lot of difference during claim time. So, to avail the benefits of maternity coverage you should compare the health and other maternity insurance plans and choose the one that fits your needs the best. Maternity insurance coverage is usually a part of health insurance policy.

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Choose wisely and enjoy parenthood!

And, one more thing, once you have a baby then don’t forgot to check our child insurance plans.

PolicyBazaar is with you, always!

What is Maternity Coverage?


For most of the health insurance plans, pregnancy related expenses are treated as an exclusion. Maternity coverage comes as an add-on or a rider to a health insurance policy and provides for the same.

Why do I need Maternity Coverage?


Giving birth to a child is becoming costly day by day. Besides, complications can arise at any time throughout pregnancy especially at the time of childbirth. A maternity coverage provides a financial cushion for such unforeseen events.

What does it Cover?


Ideally a maternity coverage should provide for pre-natal and post-natal expenses, delivery expenses, Caesarean delivery, complications arising thereof, post-birth care and vaccination.

What should I look out for while buying Maternity Coverage?


While buying a maternity coverage, you should take care of the waiting period. Only after a waiting period of 2 – 6 years, pregnancy related expenses start to get covered under a health plan. Another thing to look out for is the sub limit of the maternity coverage on the total sum insured.

What is expat maternity insurance?


A maternity insurance which is purchased by expatriates is called maternity insurance. Expatriate is a person who lives in a country other than that of their citizenship. Usually, maternity insurance in India can be bought by expatriates also. There are no different guidelines for expatriate maternity insurance.

How to claim your Maternity cover?


If you have completed waiting period which required getting maternity cover in your health insurance policy then you automatically become eligible to get maternity coverage. Check the list of network hospitals where you can avail cashless hospitalization benefits.

Usually insurance companies do not cover regular checkups, expenses on tonics and vitamins. Check the policy wordings to know more about maternity coverage.

Is IVF covered in policies that offer maternity benefits?


No, IVF is not covered in policies that offer maternity benefits.

Why insurers impose a waiting period for maternity coverage?


Unlike other ailments, maternity is a natural phenomenon and it is not a disease. Due to this reason, most of the insurance companies have a waiting period for maternity coverage. Usually, waiting period in maternity insurance is 3-4 years before the insurer starts offering benefits. Moreover, if you are a working woman, you should check that whether your company offers maternity in its group insurance plan or not. Most of the corporate health policies offer maternity benefits from the Day 1 and therefore, it is the best option. To learn more about maternity insurance and inclusions/exclusions. 

If I am a smoker and alcoholic and suffer from cancer or liver failure, will I be eligible to get health coverage?


If according to a licensed doctor, cancer or liver failure is due to your smoking and alcohol habits, then you will not get coverage, otherwise you will be entitled to get health coverage.

In case of partial settlement can an insured claim for the balance amount?


Usually, partial payments are made when complete documents are not submitted or for expenses which are not covered in the policy. In case of the former, if the requisite documents are submitted, a claim can be considered for the balance amount. 

What is capping in health insurance?


Capping is the maximum amount one can avail under different heads covered in the health insurance plan, like room rent and ICU charges. If expenses come out to be more than the specified limit, then these are to be borne by a policyholder. 

How soon does the insurance coverage start?


The coverage starts as soon as your documents are approved and your premium is received by the insurance company.

What is TPA?


TPA or Third Party Administrator is a separate entity that processes medical claims or gives cashless services as the separate entity.


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